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Do you have an adult trike at home? Don’t you think to safeguard it with a good cover? Do you have any idea about the adult trike cover?

You will get all your answers once you read the below article!

The maximum number of people oversees the significance of the adult trike covers. It is true that by keeping the trike in the garage of your home will keep it safe but remember that everybody does not own a big house with the parking and sometimes they have to keep their trike outside.


A cover for the adult tricycle is a significant bonus to any rider, and the best adult tricycle cover will guard your vital asset. It helps in keeping your trike to look clean and also assist in proper functioning for several years coming up. In addition to the safety from rain, it shields the trike from condensation, humidity, etc.

There are numerous adult tricycle Covers in the market today, but all of them are not of high quality. However, after going through our below article, you will surely get to know the best adult tricycle covers that you can buy. Besides reviewing the five best products, we will also share with you specific information about the covers that will assist you in making the wise decision of buying in the end.

Comparison Chart of 5 Best Adult Tricycle Cover



Cover Material


Where to Buy

YardStash Adult Ticycle Cover


Polyester fabric with UV and water repellent treatment

4 lbs

Adult Tricycle Cover for Schwinn

12.8 x 11.8 x 3.15 in

Heavy duty water resistant vinyl


Sunlite Pro Nylon Adult Trike Cover

11.95 x 9.15 x 2.55 in

190T water resistant coated polyester


Alderama Outdoor Waterproof Bicycle and Adult Tricycle Cover

10 x 0.25 x 10 in

Waterproof PEVA cotton


Sunlite Heavy Duty Adult Trike Cover

82" L x 42" W x 44"H

high quality, UV protected 210D and Heat Shield 600D polyester


List of 5 Best Adult Tricycle Cover

best adult tricycle cover

In the below section, we have accumulated the five best adult trike covers that are traded on Amazon and delivered an honest product review to aid you with a smart choice creation while spending for your trike cover. So, here are our 5 top choices:

1. YardStash Bicycle Cover XXL for Trikes

YardStash Adult Ticycle Cover

It is a high-quality cover for the adult trike which provides full coverage and rainproof shield for the big sized trikes. It is twice extra-large (82" L x 42" W x 44" H) and durable trikes cover for the whole trike, surface up to the pedal, basket, and wheel. It covers and protects the trike from snow, rain, dust, and dirt. You can quickly take it on and off owing to the broad, elongated design for a relaxed fitting over the adult trikes with baskets.

The cover is made from the UV protected, high quality and Heat Protection 600 D polyester which are sturdier and stronger than any other similar products. The Taped layers also exist for full defense from natural surroundings, and its reflective shreds provide the additional security. It stays on at the time of high winds Owing to the expandable front and rear edges, two forward-facing strings and a central clasp. The manufacturer offers a two-year guarantee on the product.


  • It offers full coverage and waterproof shield in the miserable weather for the trikes
  • It comfortably fit the big size adult trikes
  • It survives high temperatures successfully
  • The flexible edges, as well as middle clip, retain it steadily in place on a breezy day
  • You get a two-year warranty from the manufacturer of the product which is incredible for any buyer 
  • It  made from the high quality and heavy-duty material that allow it to serve you for longer years


  • Along with the baby seat, you might have little difficulty to cover the trike completely
  • There should be more grommets in it

2. Formosa Covers Adult Tricycle covers for Schwinn 

Adult Tricycle Cover for Schwinn

It is one more excellent cover that protects the adult trike from sun damage, scratches, rain, morning dew, and dirt. You can easily carry it along with you in a carrying bag that is provided along with it by the manufacturer. The cover made from the polyester material that keeps the trike safe from the water repellent and UV rays of the sun.

For increasing the additional breathability, the grommets are present for locking the cover from downwards along with the presence of the air vents. It quickly gets fit to the maximum number of adult trikes including the Westport, Meridian, Schwinn and many more. The size of the cover is 75" L x 30" W x 44" H. It comes in two color options, i.e., Black and Silver.


  • It is a sturdy well-constructed cover that guards the trike against all types of weather conditions
  • It fits comfortably on the trikes with the high upsurge handlebars
  • It looks quite stylish
  • You can easily transport it along with you in a carrying bag
  • It manufactured from the polyester material that retains the trike safe from the water and harmful UV rays of the sun
  • It quickly gets fit to all types of trikes of any brand


  • The back and front side are not markets which makes you confused while using the cover
  • In the beginning, you might find it difficult to use the cover as there are no instructions provided
  • It might tear out in the heavy wind

3. Sunlite Pro Nylon Trike Cover

Sunlite Pro Nylon Adult Trike Cover

It is an adult trike cover that is manufactured by the renowned “Sunlite” Company. It coated with the 190T polyester that is water resistant. It has a Velcro and elastic closure system for more good and secure fit on the adult trike. You also get a combined mesh storing pocket in which you can keep your valuables and personal stuff.

