Used Adult Tricycle: Complete Guide to Buyers

Most people associate tricycles with kids, but why should only kids have all the fun? These vehicles are typically called adult three wheel bikes and are the right vehicles to help you avoid the traffic jam and keep you young at heart.

Cycling is considered one of a great outdoor exercise of all time, but not everyone considers buying trikes because of the high costs it requires to purchase it. This gives you an idea of the acquisition of a used adult tricycle, but everyone doesn’t love this idea too but hold on, it’s not such a bad idea.


Before you leave to choose your used adult tricycles, take hold of an espresso, have a glance and after that exit armed with why going for a used adult tricycle is also an excellent choice when you do not wish to spend so much of money on buying a new one.

On What Situations Does it Make Sense to Buy a Used Adult Tricycle?

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  • Budget
    You may additionally have a budget constraint and may not want to spend a lot of money for purchasing that tricycle you would possibly need for taking brief trips to your local grocery store or your favorite shopping vicinity.
  • Try outs
    You are a newbie and just want to try out how does it feel to have a tricycle or just want to have it for work out’s on your lawn.
  • New versions
    If you are someone who does not believe in using the same model for a long time and wants to keep changing models the used adult tricycle is the way you can do it.
  • Lower prices
    There are new models of tricycles being often launched, and many will enter the used adult tricycle market as you might get the best at lower prices.

Features to Look for When Buying a Used Adult Tricycle

The first actual element to keep in mind while shopping for a used adult tricycle is you need to do a proper research before selecting an excellent good deal on precise tricycles, but this deal can come to be a painstaking task as in case you’re not careful then you might start regretting on your selection. Here are a few features you could compare while shopping for a used adult tricycle

  • Cost
    Used adult tricycles are a brilliant way to save money, but they have their percentage of caveats. Therefore, make sure to evaluate the condition of the used adult tricycle earlier than selecting one.
  • Durability
    Always remember when buying a used adult tricycle always check the manufacturing date and age of the tricycle as this may have a huge effect on the overall condition of the tricycle. As the older a tricycle, the more better its condition.
  • Size
    One of the vital elements to look for in any vehicle is its dimensions. As if the tricycle is too small, it can be uncomfortable to use, and the person might also hit his or her knees at the handlebars while riding it or if it’s too large, the person might also have a multiplied hazard of falling. Hence, you need to choose the perfect fit by trying it.
  • Material
    The material used in making the tricycle will affect its price, quality, overall usefulness, durability and many more factors. Historically, metal became the most commonly used material to make tricycles.
  • Additional features
    While a tricycle is defined using its three wheels, there are regularly other features worth noting.
  • Handle
    The handles are the most important element needed to guide and control the tricycles. Such handles are added safety functions although they will be inconvenient to ride if they are not smooth and comfortable to hold. Some of these handles can also be detached.
  • Storage
    Most of the tricycles have a built-in storage or basket usually attached to the rear end of the trike for quickly carrying cargo.
  • Folding
    Some of the tricycles can be folded giving you an advantage of efficiently storing it and transporting it.
  • Wheels
    It is usually vital to take a look at the wheels of a used adult tricycle. If the wheels are crafted from rubber and inflated with air, make sure there aren't any holes or abrasions. The wheels should have some tread for protection reasons as wheels can be difficult to fix and highly-priced to replace.
  • Body
    Damage to the frame of the tricycle won't most efficiently effect the overlook outlook of the tricycle, however, might obstruct its functionality. Simple nicks and dings might not be complex. However, any dents or broken pieces are critical to note while buying a used adult tricycle.
  • Others
    It is crucial to have a look at the handlebars, seat, and other features of the used adult tricycle as they should be in a precise working order and not damaged. The degree of acceptable damage will depend upon the standards of the consumer.

Pros of Buying a used Adult Tricycle

Tricycles might be recumbent, semi-recumbent or upright, but their benefits over all are many. The following are a few advantages of having a tricycle:

  • Price
    Even if you’re looking for a relatively new trike, consider buying one that’s only a few months old, and you would save yourself quite a lot of money.
  • Budget
    Have a fixed budget but couldn’t go for your dream tricycle, worry no more as you can procure your dream trike with all those extra features you would wish for within the given budget.
  • Sellers
    Private sellers will possibly understand the history of a used adult tricycle higher than a supplier, giving you an idea beyond the preservation and damage control techniques that you wouldn’t have otherwise even with an added warranty and after sale service.
  • Dealers
    A provider, however, will typically fix any recognized issues before reselling the trike to provide you with the most dependable tricycles available.
  • Wider choices
    You would always get more comprehensive selection of tricycles with that minimal budget you have set yourself by buying a used adult tricycle. In fact, some older versions of the same tricycle are much better than their latest versions.

