Best 20 Inch Adult Tricycle

If you are looking for an easy way to get around your neighborhood, an adult tricycle is just what you need. You can smoothly pedal around on an adult tricycle without worrying about balancing or getting your car out. The adult tricycles also have baskets for storage that you can use to carry groceries or other items.

These tricycles are popular with senior citizens as they find these easy to drive around, but people of any age group can ride these tricycles with ease. In this article, we are going to take a look at popular 20-inch adult tricycles, and we will also take a look at their features, pros, and cons.

Comparison Chart of Best 20 Inch Adult Tricycle

Serial NoProduct ImageProduct NameSpeedWeight Capacity (pounds)FoldableWeight (pounds)Dimensions (Inches)Editor's Rating
1Happybuy Adult TricycleTri-Rad Adult Unisex Folding TricycleSingle Speed320Yes4535 x 30 x 313.2
2VANELL Mountain TricycleHappybuy Adult Tricycle7-speed300No55.331.1 x 23.2 x 19.33.6
3Artudatech 20VANELL Mountain TricycleSingle Speed400NoNANA3.7
4H&ZT TricycleArtudatech 20" TricycleSingle Speed265Yes55.835 x 30 x 313.2
5Nuvo Adult Folding TrikeH&ZT TricycleSingle Speed350NoNANA3.8
6Nuvo Adult Folding TrikeSingle Speed275Yes4654.8 x 28.2 x 40.53.5

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Reviews of Best 20 Inch Adult Tricycle

Best 20 Inch Adult Tricycle
Best 20 Inch Adult Tricycle

1) Tri-Rad Adult Unisex Folding Tricycle – Editor’s Choice for 20 Inch Adult Tricycle

Happybuy Adult Tricycle
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This adult tricycle from Tri-Rad is a folding model that makes it easy to store and park in confined spaces. The tricycle is a single-speed model with a 20-inch wheelbase, and it has a weight capacity of approximately 320 pounds. You can easily assemble this tricycle with simple tools and get it running in no time at all.

The tricycle is easy to ride as you don’t have to worry about balancing it. The low-cut frame is easy to mount and dismount. The seat of this tricycle is comfortable whether you want to go for a short or a longer ride. The frame is made from steel, and the wheels have aluminum rims for added stability and durability.

The handlebars and seat of this trike have a quick-release mechanism that makes storage easy. You can also remove the seat and handlebars for ease of transportation in another vehicle.


  1. Lightweight tricycle
  2. Easy to ride
  3. Comfortable saddle
  4. The seat is easy to adjust
  5. Folding design saves space on storage


  1. Parts might be damaged during shipping
  2. No rear brakes on the tricycle
  3. The trike’s parts feel low quality

2) Happybuy Adult Tricycle – An Easy-to-Ride 20 Inch Adult Tricycle

VANELL Mountain Tricycle
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This 7-speed tricycle is easy to ride, and it can carry a weight of approximately 300 pounds. The trike is made from high-quality iron, and the rims are made from a durable alloy. The upright handlebars and the cruiser saddle make for a comfortable ride, whether you are going for a long ride or just to the grocery store.

The tricycle also has a big basket for storage that you can use to store your grocery items with ease. For further ease of riding, the Shimano derailleur makes pedaling an easy task, whether you are going uphill or just on the road.

This is a great trike for seniors that are looking for an easy way to get around town. If you are looking for a tricycle that is safe and easy to ride, you can check this one out. 


  1. 7-speed control for ease of riding
  2. Comfortable cruiser style saddle
  3. The bike offers a smooth ride
  4. The basket offers additional space for groceries or small pets
  5. An ideal ride for seniors


  1. The handlebar tends to swivel
  2. Assembly instructions are not included
  3. Not comfortable for tall people
  4. Back brakes are difficult to fit
  5. Parts can get bent in shipping

3) VANELL Mountain Tricycle – A Durable 20 Inch Adult Tricycle

Artudatech 20
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This tricycle is comfortable and easy to ride. It is made from high-quality steel and comes with a weight capacity of 400 pounds. The low profile of this trike makes it easy to handle around corners, and you can feel the stability whenever you are on the road.

