Top 10 Best Adult Tricycle Reviews & Comparison Chart in 2018

Do you own an adult tricycle? Not yet? Then this is the perfect place for you to make a right decision regarding buying an best adult tricycle.

​Before going more in detail about adult trikes, let’s talk about what an adult tricycle is?

​Well, an adult tricycle is also a kind of bike having one wheel on the front side and two wheels at the back. It is much lower towards the ground as compared to a bicycle. You have to use the foot pedals for powering it.


best adult tricycle

People belonging to the different age group can use this fantastic product as it is available in various sizes and models in the market. Yes, you heard it right! This product is available so much number of styles that you have to ask yourself about your need specifically before making any choice, for example, do you wish to have a lot of gears or do you desire to have a comfy seat, etc.

​An adult sized tricycle might be used by children, old age people as well as individuals who are handicapped or have any balancing issues. These trikes possess a design of "step through" for stress-free dismounting and mounting which cannot be an offer by a bicycle that always needs a stable platform.

Comparison Chart of Top 10 Best Adult Tricycles

​The adult tricycles models which are currently available in the market are much lighter, sturdier and can also accommodate heavy loads as compared to the older designs. Thus, if you want to put on some more weight, then it’s not such a big deal but still you must check the tricycle specifications to get assured.

You can get so many numbers of tricycles in the market as per your needs, but it becomes quite difficult to choose the perfect product for yourself sometimes. Hence, below we are honestly reviewing the top models from reliable brands that have been handpicked by us just for you. All the tricycles mentioned below have different wheel sizes, designs, styles, integrated features, etc. We hope that it will help you in making the best choice in the end.


Product Name

Wheel Size
(in inch)


Weight (Pounds)

(L * B * H)
(in inch)

(in Years)

Product Link





13.7 x 33.6 x 48










1 speed


31 x 11 x 52




6 speed


71 x 33 x 44

1 year



1 speed


64 x 30 x 43




7 speed


68 x 31 x 30




1 speed



Lifetime warranty



3 speed






6 speed


66.9 x 28.7 x 43.3

5 Year Manufacturer Warranty







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Reviews of Best Adult Tricycles/Trikes: 

1. 26" Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

Schwinn Meridian Adult tricycle

This adult tricycle is one of the best products which will let you a gaze from the people owing to its striking appearance. It is a 3-wheeled cycle which makes your ride quite relaxed and stable. Its mudguards provide an excellent touch and also keep you away from any staining at your panel with stones and dirty water.

One of the biggest additional advantages of this product is its basket that is helpful for the people who love to go for shopping and relaxing picnics. This tricycle’s wheels have a size of 26 inches which is one of the biggest in the marketplace. Its body is also manufactured from the lightweight aluminum which is durable and convenient to use.

Key Features of Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

The following is the list of features of Schwinn Adult Tricycle 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike:

  • It is a single-speed, and three-wheeled adult pedal tricycle along with a lightweight step-through structure made up of aluminum.
  • There is a hand brake at the back side, and on the front side, an undeviating pull brake is also given for constant and sure cycle stopping.
  • It is also equipped with alloy rims in consort with the stainless-steel shafts and even riding tires.
  • This adult pedal tricycle comprises of a comfortable padded coil vessel saddle with the upright handlebars.
  • The folding basket at the back is impeccable for the picnics or for storing foodstuffs.

2. Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle

Kent Adult Westport Folding adult Tricycle

This kent adult tricycle is from the Company “Kent internationals”. If you are a novice rider or a person who wants to reenters their childhood, then this will be the best choice for you. This tricycle is super steady and contrives a robust structure. Its step is also small that makes it stress-free to begin. The structure has been concocted with a compact mechanism letting it take up tiny space in the garage. Besides this, the other comfort features which are comprised in this tricycle are a broadly relaxed seat, a suspension fork, and changeable upright handlebars that make the riding more enjoyable. There is also a large basket for cargo which is inserted behindhand the rider. The manufacturers of this tricycle do not compromise the safety and grace at all.

