Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle Parts

Schwinn is a company that is known for making quality bicycles, and it is also popular for making some of the best selling tricycles in the market. The Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycles add to the comfort and ease of traveling around in their neighborhood and the city. But as people use more and more of these adult tricycles, they also feel the need to buy Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle parts.

Tricycles can often get damaged because of rough handling, driving style, road conditions, adverse weather or accidents. And it’s always a wise decision to have parts for Schwinn adult tricycle available in case you need to do emergency repairs. You can buy Schwinn adult tricycle replacement parts at the official Schwinn website and also from your local bicycle store. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most commonly used Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle parts and their features.

Things to Look for When Buying Parts for Schwinn Adult Tricycle

Buying parts for your Schwinn adult tricycle is easy when you know what you’re looking for. Even then, there are certain things you should keep in mind when searching for parts online or in a brick and mortar store.

  • Quality If you’re buying new parts for you need to check the parts for quality and make sure that these are made by leading brands that have a reliable track record.
  • Compatibility Check the literature and labels on the parts to ensure these are compatible with the model of your tricycle.
  • Installation Ease While buying the parts, also check if you will need any special tools or instruments for installation of these parts or if it can be done with the tools you already have.
  • Warranty Check the parts for warranty on their usage and make sure you buy the parts that fall under warranty. With extended warranty, you can get these replaced or repaired if the parts fail to function as expected.

Review of Schwinn Adult Tricycle Parts

1) Schwinn Bicycle Chain

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The chain is one of the most used parts of tricycle and it goes through significant wear and tear. You might need to buy a chain and keep one with you just in case the chain on your tricycle breaks while you’re riding it. You can also choose to get independent links of the chain repaired, but it’s always a good choice to have a chain with you as a replacement unit.

Features of the Schwinn Meridian Chain
  • This chain is ideal for bicycles and tricycles with derailleurs and 5-7 speed
  • The chain measures 1/2″ x 3/32″
  • Installing a new chain on your bike can improve the bike’s performance
  • It is an easy to install chain
  • The chain set is durable and made from quality materials

2) Cable Repair Set

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The Schwinn cable repair set includes a front and rear brake cable. It also comes with front & rear derailleur shifting cables along with cable ferrules and cable ends. Having these replacement parts can be really useful in case any of the cables mentioned above break. Installing a new set can give you the confidence to ride safely and with ease. If you have been using a cable set for a long time, it’s best to replace it before going on a long ride as a new cable set can offer you better control over your tricycle.

Features of Schwinn Brake Derailleur Cable Repair Set
  • The set includes cables for rear and front brakes
  • Rear and front derailleur cables are included as well
  • The set comes with 8 ferrules and 4 cable ends
  • The cables are highly durable and will last for years

3) Brake Shoes

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Brake shoes are crucial for your tricycle as they help to stop the vehicle when needed. With time, brake shoes tend to get worn out and it becomes necessary to replace them. In case you lose a brake shoe, you will need to replace it as a single brake shoe doesn’t provide enough braking potential. Replacing brake shoes is really easy and you just need some basic tools to do it. The brake shoes offered by Schwinn are compatible with more Schwinn bicycles and tricycles.

Features of Schwinn Brake Shoes
  • Made from heavy duty material
  • Ideal for a large range of models
  • Easy to install on all models of bikes and trikes
  • Designed for easy and efficient stopping power

4) Bike Tire

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The tire of your tricycle is of prime importance as it can make all the difference between an easy ride or a difficult and hard ride. Tires keep the tricycle moving over different kinds of terrain with ease and they also protect the tube around the wheel from unnecessary punctures. A reliable tire on a trike makes it easy to pedal the trike and you can expect years of usage from a high quality tire. Before buying a tire, make sure that it is the right size for your tricycle’s wheel.