Cons of Buying a used Adult Tricycle

Buying a tricycle additionally, has a few bad elements which you most effectively must confine before making the acquisition. Here are some of these points with a purpose to assist you in higher understanding the troubles you could face with the use of a tricycle:

  • Higher research time
    The time taken to locate the perfect tricycle may be long and tedious. You must wait a perfect couple of months before you notice a proper tricycle but even while you spot the right one you cannot take your very own sweet time to obtain it as someone just like you is probably ready to seize the offer.
  • Vehicle history
    If possible take a certified bike mechanic with you to inspect the used adult tricycle and make sure you are getting exactly like what it appears in the right condition, and you are not set, you hand on any scrap.
  • Upkeep
    When you buy a used adult tricycle, you should assume to spend extra on maintenance, protection, and repairs. So make sure to budget and plan out for those frequently unexpected but essential expenses.
  • Worth
    Find out what a trike is well worth by doing a complete research on the options available online before buying the used adult tricycle.
  • Dealers
    If you are dealing with owners or dealers, who do not have enough knowledge about the capabilities and blessings of the tricycle is visible. These people are looking to do away with the old tricycle, rather than recommending you to purchase the right tricycle that is suitable to all of your needs
  • Features
    There are very few chances of getting the latest features on a used adult tricycle.

Procedure to Follow to Buy a Used Adult Tricycle

Have you made up your mind on the purchase of a used adult tricycle? Let us tell you how you will get the proper fit with a few simple tricks.

  • Fix a budget
    You want a pleasant helmet and knee pads to use with a tricycle. Hence, set a budget for keeping all this in mind. By setting a budget beforehand will make it less complicated to choose the correct one.
  • Wide variety
    Tricycles are secure and a well-designed vehicle which you may procure just at any price range and it is flawlessly viable to get a high-quality trike for an affordable price.
  • Keep the age and size in mind
    No doubt tricycles do not have a fixed size and age and may be ridden by anyone. But take a look at the exact trike you would need depending on your size and shape because it must not be too large or too small and it should be comfortable for long rides
  • How tall are you?
    You must be effortlessly able to reach the pedals without stretching out a lot as you might lose your balance and topple over if you are not able to reach the pedal. Your choice should not make you frustrated in the future.
  • Don’t forget the protection and add-ons
    The proper safety accessory will keep injuries at bay even if accidents arise. With that in mind, it is vital to buy knee pads, elbow pads, and a helmet.
  • Give it a test run
    If viable, take out a trike before buying it as you would be capable of determining if you adore it and it's going to additionally make sure that it’s the right one for you. Before buying a tricycle, visit a local store and take it out for a take a test ride. Otherwise, try it at as soon as it arrives. If it's not an excellent match or is in any other case improper, ship it back and get a very good option.
  • Check the safety record
    Always take a look at the protection file of the tricycle which is being bought. Go online and check for testimonials and make sure that you are buying from a trusted brand. That's especially critical if the trike is used. This will provide insight information whether or not a trike is a secure option or not as no one wants to by chance buy a risky automobile and researching beforehand will reduce the risk substantially.

    Always make sure the used adult tricycle can be returned if it’s not a perfect fit before placing the order.


Tricycles are fantastic for people of all ages and are not only safe for work out, examine, play, and explore but are always good at keeping you young at heart.

By purchasing used adult tricycle, it's far possible to gift yourself or someone dear to you the best tricycle without breaking the finances. Just make sure to shop carefully and consider all angles of the tricycle before procuring one.

Enjoy your new ride!


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Prashant Hiwase - December 21, 2018

I want to buy adult tricycle for my father who is 84 years and 6’3” of height
which is the best option to buy. can i get this tricycle in india

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I don’t want to buy online. Need to see and test drive or at least sit on the bike.
Want inexpensive adult tricycle that will accommodate a 250lb, 6’3” person.


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