Key Features of Kent Westport Adult Folding Trikes

  • This adult tricycle has a sturdy steel structure along with a design of a “step-through."
  • Its suspension fork offers a cushion while riding if you come across any fissures or collisions.
  • The seat of this adult tricycle is the comfortable and extra-wide seat with modifiable upright handlebars.
  • There is a handy cargo basket which is tucked at the back of the rider for carrying all kinds of freight.
  • The additional features in this bike are 20-inch wheels, linear pull brakes and folding structure for easy storage.

3. Schwinn Meridian 24-Inch Tricycle

Schwinn Meridian Adult Trikes

The next name in the list is of Schwinn Meridian 24-Inch Tricycle. If you are considering for a starter tricycle to initiate a new workout routine, then is the best option for which you can opt. It has excellent low-stands which are shaped into the smooth aluminum structures. It also benefits in easy mounting over the cycle without having stress over your back. A folding basket is also situated at the rear which makes the storing a rapid snap. Due to the presence of large seats and comfy Springer for adjustments, the rider feels very relaxed whiling riding the bike. It is a perfect fit as you can also customize this tricycle adult as per your requirement.

Key Features of Schwinn Meridian 24-Inch Tricycle

  • It possesses a super low stand with the aluminum martial structure for stress-free access.
  • The designing of the cruiser has occupied wrap guards as well as cleaned handlebars at the back for more ease.
  • It is also equipped with the alloy wheels of 24 inches.
  • There is a big springer vessel seat accompanied by a quick discharge adjustment.
  • A large fold up a basket at the back is also given for the storage purposes.

4. Komodo Cycling 24 inches 6-speed Adult Tricycle

Komodo Cycling 24 6-speed Adult Tricycle 7002

This adult tricycle is outstanding for the persons who require more constancy while riding the cycle. One of the best things regarding this product is that this is a six-speed adult tricycle which does not make it different from the regular bike. Its wheels are of 24 inches size that is a great dimension for a maximum number of people. Besides this, the most tangible thing about this tricycle is its low step-over. You will find its seat quite comfy, and the springs make the collisions go unobserved. The handlebars are also comprehensible along with a useful storage basket. An alloy brake at front and a steel brake at the back is given which are simple to use.

Key Features of Komodo Cycling 24 inch Adult Tricycle

  • The manufacturers of this product offer one year warranty period.
  • It comprises of SHIMANO TY-21 derailleur and six-speed SHIMANO RS45 shifter.
  • It is also equipped with a large size wire basket, guards and also a bell.
  • The brake, as well as shifting changes, must be done by an expert as per the specifications.
  • There is a low “step through” design for stress-free riding.

5. Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle, 20-inch Wheels, 16-inch Frame, Unisex Blue

Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle

It is a great tricycle for any person who is looking for a contented and fears free ride. This adult tricycle also has little cut structures and parking handbrakes which make it stress-free for dismounting or mounting. Due to the existence of the large spring seat, the rider found it very comfortable for short and long adjustability. The product’s stem is manufactured from the steel which is easy to change. The lumbers of this trike are big and easy to walk over. The additional features consist of parking brakes, back basket, chain protector and a bell. The maximum weight limit for this product is 300 lbs.

Key Features of Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle

  • The size of the wheel is 20 inches along with 16 inches frame.
  • There is an alloy linear pull brake in the front along with the parking brake.
  • A suspension fork is also given in this tricycle.
  • There is a folding steel structure, front fender and a steel plastic coated basket fitted at the back side.

6. Northwoods Rock Point Adult Trike, 24-Inch

Northwoods Rock Point Adult Trike

If you are looking for a comfortable and pride adult tricycle, then Northwoods Rock Point Adult Trike is the good option for you. This product is made from the strong body of high flexible steel in order to offer more strength. Since, it comprises of Shimano 7 speed Revo twist shifters you will found it very easy for shifting and pedaling. The unique design of this tricycle offers relaxed back support as well as easy access for your suitability. Furthermore, the rider can also carry their personal possessions like groceries and foodstuffs with ease in its big size rear basket. There is no need to worry about your safety as it is assured by the superb back and front braking system of the wheels. Once you buy the Northwood 24 inch adult tricycle, you will surely experience some change in your daily routine work.