Features of Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle Tire
  • The tire comes with a folding wire bead for added durability
  • The Kevlar belt under tread center adds to strength of the tire
  • The tire is wide and ensures easy riding over all kinds of terrain
  • The tire measures 26 x 2.125-inch

5) Schwinn No Pressure Bicycle Seat

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If you like riding your tricycle for long hours then you need to get a comfortable seat that can protect your backside and give you a comfortable seating experience. The Schwinn No Pressure Bicycle Seat is the ideal product for those who want to add a measure of comfort to their tricycle rides. This is also one of the best tricycle parts that you can invest in and it will give you years of comfortable usage. The seat is easy to install and you can use household tools to install it on your tricycle.

Features of Schwinn No Pressure Bicycle Seat
  • Innovative design that prevents stress on contact points
  • Made from high quality fabric that is durable for everyday use
  • The seat is also weather resistant for additional durability
  • The seat’s design makes it ideal for all kinds of tricycle seat posts


Spare parts are a must when you own a tricycle. Often, parts fail and then it can be a time consuming effort to look for parts that are suitable for your model of tricycle. If you’re looking for quality Schwinn Meridian parts, you can easily get them at local hardware shops or online stores. Make sure you choose the parts that are suited for the model of bicycle o tricycle you own. You can refer to the manuals that come with your bike to learn how to install these parts and you can also look up videos online for installation instructions.

Having spare parts ready can save you a lot of trouble at the time when the parts malfunction or get damaged. Also, learning to install new parts with your own hands can fill you with a sense of confidence in knowing that you can handle all aspects of your tricycle.

For more information on adult tricycles, please browse through this website. You can also leave your comments, suggestions, or questions in the comment section under any article and our team will get back to you at the earliest. Ride safe!


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ELISA ATANASIO - March 11, 2018



    Rita - March 12, 2018


    Bryce Thomas - March 15, 2018

    Call the 1-800- number found on the frame of your Scwhinn trike. They are very helpful, and the parts are reasonably priced. I replaced both rear wheels on mine for less than $40 each.

      Rita - March 15, 2018

      Thanks, Bryce Thomas for sharing this tip. Many parts of scwhinn trike are not available online. Your suggestion will really helpful to many users for sure.

      Demetrius woods - March 22, 2018

      What’s the 1800 number I habeen the same bike need a new rear axle

        Rita - March 22, 2018

        I got this info

        “Do not return to store. Call toll free (800) 626-2811 for assistance and replacement parts.
        The owner’s manual contains safety, assembly, use, and maintenance instructions. The 26” Adult Tricycle must be
        assembled by an adult who has read and understands the instructions in this manual. Keep the packaging away from
        children and dispose all packaging before use.”


        I recommend you to visit their official website ( ) and look for the contact details.

    Jeff - September 23, 2019

    Same thing happened to my handicapped sisters 26 inch meridian rear wheel just fell off Axle broke on right side definitely defective but they wont even acknowledge the problem everyone should contact consumer product saftey division at and let them know this is a potential life changing saftey issue most users are handicapped or elderly

Hubert Breitenstein - May 10, 2018

The rear axle of my 26″ Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike Serial No: 014288 suddenly sheared off at the right rear hub, causing me to crash to the concrete roadway, falling on my right hip and shattering my right femur (thigh bone), requiring a complete hip replacement with the appurtenant medical costs and rehabilitation – I consider the weakness in the rear axle (evidently also experience by others) a really serious flaw in this otherwise very useful machine. Putting aside my injury for the time being, I require a replacement rear axle and look forward to the full co-operation from those who are able to assist me with this.

    Rita - May 13, 2018

    Hi Hubert Breitenstein,

    I’m sorry to hear that. We are not the official team. I recommend you to contact the official team for any further assistance.

    scooter - December 6, 2018

    mine did the same, cost me the right scaphoid amongst others, l had a 15mm high tensile steel one made at an engineering firm, cost me $600 Aussie dollars, they changed the drive part to a thicker steel collar held in place with grubbscrews, instead of a plug weld and pin, given they had to use that part off the original 14mm mild steel shaft. (mine is extended into a tricycle mobility device for a passenger so it needed to be done.)