The best part about this adult trike cover is that it comfortably fits on all types of adult trikes. The dimensions of the cover are 11.95 x 9.15 x 2.55 inches, and its weight is 0.97 lb. You can easily install it once you know the right way.


  • You can quickly put it on the trikeIt made from the 190T polyester which keeps the cover safe from water, sun, and dirt
  • You can quickly fold it up after the usage
  • It comfortably fit on all types of adult trikes
  • You can keep your valuables and personal stuff in its combined mesh storing pocket


  • It does not stay well on the trike when there is high wind as the Velcro flap is not adequate to grasp it

4. Alderama Outdoor Waterproof Cover for Adult Trikes

Alderama Outdoor Waterproof Bicycle and Adult Tricycle Cover

This cover offers protection to your adult trike from all types of weather conditions. It made from the sturdy waterproof material that does not water to enter inside the cover. With this product, you can keep the trike's seat, handlebars, wheels and undercarriage safe from the dirt, rain and ultraviolet rays. In fact, the material used in manufacturing the product is durable PEVA cotton that is tear-resistant as well as breathable to prevent fungus, mold, rust, and gluiness.

You can quickly drape it around your full adult trike. The foldable and lightweight design of the cover stuffs away effortlessly in a basket and bag. With the use of this cover, your look of the trike will never get faded away. It protects your trike from harsh UV rays and ecological powers. The size of the cover is 78.4" x 43.3" x 27.5," and it can well accommodate all familiar brands and dimensions. The manufacturer offers a 30-day money back guarantee with the cover including the 100 percent refund of your money if you don't like the cover.


  • The company offers an outstanding customer service
  • It protects your adult trike from all types of weather conditions
  • It made from the durable PEVA cotton that is tear-resistant as well as breathable, and there is no chance of growth of fungus, mold, rust, and gluiness in it
  • It rapidly gets drape over your trike without much effort
  • The design of the cover is foldable and lightweight which let you effortlessly carry it in a basket or a bag
  • It quickly gets fit on types of trikes belonging to different brands
  • You also get the benefit of 30 days money back guarantee with the product from the company 
  • This cover protects the trike from remorseless UV rays and ecological powers


  • If you keep the cover under the exposed sun or the precipitation for the more extended time then, it might deteriorate its moving parts and paint
  • It does not have a very thick material in comparison to the similar products

5. Sunlite Heavy Duty Trike Cover

Sunlite Heavy Duty Adult Trike Cover

It is one more trike cover from the “Sunlite” Company which is heavy duty. It made from the water-resistant vinyl material that keeps you trike safe from the nature shocks. It comfortably fits the EZ-3 Recumbent and the extent as well as standard trikes with the wheels. There is a drawstring in the cover for the proper fitting.

The size of the cover is 12.8 x 11.8 x 3.2 inches, and it possesses the weight of 5.17 pounds which is quite light. You can carry it easily in some bag or basket along with you. The price of the product is also pocket-friendly.


  • It made from the heavy-duty material that forms the cover stays on for a long time
  • It quickly gets fit to all types of trikes with the rear or front basket
  • You can buy it at the economical price
  • It is genuinely a heavyweight cover with the drawstring fit
  • It can survive all types of weather without any issue


  • It cannot withstand the strong wind
  • You cannot stick the tape on the torn part due to the material of the cover
  • It is difficult to take it on and off

List of Important Things to Consider while Buying the Adult Tricycle Cover

The following are a few essential things that you should consider while buying the cover for your adult trike:

  • The material of the cover
    One of the crucial elements that you should look in your adult trike cover is the material. Every trike cover not made from the same quality material. Thus, whatever cover you buy must be made from the thick stuff that can last for a more extended period.For example, the denier is the most excellent material which is robust and durable in comparison to any other polyester.  It has the more substantial and thicker threads that do not get torn off quickly.
  • Size of the cover
    You should check that cover of the trike completely covers your adult trike. You must see its size and dimensions and verify it with the size of your trike. The big size trike cover offers more flexibility and can cover more than one small size trikes sometimes.
  • Reflective Material 
    Well! It is not a vital feature that you need to look in the cover of your trike. But if there is not much light in the place where you keep your trike then, a reflective material is a great option. The reflective strips over the body or the handles of the cover make the trike safer and visible to you in the dim or no light area.
  • User-friendliness and Lock Holes
    Some of you might have to keep your trike outside for longer time then, you should have a security device in the cover. You might purchase the cover having the metal hovels in the front side for keeping the front wheel of the trike accessible and locked to a specific nearby railing. The hole in the front side helps you in locking the front side wheel as an incredible security tool.
  • Belts for Safeguarding Cover
    The straps with fasteners might benefit in safeguarding the trike cover over your adult trike. It aids in the storage of the trike in the outdoors during the heavy wind so that the cover does not get off.