Key Features of Northwoods Rock Point Adult Trike

  • This three wheel tricycle consists of high flexible steel structure for outstanding strength and is also equipped with the reliable Shimano 7 speed Revo twist shifters so that the rider can do easy shifting and pedaling.
  • It comprises of a large big size basket at the aback side made up of metal mesh which is very useful in carrying the packages.
  • The back support is also given for the stress-free seating of the rider’s convenience
  • You do not have to worry about stopping this tricycle as its strong brake system ensured the safe front and back braking of wheels.
  • The manufacturers of this product offers limited warranty period of 6 months to the buyer.

7. Schwinn Hampton 26-Inch Tricycle, Dark Blue, 16-Inch Frame

Schwinn Hampton 26-Inch adult Tricycle

This adult tricycle is one of those who has very low stands in an aluminum structure for stress-free access. The designing of the cruiser has full covering guards and handlebars which are brushed back for relaxation. This tricycle also possesses alloy wheels along with the large cruiser seat which has fast discharge adjustment. The manufacturers of this product have also given a large fold down the basket on the back side which is appropriate for the storage.

Key Features of Schwinn Hampton 26-Inch Adult Trike

  • This adult tricycle consists of a low stand for your convenience.
  • The cruiser designing of includes the full wrap guards as well as swept rear handlebars for relaxation.
  • The alloy wheels along with the large size springer cruiser seat are given for the rapid release adjustment.
  • There is a big fold down carrier for storage is provided on the back side of this tricycle.

8. Worksman Port-o-Trike Three Speed Adult Tricycle

Worksman Port-O-Trike Three Speed Adult Tricycle Cranberry

This adult tricycle is very easy and stable to use that result in comfortable, smooth riding. Its wheels are of 20 inches size. You can also fold it for easy storing. The steps of this tricycle are easy for the riders whose height falls between 4 feet to 6 feet. This product is specially designed to offer maximum convenience as it can be easily fitted in your car stands. It also comprises of a vinyl layered freight basket located at the back for storing purposes. It can possess a maximum weight of around 215 pounds. If you want to adjust the handlebar in this tricycle, then it can be done quickly. Its seat is padded and wide for the comfort of the rider.

Key Features of Worksman Port-o-Trike 3 Speed Adult Tricycle

  • This three-speed adult tricycle is a user-friendly product which provides relaxed on-and-off and smooth drive with the help of 20 inches size wheels.
  • It can be folded up for the useful storage.
  • The step-through design of this cycle suitable for the riders whose height falls between 4-Feet 6-Inch to 6-Feet.
  • It has been designed for the best portability and can be directly fitted with the standard bicycle car shelves.
  • The size of the forged crank is 5.5 inches along with 36-spoke wheels which also consist of vinyl-layered cargo basket at the back.
  • It can hold maximum 215 pounds of weight of the user.

9. Iglobalbuy Yellow 24″ 6-Speed 3 Wheel Adult Bicycle Tricycle Trike Cruise Bike

I global buy Yellow 24 6-Speed 3 Wheel Adult Bicycle Tricycle Trike Cruise Bike

It is a first-class 24 inches adult tricycle which carries a folding basket at the back that is impeccable for carrying heavy groceries. Its wheel size is 24 inches. This tricycle has an even Shimano 6-speed shift as well as insubstantial aluminum “step through” design. The alloy frames of this cycle offer very smooth riding with the help of its tires. Besides this, it has a comfy padded spring cruiser lumber and an upright handlebar. Even if you are a novice rider, you can easily drive this tricycle without any fear.

Key Features of Iglobalbuy Adult Tricycle

  • It is one of the best high quality 24 inches adult tricycles which have a small rear basket for the storage.
  • It also consists of a Japan trade in 6-speed shift as well as high carbon steel step-through structure.
  • The main feature of this product includes alloy rims, stainless-steel shafts and flat tires, comfy padded spring cruiser lumber and upright handlebars.
  • This tricycle is much stress-free and harmless to ride and in fact any inexperienced rider can also ride it with great fun.
  • The manufacturers of this product have stated for the professional assembling of the tricycle, and on request, installation video can also be provided to the buyer.