    Jeff a wisby - September 23, 2019

    Same here huebert please contact the consumer protection safety division of the let them know 8t happened to my 50 year old handicapped sister hope you get better

Harry Bailey - May 17, 2018

I need a rear axle for a Schwinn meridian trike 26″

Jerry Walkey - August 24, 2018

I’m in need of the replacement “band brake assembly”. The pad I’m told, is built into the assembly.
This is for the “Schwinn tricycle model Meridian 26” or 80mm. please price and delivery .
Respectively Yours,

John Willsher - October 3, 2018

I need a replacement front wheel fork for a 26″ adult meridian tricycle, blue. must be better than aluminum

Philip Aldrick - December 27, 2018

I’m looking for 2 x 24inch wheels to suit a Gomier trike. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

    Rita - December 28, 2018

    I just searched I didn’t find any tire specifically for gomier trike. What I recommend is, try some other brand product which matches your trike specification ex: Maxxis Snyper Tire – 24in

Henry Holasek - January 21, 2019


I have a customer that has a Schwinn Meridian adult 3 wheeler. They have bent the right rear wheel beyond repair. Do you have these in stock, and if so how much are they?
Thank you


    Rita - January 22, 2019


    We don’t sell any products on our site. We just give information to users where they can buy items.

    Please read the above comments on this page for a suggestion where and how you can buy Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle wheel.

Austin - January 24, 2019

I’m looking for the drive shaft for a 26in schwinn meridian, i believe it’s 17mm diam

Malcolm Leroy Campbell - February 11, 2019

Where can I get a complete diagram of the rear bearing assemblies on the Schwinn Meridian 3 wheeler?

Benny Goodman - February 16, 2019

I have a schwinn 26 inch meridian adult tricycle needs short chain what size do i need 1/2″ X 3/32″ or 1/2″ x 1/8″ chain for this

Ron Harris - April 20, 2019

Radio silence since February? Wife and I are moving (retiring) to the big island of Hawaii and were looking at purchasing the Schwinn Meridian…after reading these posts and considering the host has gone silent on the subject…never mind.

Diane Bush - April 27, 2019

I have a Schwinn 24″ adult tricycle. Would love to put an assist motor on. Can you help?

    Rita - May 22, 2019

    Sorry. I cannot help with this.

    Stephanie - July 27, 2019

    Diane my recommendation for an assist motor, would be to buy an Electric conversion kit, through either Amazon or Walmart that fits your 24inch wheels. A 48 volt 500 watt front mount electric hub will be sufficient, but I would recommend going with either a 1000 watt or a 1500 watt electric hub. Additionally I would also recommend buying the lithium ion battery pack with charger included, as that will add less weight onto the trike then 4 lead acid batteries will. As the weight of the lead acid batteries tends to bend the rear axle, and will eventually cause it to break due to the stock axle not being strong enough to hold the added weight of lead acid batteries. You could go with the befang mid drive hub, but the frame will not accommodate it without having to put the motor under the bike frame which is not safe. And why I recommend a electric front drive hub. I also recommend using a conversion kit with a programmable control module.

      Rita - July 30, 2019

      Thanks for your suggestion.

        Stephanie - August 26, 2019

        Rita you are most welcome for the suggestion. As I converted my Schwinn Meridian over to an etrike, and that is what I did. And I did choose a 1000watt electric motor, which works beautifully on the trike. The only thing I would add to the suggestion, is to buy a set of torque arms to add to the electric motor if they are not included in the conversion kit. As some kits do not come with torque arms, and instead use a washer with a tab which is meant to rest in the dropout to prevent the hub from spinning in the front fork dropout. Which can be kind of confusing for first timers. But the addition of a set of torque arms, will prevent the hub from spreading the dropouts allowing the hub to spin in the dropouts which will break the forks and damaging the electric hub. And will requiring the replacement of the forks, if they break, as welding them back together is difficult. But 4 lead acid batteries, to get to 48 volts for a 48 volt hub adds 50 pounds to the back of the trike, and that’s a lot of dead weight that makes peddling harder if a problem arises resulting in hub failure. And i would rather have an 8 to 12 pound 48 volt lithium ion better then 50 pounds from 4 lead acid batteries.