The trike’s 1-speed design is easy to handle for riders of all ages. The frame is designed to take a beating, and it is strong enough to handle all kinds of terrain. The front and rear brakes add to the safety of riding this tricycle, and braking is swift and immediate.

The front suspension is designed to handle any and all bumps on the road while keeping you firmly in control of the tricycle. The basket provided with this tricycle has ample space for groceries, and riding the bicycle becomes even more fun with the basket loaded up. You can also fold up the basket when it is not needed.


  1. Comfortable to ride
  2. Weight capacity up to 400 pounds
  3. Adjustable for rides of different heights
  4. Stable riding on all surfaces
  5. Front and back brakes provide added stopping power


  1. Not ideal for tall adults
  2. It might be difficult to move over the center bar
  3. Packaging of the bike isn’t up to the mark

4) Artudatech 20″ Tricycle – Adjustable 20 Inch Adult Tricycle for All Age Groups

H&ZT Tricycle
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This is a highly-adjustable tricycle that can be modified to suit riders of different heights. The folding bicycle is easy to put together and fun to ride. The trike comes with a steel suspension fork that makes riding easy on uneven roads.

The steel frame and aluminum rim are strong and durable to handle all kinds of terrain. The drivetrain of this bike is a single-speed version, and you can easily ride this trike on incline or decline roads.

The crowning feature of this trike is the basket that has ample space to keep your groceries. You can also take your small pet for a ride in the basket, and they will surely enjoy it. The tricycle is easy to ride for people of all ages. It is a well-balanced trike that moves with ease, and the comfortable seat makes riding easy for long or short rides.


  1. Smooth riding experience
  2. Wide basket for extra storage
  3. Folds up for secure storage
  4. Low cut frame for easy mount and dismount
  5. Large seat makes every ride comfortable


  1. Assembly can be tricky
  2. Parts might be scratched in shipping
  3. The frame lacks precision

5) H&ZT Tricycle – A Comfortable 20 Inch Adult Tricycle

Nuvo Adult Folding Trike
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This trike offers a comfortable riding experience for riders of all ages. The trike is easy to put together as it comes with assembly tools and detailed instructions. The body of this trike is made from high-quality iron, and it can bear a total weight of 350 pounds.

The design of the trike adds to the stability of the ride, and the low step-through frame makes it easy to mount and dismount from the trike. The single-speed drivetrain adds to the ease of riding on all kinds of terrain.

The seat of the trike can be easily adjusted as it comes with a quick-release button. The wide basket in the back of the trike is great for transporting groceries or any other small items. The trike is great for going around the town or driving to the beach. People of all ages can comfortably ride this trike as balancing is not an issue.


  1. Easy to assemble
  2. Smooth riding experience
  3. Big seat makes long rides comfortable
  4. Big basket in the back


  1. The size of the trike seems small
  2. The fenders are not good quality


Buying a trike is a great decision as it adds to your mobility, and gives you the freedom to move around without depending on anyone. If you are fond of taking short rides to and from your house, a tricycle might be the best vehicle for you.

Trikes are easy to ride as you don’t need to focus on balancing, only on steering and pedaling. A 20-inch trike is the perfect size for people of all ages. Whether you are looking for a trike for a teenager or a senior citizen, a trike of this size can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of all age groups. The smaller size is also easy to ride and pedal over all kinds of terrain. So what are you waiting for? Choose your ideal trike from the ones mentioned above.

If you have any questions or queries about trikes, please feel free to leave a comment, and we will get back to you at the earliest.


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Dr David L Bortz - April 3, 2020

I am a fit 67 year old, 209lbs and 6ft1inch. My inseam length is around 36 inches, torso length 25 inches and arm length 25 inches
I am looking for
(1) Easily foldable to a smaller size
(2) Comfortable seat-Western saddle
(3) Can handle bumps in the road well
(4)20 inch wheels
(5) Sturdy for bumpy roads(as the small wheels lead to bumpiness,needing a sturdiness to over come)
(6)3-6 speed gears
My old tricycle was a Miami sun which was great but too bulky and heavy and expensive
Thank you
Dr David Bortz


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