10. Kent 26 inch Alameda Adult Tricycle

Kent Alameda Adult Tricycle white

It is one more amazing seven-speed 26 inches adult tricycle which is a good choice for the people who wish to use a tricycle to travel around a city. Due to the existence of the backrest for your back, you will feel more comfortable whiling riding this cycle. It contains a significant size basket at the back which is very handy to use while going for the shopping. This tricycle is designed in such a way that it can support the heavy riders weighing around 200 pounds. Aged people will like this tricycle because it offers a simple, secure, safer and enjoyable way to roam around the town while exercising their muscles.

Key Features of Kent 26 inch Alameda Adult Tricycle

  • The dimensions of this tricycle are 26 inches.
  • It features a British racing green or a high tensile steel structure.
  • This cycle also comprises of a 26 inches alloy rims as well as Shimano Revo 7 Speed shifters, rear drum brake and chrome fenders.
  • It also consisted of a frontward pedal design, a big basket at the back and lumbar seat assistance.
  • The manufacturers of this product recommended for the professional assembling.

​Brief History of the Adult Tricycle

​Do you know when was the first tricycle was manufactured?

​Well, you will be surprised to know that the first trike was designed and made by a pair of Frenchmen at the end of the eighteenth Century. However, this simple tricycle persisted little more till the year 1818. Later, a British coach-maker whose name was Mr. Denis Johnson started making his tricycles that he denoted to as pedestrian carriages or curricles.

​Following the same decade, a group of entrepreneurs began improving the curricle of Mr. Johnson. Then, a new version of the tricycle was manufactured having three wheels moving parallel whereas another was driven by the hand controls that were linked to the front side maneuver with the help of a sprocket. This fusion results in the manufacturing of a world's first handlebar navigating tricycle that was invented by the Leicester Safety Tricycle Company in the year 1881.

​Adult tricycle became so much popular in England that it turns out to be a trend in the late 1800s. Their woman always desires to have a tricycle and not a bicycle as its sitting seat is much lower that was helpful for riding in any dress. Besides the ladies, the British aristocrats also chose a tricycle as it specified a particular status level in the society.

​So, this is how a tricycle came into existence. At present also, in some countries, an adult tricycle with some more innovative features is used widely for moving from one place to another.

What are the different categories of an Adult Tricycle?

​If you are not yet familiar with the concept behind an adult tricycle, then you must know first that what kinds of different adult trikes are available in the market nowadays.

​Well! There are nine classifications in which an adult tricycle can be categorized which are given below:

1# ​Adult Recumbent Tricycle

​The first category is the recumbent trike. These tricycles are much relaxing for your butt, back, and hands as compared to the other cycles. It is a diverse kind of tricycle having a sit back and smile attitude. It means that you just have to pedal this tricycle with your feet in a front side and not on below of your seat. Such tricycles have two wheels on the front side.

2# ​Semi-Recumbent Tricycle

​The next category is of a semi-recumbent tricycle. Such tricycle also utilizes the concept of pedal forward. The primary purpose of constructing such product is to make the process of pedaling much easier to the rider so that they can feel comfortable while riding the cycle. The handlebars of the tricycle are also swept back and elevated for an upright and natural seating position.

3# ​Delta Recumbent Tricycle

​The third category is of Delta Recumbent Tricycle. These tricycles also follow the same concept of recumbent tricycle but along with the exception of keeping the two wheels at the back.

4# ​Adult Electric Tricycle

​An electric adult tricycle is also one more great option which you might want to deliberate. In these tricycles, the pedaling is non-compulsory. That means it is entirely your choice that whether you want to move the cycle with your force or with the electrical force. You can convert any tricycle into an electric tricycle as per your convenience.

5# ​Traditional Tricycle

​A classic tricycle is just similar to an old-style bike, but it has three wheels.