Why Should You Use an Adult trike Cover?

Buying the adult trike is a considerable investment for some people. You also buy the additional parts of the trike like baskets, bells, racks, seats for making your ride more comfortable and convenient. It becomes essential that you protect your dear adult trike from the adverse weather conditions, dust, dents, and scratches.

With the usage of the cover, you get peace in your mind that your trike and its parts like wheels are safe from the rain, sun, and any other damage. Some of you might use the trike for fitness purposes, and few of you use it for transporting things. Thus, with the investment in the excellent trike cover, you get the surety of the protection of your trike for several years to come.

Benefits of the Best Adult Tricycle Cover

The following are the benefits of the adult trike cover which you should be aware of:

  • It protects your adult trike from the weather conditions like UV rays, wind, snow, and rain. These weather conditions decline the performance and quality of the trike in the long run. In fact, the UV rays can fade the paint mainly the red painted color.
  • check
    It increases the lifecycle of the adult trike. The best covers which you choose for your trike to perform quite well. It does not let your trike get damaged soon and keep the paint and parts safe for several years. It also allows you to sustain the original value of the trike.
  • check
    The covers of the trike also safeguard against stealing. You can hide your trike under the cover from the snooping eyes of probable thieves. The trikes that are fancy and attractive and kept in the open without the covers have higher chances of getting the steal.
  • check
    You can easily transport as well as maintain your adult trike with the usage of the cover.

Dos and Don’ts for the Best Adult Tricycle Cover

The following are the dos and don’ts about the adult trike overs that you should know:


  • The protection of the cover is not enough. You should also try to keep your trike away from the place that is not safe
  • While buying the cover, check your local conditions of the weather. In the places having stronger prevailing winds, you must have robust fastener system in the cover. 
  • There must be a loop and hook in the cover for its more safety.
  • You must clean the fabric of the cover after a periodic gap. 
  • Don’t buy the oversize or undersize cover for your adult trike. It must fit correctly on the trike. 
  • Before covering the adult trike with the cover, let it cool down.


  • Do not seal the trike along with the moisture. Wipe the moisture firstly. If there are aeration panels in the cover then, you don’t have to worry at all. 
  • Do not overlook aftermarket attachments like bells, basket, etc.
  • Never forget to lock your trike before putting the cover on it. Some of the covers do not have the system of integral locking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the cover keep my trike safe from all types of weather conditions?

Most of the covers keep your trike safe from any weather condition, but still, you should always check the features of the cover before buying it.

Do we need to clean the cover?

Yes, along with the maintenance of the trike, you should also look after the cover.

How is the cover beneficial for the trike?

The cover keeps you trike safe from the adverse weather conditions like snow, rain, and wind. It does not let its color fade off too. As a result, the life of your trike gets extended.

Do all the different branded covers easily get fit to any trike?

Some of the covers are for small size trikes, and some of them are for big size trikes. You must check the size of the cover and match it with the size of your trike before making the final buying choice.


The adult trike covers not only provides the protection to your trike but also helps in retaining the finish and look of the trike for the longest time. You should always check the size of your trike before buying any cover. In fact, the capabilities of the cover like weatherproof or waterproof also get affected by the material that used in making the cover. You must keep all these things in your mind at the time of purchasing.

In the above guide, we have reviewed the five best adult tricycle cover after doing a thorough study, and all of them are best in one or the other way. As you now know that a cover is also essential for a trike. So, now you have to check your requirements and needs that can well match with the trike cover.

Wish you good luck that you get the adult tricycle cover which is perfect for your trike and style.

Is there anything which is still knocking off in your mind? If yes then, do let us know. 

Don’t forget to share this article with more and more people who are searching for the best adult trike cover.

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M F Batassa - December 31, 2018

Happy New Year Rita,
TY “Best Adult Tricycle Cover” very informative article.
I have a Miami Sun Trike (traditional). 7-speed with an upgraded shifter and a mirror in L/H handle grip. located in Florida, with outside storage.

Looking at the Yard Stash XXXL and XXL. I feel the XXL might be the right fit.
I’ve tried 2 different covers “SunTrike” fit way too tight, another aftermarket cover too big.

Any thoughts on the Yard Stash or other products you might suggest?

Best wishes to you and your family.


    Rita - December 31, 2018


    Thanks for your wishes and I wish you the same!

    Regarding your query… I cannot really give 100% accurate information what I recommend is, try getting a little bit bigger size than your tricycle. As I can see the cover size is (82″ long x 42″ wide x 44″ tall) if your tricycle comes within that size then I think you can go ahead and buy it. If there is a too much size variation then you may need to look different cover.

    Regarding Brand, I recommend Yard stash for sure! All their products have a good rating so you can buy with confidence.


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