Best Folding Adult Tricycle Reviews

If you want to stay energetic and get around with introduced balance irrespective of being a person who lacks stability and self-belief on a traditional bike or you are senior residents looking for a healthy lifestyle the adult tricycle is a great answer.

Folding tricycles are modern equipment which is an add on to the global biking world. Just as the name goes, the Folding adult tricycle could be easily folded into a smaller, and compact size makes it portable, a space saver and the one which adds extra convenience for travel and storage.


Comparison Table of Best Folding Adult Tricycle


Product Name

Product Standover Height

Product Weight

Product Dimension

Product URL


28 inches

56.1 pounds

46 x 26 x 69 inches


20 inches

45 pounds

43 x 30 x 64 inches


Worksman Port-o-Trike

30 inches

70 pounds

15 x 15 x 20 inches


26 inches

74 pounds



26 inches


26" rear Wheel, 20" front


34.5 inches

78 lb

85"L x 34.5"W

What is a folding adult tricycle?

Tricycles are quite massive and need a space for parking which Most people usually tend to stress about, but with these type of tricycles, it is convenient as you can fold it and just store it. Hence, these are even called convertibles.

There is a unique folding tricycle which is specially designed for everyone irrespective of the age or size or lifestyle of the individual. The folding process is finished with one quick release, so it is simple and can be easily shipped in nearly any SUV.

Features to Look for When Buying Folding Adult Tricycle

Aside from what you propose to use your folding adult tricycle for it is also very vital to remember the features. A folding adult tricycle can perform a variety of functions and competencies. However, there are things that one wants to reflect on considering while buying the best folding adult tricycle which includes

  • Foldable
    One of the vital reasons to shop for a folding adult tricycle is for the storage space and for carrying your trikes whenever and everywhere you want without lots hassle. So make sure you aren't going to spend your cash on a trike which says it's foldable however is not.
  • Material
    The frame is the critical part of a tricycle which gives it a unique shape and is a point of attachment for different components. A clear understanding of the material used for the body will assist you to decide the weight and sturdiness of your tricycle.
  • Seat
    The seat is a vital part of a tricycle as the comfort a tricycle will depend a lot on the sort of seat the tricycle has, and it is imperative to check if the seat is smooth and can hold your weight if you are making plans for extended distances rides especially.
  • Handles
    The handlebars are there to steer the tricycle and are attached to the handlebar stem and may be tilted to any course that fits one’s riding choice. Hence, make sure the handlebars are comfortable and smooth to hold for long.
  • Brakes
    The brake is an essential part of a tricycle. A faulty brake is most effortlessly noticed while one is heading down a slope so this is something to test before you make the acquisition.
  • Wheels
    A folding adult tricycle includes three wheels, one at the front and the two at the rear. The wheels are typically 24 -26 inches in length depending on the type of tricycle. Make sure they are durable too.

Pros of Buying the Best Folding Adult Tricycle

Folding tricycles might be recumbent, semi-recumbent or upright, but their benefits over all are many. The following are a few advantages of having a folding adult tricycle:

  • Portability
    Let’s begin with one of the most prominent traits that you get with a folding adult tricycle is the mobility. Unlike stable, not foldable, heavy weight and upright bicycles or tricycles these folding adult tricycle can be easily folded and carried anywhere. It can even be the taken to for your weekend getaway. Thanks to the foldability, your tricycle may be folded and kept in the trunk of your vehicle thoroughly equipped for the ride ahead, no matter where you go.
  • Foldable
    The vital potential to fold it right into a smaller size that can fit easily into any vehicle trunks and less spacious garages are a benefit. The trikes also offer an easy solution to the storage problems.
  • Versatility
    The trike has an entirely flexible body and handlebars, which allows one to fit different heights.
  • Velocity
    The front and rear brakes coupled with the fact that it's miles a multi-velocity tricycle additionally make biking on a folding trike plenty much fun and at ease even on up hills.

Cons of Buying Best Folding Adult Tricycle

Buying a folding adult tricycle additionally, has a few bad elements which you most effectively must confine before making the acquisition. Here are some of these items with a purpose to assist you in higher understanding the troubles you could face with the use of a folding adult tricycle:

  • Massive vehicle
    A trike is a larger vehicle than a bike and is miles wider and heavier. If you are planning to the trike along one wall of your garage make sure you have enough space as it takes up space more than a motorbike.
  • Ample space
    Even though it's foldable, you would possibly find it large after also folding wherein it relies upon the trikes design and owners room area.
  • Weight
    The trikes come with three wheels and a greater considerable body which makes it much heavier than a motor cycle.

Folding Adult Tricycle Reviews

1. Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle

Folding Adult Tricycle

The trike is a right fit to keep you forever young at heart and is derived in a unique layout of terrific solid three wheels which makes it flawlessly suitable for mastering or getting reacquainted to cycling.

The trike is made from a robust metal frame with a low step-through design and its well-engineered frame also features a folding mechanism to take up a little less space in storage. The Kent package also consists of a suspension fork, an extensive, comfortable seat, adjustable upright handlebars for easy crushing and has Strong linear pull brakes to cope with the stopping effortlessly. The best element is it has a spacious basket for carrying cargo effectively tucked away at the back of the rider.

  • It is very comfortable
  • It has a High center of gravity
  • It is easy to tip at high speed or sharp turns
  • It's excellent and is a good quality trike
  • Takes very little energy to ride it
  • It's very sturdy
  • Well made and durable
  • It is harder to ride than a regular bike
  • It has a Deficient quality
  • It has terrible breaks
  • It is cumbersome
  • The tires are small and also has a single gear which makes the speed an issue
Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle

The Mantis Tri-Rad adult trike is an exquisite choice for the ones looking for a cozy worry free ride.