6# ​Folding Tricycle

​This category is one of the latest additions in the domain of cycling. While selecting a tricycle, you might want to buy a trike that can be folded up. It mainly tackles the issue of space storage which many riders have.

​7# Industrial or Heavy Duty Tricycle

​The next category is of industrial tricycle that is just an adult tricycle which has been extremely grumbled up to handle bigger carrying volumes. Such tricycles are considerably larger than any regular adult tricycle and use 24 inches or 26 inches wheels which you may not found in a normal cycle.

8# ​Special Needs Tricycle

These tricycles are made for the people who have special requirements or needs. For instance, Tricycles which can be driven with the help of hand pedals are obtainable for the individuals who cannot use their legs or either suffer from any disorder. It helps the people to upsurge their coordination and strength.

9# Fat Tricycle

​Fat tricycles are quite helpful in the challenging land. These journey-tough cycles can roll-over sand, mud, rough track, and snow by offering your more freedom without any fear. Fat tricycles have an extensive variety of options, comprising of wheel category, suspension, and components.

​List of Things to be Considered when Buying a Adult Tricycle

I hope now you are more familiar with this product. Now before buying an adult tricycle, it will be advisable that you must consider few things in your mind which are as follows:

1. Decide a Budget

It is very simple to spend has a reputation for wealth on a buying an adult tricycle. However, you must remember that an accessories such as knee pads and helmets will cost you extra, so you must consider these in advance. You can easily get a well-designed and safe tricycle at very reasonable price. However, if you set your budget in advance, then it will be easier for you to make a perfect choice along with any additional accessory.

2. Age and size

As such there is no regular size for an adult tricycle. But if in the specifications about the product, a particular size and age is mention then, you must consider that. It will be easier to a person or a child to reach the pedal correctly if they match the size. If the individual has to grasp or stretch, then she/he might lose the balance and can fall over.

3. Think of the Safety Accessories

No company in this world can assure you about your personal safety on the road while using their product. So, it's your duty to remain safe while riding a tricycle on the path so that your elbows or knees don't get hurt even if you fall off. Hence, safety accessories such as elbow pads, knee pads, or a helmet must be purchase. All these will help you in keeping your wounds at bay.

​4. Buy a tricycle with a detachable handle

​Several tricycles have removable handles which parents can utilize for providing support. Such feature is very convenient to use while going on the long family cycle trips. These handles are very useful for pushing your kid’s cycle with you so that they do not get wounded somehow. On few tricycles, these handles are joined permanently, and on some, it can be removed. As soon as a kid becomes an expert tricycle rider, you can just remove the handle.

​5. Get clear about the Assembling of your Tricycle

​It will be very disappointing to know after spending huge money on buying a tricycle that you become unable to assemble your tricycle. Therefore, before the purchase of a tricycle, you must read all the instructions in the manual carefully. You must have all the tools or additional parts which require during the assembling. If you do not follow the instructions strictly while assembling, then it will be unsafe for the rider.

​6. Give Away a Check trial

​If possible for you then you must provide a check test before buying the adult tricycle. It will help you in knowing that whether you are comfortable in riding the cycle or not. If you are buying from an online shopping website, then also it will be advisable that you go to the market for a test ride first. However, you can also return the product to the online websites if it doesn't suit you or is not appropriate for you.

​7. Purchase a tricycle that is Low towards the Ground

​While buying a tricycle, you must try to obtain that which is low to the ground as much as possible. It helps the children or the old age people to step up comfortably so that they do not get hurt. It also benefits in easy on and off from the tricycle. You can simply get stopped wherever you want.

​8. Verify the Safety Record

​You must always check the safety record of your tricycle which you want to buy. It is good if you stick to a brand which has reputation for making safer tricycles. You can check this from the online reviews which people usually give after using the product. It will give you an insight whether the particular product is safe or not. You just have to do little research in advance as this will be going to benefit you significantly in return.

​However, you can also check out our website for more honest review and results about the products.

​What are the Additional Features which you must look for while Buying a Adult Trikes ?