          Rita - August 29, 2019

          Thanks for the tip and guide. I’m sure it will help other readers.

Melinda taylor - June 14, 2019

I am looking for the intermediate shaft for my adult Schwinn meridian tricycle

Stephanie - July 27, 2019

I have a Schwinn Meridian Trike with 26 inch wheels, and the rear axle broke on the trike about a week ago. I tracked an rear axle down, that had a part number on it. That part number was 20180925. I do not know if this is the part number used by Pacific Cycle, or the one used by the original manufacturer of the axles used to make Schwinn Meridian trikes. However, the customer service rep at the 1-800 number on the bike gave me a completely different part number, for the Schwinn Meridian trike rear axle. I do also know that the axle is a 17mm axle that uses 6003 RS bearings, and that the bearings are sold on Amazon. And the 17mm axle is larger then the 15mm-5/8th axle used by other manufactures. However, I am interested in finding some alloy rear hubs, for my Schwinn Meridian, and was wondering if you have an alloy rear hub option available? Or a hub that can be used, that uses 12 gauge spokes for the Schwinn Meridian trike?

    Jeff a wisby - September 23, 2019

    Call consumer product saftey division at its a flaw 100 of reviews for same problem injured people and non injured schwinn needs to step up and help

Robert - August 6, 2019

Where can I get an an assemble manual??

    Stephanie - August 26, 2019

    Robert I think you can get the assembly manual directly from the Schwinn website. However, I am also aware that there are a few YouTube video’s on how to assemble a Schwinn Meridian Trike, and I think one of them might be from Schwinn. It is not hard to assemble, but most of the torque specks will be in newton meters or inch pounds and should be similar to how most bikes are torqued with things like the headsets, and crank assembly.

Carla David - September 17, 2019

Hello Rita, My father in law has a Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle. He loves everything about it except for the seat. He feels as if he will fall off and therefore won’t ride it. I’m wondering if there is a safety seat available that would fit the Meridian frame. Larger seat area and a back support, maybe even moveable arm rests?

    Rita - September 25, 2019

    That’s one of the common complaints I always hear about Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle.

    Officially they don’t have any such option, but you can get them on amazon and replace it with the original one.

    Here the one which supports Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle:

    Do your own research on seat size which is comfortable for you.

Thomas - September 24, 2019

looking for to get me some gears for my trike where is the gear shift to change the speed on trike ?

    Stephanie - October 3, 2019

    Thomas as far as I know, to add a gear shift would require ordering a replacement axle assembly from the 1-800 support number found on the bike that supports the 3 speed gear cassette. Other wise you would be better off buying a Schwinn Meridian or a Schwinn Town & Country that already has the 3 speed gears. As the axle assembly on the single speed Schwinn Meridian as far as I know will not accept a 3 speed conversion, which would require an adapter for the 3 speed gear cassette plus the rear derailer as well as the handle bar shifter and cables. So buying a Schwinn 3 speed trike will be easier, and cheaper then trying to convert a single speed Schwinn Meridian. This is one that is already set up with 3 speeds

joseph mann - October 13, 2019

I need the owners manual in english for the schwinn meridian adult triciycle please help thank you in advance 715-475-8025 Just the english please

Derrick Tully - October 25, 2019

Where can you buy a replacement drive wheel. my wife has to replace her 2nd one in 8 years. This one is salt caroded and cracked. we live in southern Ontario, Canada about 200 kms east northeast of Toronto.

gary - November 13, 2019

Hi, I need to get a replacement for a meridian 24 inch adult trike chain guard. Mine is bent and need a new one


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