The trike has a low cut body and parking brake systems which make for smooth mounting and dismounting. The big spring seat of the trike affords a cozy platform for long or brief rides. With a twist and pull of a small launch lever, the folding frame can be folded in half without any problems and efficaciously makes storage and transportation less complicated.

  • It is Lightweight
  • It is easily foldable for shipping it
  • It has a Front Shock
  • The Rear Basket is quite massive
  • It Only has front brakes
  • The seat has too much movement and needs to be a little bit more firm
  • It has Only one speed
  • It is Not very comfortable
  • It has a Poor design

Worksman Port-o-Trike Three Speed Adult folding Tricycle

The Worksman Tri-Wheeler is Truly a product of superior design and also has numerous features like the Front Caliper & Rear Coaster Brake, is very stable because of its lower center of gravity, and has 20-inch wheels which make it easy to get on and off and also easier to pedal. The Port-O-Trike is foldable for convenient storage and fits on most standard trunk-mounted bicycle car racks for easy transport.

It is a perfect choice for both short riders and is ideal for riders 4'6"- 6'0" in height. The tricycle includes a Vinyl Coated Rear Cargo Basket, a Quick Adjust Handlebar Stem and a Comfortable Wide Padded Quick Adjust Seat for maximum comfort and could be taken out for a picnic or even shopping.

  • It is a good sturdy bike and is light weight
  • It is easy to Assembly
  • It is Very comfortable
  • It has Three speeds and two brakes which make it safer
  • It is Well designed and constructed
  • It has a Poor quality material
  • Not an adult bike unless you are small person like a child
  • It's incredibly slow because of the 20-inch wheels, and utmost will go at a cruising speed
  • It is quite Unstable
  • It has a Peddle chain which has no traction
Schwinn Adult folding Tricycle

The Schwinn Tricycle is made With a low stand-over, smooth step-through aluminum frame, a Wide upright handlebar for balance and rear folding basket and might give comfortable and smooth driving. The Linear-pull brakes promise smooth and intuitive stopping. The seats have a padded spring cruiser saddle which absorbs bumps and is adjustable to provide ultimate comfort. The tricycle is extraordinary for beach trips, flea market adventures or simply use this bike to make a run of the mill grocery shopping.

  • It has a high-quality
  • The rear folding basket safely stores belongings
  • The Wide upright handlebar for a stable or balanced ride
  • It Offers comfortable, smooth ride
  • It has an easy low standover or step-through aluminum frame
  • It has an Adjustable seat
  • The back fenders fit poorly
  • The frames are flimsy
  • It is made of Poor materials
  • It is quite Uncomfortable
  • It is Too heavy
Artifice Adult Recumbent folding Tricycle

The artifice is a fast, fold-able tadpole recumbent trike made from mesh seat which presents a smooth feeling of suspension. Its high-speed driving is very stable because of the efficient inter crossing steering linkages. This trike has little turn resistance similar to automobile steering and has a brake lever which has a lock which makes it handy to park.

It completely folds capable and has wheels which can be separated which make the recumbent tricycle very compact for easy transportation and storage. The superior model has extra gears for different velocity control in addition to a higher grade derailleur that is heavy and has less mechanical resistance. The artifice is an excellent choice for the overall performance-seeking rider.

  • It is sturdy
  • The electric motor works great
  • It is comfortable
  • It is well designed and is made of stainless steel
  • The gearing wheels rims bearings spokes are of poor quality
Trident Adult Recumbent folding Tricycle

The Trident adult recumbent tricycle features a 100% 4130 chromosomal folding frame with an outstanding construction quality which can be easily transported or made smaller for storage. The chain is managed by Teflon chain tubes and a few lengths of flexible rubber tubing for an easy fold or unfold. The handling can be done with only one hand on the bars as there is no brake steer and no pedal steer which makes the cruising very smooth, light and responsive even at higher speeds.

The comfortable cockpit doesn’t take anything away from its smooth ride, it has a lovely seat which much disappears beneath you, and the bottom bracket isn’t obnoxiously high either.

  • It is comfortable
  • It has a foldable frame
  • Tw-bents handling is very smooth, light and responsive
  • It has a flexible rubber tubing
  • The construction quality is outstanding
  • There are no brake steer and no pedal steer
  • It is made of a poor quality
  • It is a heavy trike
  • It looks like the chain setup is just lousy
  • The paint job looks uneven

Frequently Asked Queries (FAQs)

We are confident you have got many queries after reading this article. These are a couple of usually asked questions about the Folding adult tricycle. The queries are as follows

Q. How do you make the park brakes work?

The manual usually contains a guide about the simple adjustment regarding the park brake.

Q. Are all the Tricycle's portable?

The tricycles fold quickly but are not easily portable.

Q. How difficult is it to assemble?

It is not very difficult to assemble

Q. What is the weight limit for an adult?

The maximum weights these tricycles can take are 320lbs or 145kg.

Q. How do I do the tricycle maintenance?

Check your bike regularly and do required maintenance and do not forget to Wear a helmet at all times.

Q. How much does the box weigh?

It is not too heavy.

Q. How fast is the bike on the road?

The speed of the bike depends on how fast you pedal it.


The Folding Tricycles are for adults to assist them in exercise and for learning stability.

Choosing a proper trike depends on the person’s age and size in addition to sturdiness, add-ons, and features. All of them have their advantages, however, one or two disadvantages.

We hope this article has helped you in deciding on a great folding adult tricycle. You also can browse through this website for more significant information about different kind of adult tricycles. In case you have got any questions or queries, please feel free to comment below, and we'll answer it to the best of our abilities.


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