Kent Alameda Folding Trike Review

A tricycle is a fantastic mode of conveyance for getting around town or for short trips. Riding a tricycle is easy, and it doesn’t take much effort to get it going. The Alameda Folding Adult Trike from Kent is a great trike that is perfect for those who have balance issues. The tricycle has a strong aluminum frame that adds to its durability. The low design makes it easy to get on or off the tricycle.

Kent Alameda Adult Tricycle Review
Kent Alameda Adult Tricycle Review

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The modern look of the tricycle is further complemented by the stability of its design and the single-speed for easy control. The front and rear hand brakes are powerful enough to stop the trike as quickly as needed.

The trike is comfortable to ride as it comes with a bumper suspension seat that keeps your posture straight while riding the trike. The best part is that you can fold the trike away when you are done riding, and it takes minimal storage space.

Whether you are headed to the grocery store or around the neighborhood, the tricycle comes handy in all situations. You can get this trike in three exciting colors of blue, yellow, and white. In this review, we will take a look at specifications of this trike, features liked and disliked by users, and much more.

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Quick Specifications of the Alameda Folding Adult Trike

Frame Size16”
Wheel Size26”
Speed1 speed
Weight62.5 lbs
Weight Capacity250 lbs
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)               58.00 x 31.00 x 26.00 Inches    
Basket AvailableYes

What Comes with It?

The trike comes in a semi-assembled state, and you can easily put it together with the provided instruction and household tools like a Phillips screwdriver, 5, 6, and 10 mm hex wrenches.

Pros of Alameda Folding Adult Trike

Here are some of the things that users like about this trike

  1. The trike some semi-assembled
  2. The trike is comfortable to ride
  3. The paint is good quality
  4. The trike is easy to assemble
  5. Ideal trike for seniors
  6. Lightweight and easy to pedal

Cons of Kent Alameda Adult Tricycle

  1. Adjusting the brakes can be a bit tricky
  2. The handlebars feel a little low
  3. The tires look thin and cheap
  4. The packing box of the trike does not come with padding
  5. The fenders are difficult to set up

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Video Review

Here is a youtube video that shows the experience of riding an Alameda Folding Adult Trike

26″ Kent Alameda Adult Tricycle Manual

Users can find the product manual for the 26” Alameda Folding Adult Trike at the link mentioned here.

FAQs About 26″ Alameda Folding Adult Trike

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that buyers have about this trike.

Q1) What is the weight limit on this tricycle?

Ans. The manufacturer’s weight limit for this tricycle is 250 lbs. You can load more weight on the tricycle, but then it will be difficult to control while on an incline or a decline.

Q2) I am a tall person, will this tricycle be good for me?

Ans. You can always adjust the seat of this tricycle to suit your height so that you can sit on this tricycle comfortably.

Q3) I want to buy a tricycle for my father, who has recently recovered from surgery. Will this trike be suitable?

Ans. This trike is suitable for seniors as it does not require balancing, and the trike is also easy to pedal around. The low step-through also makes it easy to get on the trike.

Q4) I am not very good at putting things together. Is this trike difficult to assemble?

Ans. The trike is delivered in a semi-assembled state, and it is really easy to put together. If you have any difficulty in putting it together, you can refer to the manual or check out the links to the YouTube videos posted above.

Q5) I have a small house, and I feel it will be difficult to park the trike in my house. Is there any option of making parking easier?

Ans. The trike is easy to fold near the pedals, and you can park it in a small space without any trouble. As long as there is enough space for the width of the trike’s wheels, parking is not an issue.


The Alameda Folding Adult Trike is a lightweight and easy to ride a tricycle that is perfect for all age groups. Whether you want to buy this tricycle for seniors who have balance issues or you want to add a little exercise in your daily routine, this tricycle is suitable for all purposes.

The trike comes semi-assembled in the box so that you can easily put the rest of it together just by looking at the manual. The overall weight-bearing capacity of this trike is 250 lbs. You can also load groceries in the provided bucket as needed. The trike folds up from the front half to make parking and storage easier. If you are looking for a versatile and useful trike, this product suits all the requirements.

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