​There are few other features that you must also look out for in an adult tricycle. It helps you in riding your cycle more conveniently for a longer period. So, the following are the extra things which you can check in the tricycle:

1. Wide sitting seat with support at back

​It will be much safer and securer if your tricycle has wide seats with the back support. A large seat lessens the danger of slipping to the off side and due to the presence of the back support; you will feel more comfortable and relaxed. It does not allow you to get tired soon.

2. ​Padded handlebars

​The padded handlebars help you in riding your tricycles for an extended period. You can imagine if the handlebars of your tricycle are bumpy or scratchy, then your hands will surely get sore. The top branded tricycles always have padded handlebars which are soft to touch.

​3. Steel body

​Even though the steel body is little more costly, but tricycles having steel frames are much stronger, harmless, and long-lasting than the tricycles with made up of plastic. A tricycle with a plastic body can simply get break or wear out in very short span of time that is very disappointing and distressing sometimes.

​4.Treaded wheels

​The maximum number of tricycles has wheels along with the treads. But however, some of them don't have treads which must be check before buying. Without the presence of the treads, the tires of the tricycle will not have a strong grip power. This might result in some mishappening also. So, you must check whether your tricycle has treads and if yes, then check how deep are they because deeper tread are more safer and sturdier for a rider.

5. ​Lookout for more extra things

​There is few other stuff like bells, horns, cup holders, baskets, etc. which you can look out in the tricycle before buying. All these help a lot while riding on long distances.

​Why Should you Purchase an Adult Tricycle ? 

​If you have not make up your mind yet that why should you buy an adult tricycle, then you must read the following points for more clarification to your question:

1. ​Better Stability

​The tricycle’s 3rd wheel offers greater steadiness as compared to a regular bicycle which also helps you in making natural balance on the ground. For example, it means that you might crawl up gradually over the hill without getting a fall. Besides this, even if you get hit by stones while on the tricycle, then you may just get turn instead of fall over or losing control. Of course, a tricycle is much better than a bicycle if you have any medical disorder that forbids you from riding a bike securely and quickly.

2. ​Mounting hills

​While climbing hills, a tricycle (3 wheeled) having, multiple gears are much more proficient than old-style bicycle or two-wheelers. Over a bicycle, a rider has to uphold a certain volume of frontward motion to retain the bike straight. On the other hand, a tricycle rider need not have to worry regarding the balancing as he/she can only put the cycle in a small gear and climb the hill at very less pace without the fear of getting fall.

3. ​Sense of Ease

​There are few tricycles which use a seat that allocates your weight all over a big area. When weight is distributed evenly, then it also decreases the pressure on your bottom body portion. This type of benefit is not obtainable on the smaller seats of upright tricycles. The more you feel comfortable, the more you can ride a tricycle without fatigue and pain. It also results in the burning out of more calories if you are a fitness freak person.

4. ​Entertaining way to workout

​Riding a tricycle is an entertaining technique to exercise. When you are riding an upright tricycle, the arms and legs will do the maximum exeroutcise. But, in the recumbent model when the legs need to kept in front of your, then the hamstrings as well as the core muscles are utilized more while pedaling. You can also rest on the tricycle if you get tired which is not possible while riding a bicycle.

5. ​Freight

​The broad wheel of the upright tricycles helps in carrying massive quantities of freight very easily. In fact, the recumbent tricycles can also be filled with considerable cargo cartons in the basket given to the rider. After adding ample weight, you will not found any issue regarding the stability in these cycles.

​​6. They are Cool

​​Come on, how many times have you stopped and stared at someone riding a tricycle down the street? They are definitely intriguing, and don’t get stuck on the idea that they are only for elderly adults!

​You can customize them as much as you want and include any cool features you want on them. Like in the childhood days, you could swap out the basket for a cooler one or even add a couple of ribbons to it for a funkier look. Any adult can ride a tricycle and trust us when we say that you’ll be the next cool person spotting a tricycle around.

7. ​Reliable and Easy Transport System

​Tricycles are the easiest form of transport that you can use to get around. They are reliable given that you don’t have to wait around for one, all you need to do is hop on and go!

​Tricycles also save you a lot, when you think of insurance, licenses and taxes that come with owning a vehicle.

8. ​They are the Safer Option

​When it comes to cycling, tricycles are the safest option. They are designed to enhance stability and despite the riding speed they maintain steadiness as much as possible.

​​Elderly people who have lost their balance due to advanced age are able to easily get around using tricycles. Tricycles therefore act as reassuring modes of transport for elderly people, who instantly gain mobility and can go as slow as they want and rest their feet down on the ground when need be.

9. ​​They Keep you Moving

​One of the things you won’t hear a lot about adult tricycles is the fact that they help you get in a workout. You will actually be engaging a majority of your muscles when riding a tricycle and this will keep you moving in a fun way.

​Most importantly, tricycles help on improving balance with their stable built enabling easy starts and stops. They also offer a great opportunity to ride around taking in fresh air and this is often good for mood regulation.

10.  ​They Restore Independence

​This is particularly in the case of elderly adults who would otherwise have to rely on others to get around. Whether it is over short distances or a few blocks away, anyone who has been confined indoors and have to rely on others to get around will appreciate having a tricycle.

​With independence comes confidence; when an elderly person is able to move around more with the help of a tricycle their confidence gets restored, as they are able to do more things for themselves.

​What could be the Disadvantages of Buying an Adult Tricycle/Trike?

​You must be thinking that here why we are discussing the disadvantages of buying an adult tricycle? Well! As you know that no single piece on this earth comes without a flaw, so how can this be possible with this product. The following disadvantages do not overshadow or decrease the impact of the usefulness of a tricycle, but it will be good if you know them in advance.

  • Broader Size

    ​There are several tricycles which have a wider wheel base that makes them broader. A large size tricycle is tough to use on the roads filled with lots of vehicles or over the footpaths. It can result in an inconvenient and unsafe ride in specific situations for example, in heavy traffic jam. So, if the body of your tricycle is narrow, then it will not be appropriate to use but also very easy to store.

  • ​Short Height

    ​Certain tricycles (mainly recumbent tricycles) are very low towards the ground which can lead to the visibility issues mostly while riding in massive traffic jams or the busy zones. In fact, the car drivers also found it tougher to see a recumbent tricycle rider over the road. To evade a probable accident and to get more visible, many tricycle riders utilize a high fiberglass pole along with a flag over the top which is linked to their cycle.
  • ​Handling while turning

    ​The broader stance of tricycle make them little difficult to handle sometimes, for example, during the turning. However, old-style bicycles are quite narrow and possess a comparatively small rotating radius but tricycles have a tendency to need additional space for turning. The recumbent tricycles are tougher to handle the slower speeds but usually handle the faster pace well.

​Tips and Tricks for making the Best use of an Adult Tricycle

​The maximum number of people contemplates of an adult tricycle as a proper mode to get from one place to another. So you can say that an adult tricycle can also be utilized as a utility. In the following ways you can make the best use of an adult tricycle:

  • The design of an adult tricycle i.e. three wheels makes it perfect for attaching a small wagon or a carriage. It is very easy to load any material i.e. from shopping merchandises to the fresh-handpicked fruit inside that wagon that helps you in making numerous stops at various shops.
  • If you are residing in a large piece of land, a tricycle will be an excellent means of transport for picking up any mail or for making short trips. Besides this, if you are doing job on a work site, then also this product is best for carrying goods, or for roaming around nearby the office.
  • It is quite enjoyable to accompany any of your friends who love running on a tricycle. A tricycle that also has a basket can be used for carrying some packed food so that you can have a picnic afterward the running.
  • Parents who have toddlers at home can attach the special stroller (available in the market) on the back of the adult tricycle. In fact, if you have a young kid at your place, then you can use a tricycle for teaching them a lesson that how to do pedaling and how to do balancing while riding a cycle.
  • Some companies offer lightweight canopies which can be attached to the frame of a tricycle. In this way, you can run your tricycle in the shade.


Frequently Asked Questions on Adult Tricycles: 

Q: How much safe are the adult tricycles for riding?

An adult tricycle is much safer than the bicycles in numerous aspects. These three-wheeled cycles possess much steadier platform in case of balancing. It is not compulsory that you have to ride this cycle fast. The small step design also makes this tricycle stress-free to mount or dismount over the hill.

Q: Does the ride on tricycles is similar to the bicycles ride?

Yes, the ride is little similar but it is somewhat better in certain aspects as some of the models comprises of the backrest for extra comfort and care.​

​Q: Can we handle and maintain the tricycles just like we do to a bicycle?

Yes, you can manage the tricycle just like a bicycle but you do not have to shift your body weight while turning which you do on a bike. However, with some practice you will come to know this technique.

​Q: Does a tricycle be stress-free for the back, hands, and butt than a bicycle?

Yes, a tricycle has broader lumbers as well as back rests so that your back and butt gets complete comfort. Due to the feature of the upright riding position the pressure on your hands is also gets decreased. A recumbent tricycle category is particularly kind to all the human body parts.

​Q: I want to buy a new tricycle. Please tell me whether a tricycle is weightier than a bike?

An adult tricycle is heavier due to the existence of the extra wheel, and in fact, the frames are also coarser than the bikes. These cycles are manufactured from the steel material not the aluminum which also makes them heavy. You can check the weight of the product in its specifications.

​Q: Are adult tricycles available in different sizes in the market?

Yes, of course, the adult tricycle is available in various sizes i.e. length, height and weight. You have to check the details in the specifications given by the manufacturer.

​Q: Is it possible to ride an adult tricycle on hilly area?

The maximum number of tricycles can be best ridden on flat roads but then again due to the existence of the multiple speeds shifting you can use it for climbing the hills. This is specifically correct for the category of the recumbent tricycles that can handle the hills much similar to a bicycle.

​Q: Would you recommend any tricycle for the plus sized adults who are more than the 250 lbs.?

Yes, heavy duty adult tricycles are also accessible for the riders who can carry more than 400 pounds.

​Q: Can we use the components which are readily available in the market in an adult tricycle?

Yes, wear and tear components such as tubes, tires, chains etc. are easily accessible in any kind of bike workshop even though the chains are best traded in a motorcycle shop.

​Q: If I am riding a tricycle on the road, then how will I visible to the drivers of the other vehicles?

Maximum upright tricycles are visible just like bikes, but tricycles that belong to the category of recumbent tricycles derive with a flag to increase its visibility on the road.

​Q: Is it easy to transport a tricycle from one place to another?

You can carry a tricycle easily but before doing that you have to check its size so that it can be completely fit in an SUV. You can also purchase folding tricycles which can be only packed and fold. But still, you can attach a carrier to your vehicle for the transportation purposes.

​Q: Does a recumbent tricycle a good choice than an upright tricycle?

A person who is having health problems like butt or sore back, then an upright tricycle will be a good option. But if you want to ride fast and also desire to climb hills then a recumbent tricycle will be a better option for sure.

​Q: Do the tricycles that are purchased from the online shopping store are assembled?

No, the manufacturer typically request you to take your tricycle for assembling at the local bike shop, and you can also get rebate if your tricycle comes without assembling.

​Q: Where can I buy an adult tricycle?

You can easily purchase an adult tricycle from an online shopping website like where all these products are available at reasonable price rate along with the warranty period.


Adult tricycle is loved by all the people belonging to different age group. It is up to your choice that which model you like as per your preferences and which one appeals you the most. But still, if you have any doubt then you can read out our in-depth reviews about every single model later. You can make comparison between the products which you like the most and can make a fruitful decision in the end.

All the above detail regarding the adult tricycle is given to provide you a more clear picture of this fantastic product. We have tried our best to list up the top ten models of an adult tricycle which are available in the market. As soon as you found a model of tricycle that suits your needs completely, our mission will be completed. Nothing in this world can beat up the satisfaction of making a right decision in the end. We are sure after reading the above article; you will make a beneficial and useful choice in the end.

Relish your riding!!