Best Adult Tricycle with Gears

An adult tricycle can be challenging to pedal at times. For such situations, when you have to pedal a tricycle up an incline, an adult tricycle with gears is a great choice. You can choose from several models that come with 3-speed or 7-speed derailleur to make cycling easier on a level surface and also on inclines. Changing the gears is easy as the controls are located on the handlebar.

If you are planning to load groceries in your tricycle’s basket, a geared version can make it easy to pedal a fully loaded tricycle. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best selling adult tricycles with gears.

Comparison Chart of Best Adult Tricycle with Gears

Serial NoProduct ImageProduct NameDrivetrainWeight Capacity (pounds)Weight (pounds)Dimensions (Inches)
1Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed TrikeHappybuy Adult Tricycle7-Speed33055.331.1 x 23.2 x 19.3
2Slsy Adult TricycleRaleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Trike3-Speed3006545.5 x 9.4 x 28
3Northwoods Rock Point Adult TrikeSlsy Adult Tricycle7-Speed350NANA
4Ridgeyard 24Northwoods Rock Point Adult Trike7-Speed3205768 x 31 x 30
5Areyourshop 3-Wheel Adult TricycleRidgeyard 24" 7 Speed Tricycle7-Speed30060NA
6Iglobalbuy 26 Inch Adult TricycleAreyourshop 3-Wheel Adult Tricycle7-Speed26560NA
7Ridgayard 7 Speed Adult TricycleIglobalbuy 26 Inch Adult Tricycle7-Speed300NANA
8Ridgayard 7 Speed Adult Tricycle7-Speed30060NA

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Reviews of Best Adult Tricycle with Gears

Best Adult Tricycle with Gears
Best Adult Tricycle with Gears

1) Happybuy Adult Tricycle – Editor’s Choice for An Adult Tricycle with Gears

Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Trike
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This tricycle comes with a 7-speed gear system that adds to the ease of riding this trike. The total weight capacity for this trike is 300 pounds. You can shift the gears using the 7-speed Shimano derailleur that makes riding this trike fun and effortless. The trike also has a basket in the back that is perfect for holding groceries and supplies. You can even take small pets for a ride around the neighborhood in the basket.

The alloy rims add to the look of the tricycle while being durable for regular usage. You can adjust the seat and the handlebar of this tricycle to suit your comfort levels. The cruiser styling makes it fun to ride this tricycle. Whether you are looking for a comfortable ride to the neighborhood store or a trike that you can ride to the beach, this tricycle fills all these roles and more.


  1. Effortless gear shifting
  2. High-quality iron construction
  3. Comfortable seat
  4. Perfect for elders
  5. Low design for added stability


  1. The tricycle is difficult to assemble
  2. The handlebar tends to move a lot
  3. Not an ideal trike for tall people

2) Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Trike – An Easy Riding Adult Tricycle with Gears

Slsy Adult Tricycle
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This is a tricycle with three internal gears that make it easy to ride it on inclines and flat surfaces. The tricycle has a step-through design so that the rider can get on the trike with ease. This kind of trike is suitable for people of all ages, from teenagers to adults that might have issues with balancing a bicycle.

With a tricycle, the rider can focus on simply steering the vehicle and pedaling it. There is a rear rack on this tricycle that holds up to 45 pounds. There are also two brakes on this tricycle where the front has a V brake, and the rear wheels have a coaster brake. The front fender and the chain guard on this trike keep your clothes clean while adding to the look of the tricycle.


  1. Easy to pedal in low gear
  2. The seat is wide and comfortable
  3. The chain and fenders are high-quality
  4. Ample space in the rear rack
  5. The gear shifter works well on inclines


  1. The pedals feel low and close to the ground
  2. The rear wheels tend to make noise
  3. The trike feels difficult to steer
  4. The assembly manual could be more detailed

3) Slsy Adult Tricycle – A Bang for Your Buck Adult Tricycle with Gears

Northwoods Rock Point Adult Trike
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This tricycle is made from a durable steel frame that offers a consistent riding experience. Easy to pedal with 7-speed gears, this is the ideal trike for moving around the town or going to the beach. You can use the rear basket to load up beach supplies or even your groceries from the supermarket.

The weight limit on this tricycle is 350 pounds combined for the rider and the basket. The seat of this tricycle comes with a padded backrest that makes sitting and pedaling even more comfortable. There are full-wrap fenders on the wheels that keep the wheels clean while adding to the look of the tricycle. The tricycle comes with detailed assembly instructions so that you can put it together with simple tools.


  1. Comfortable riding experience
  2. The seat comes with a backrest
  3. Easy to adjust for riders of different heights
  4. The gears work great for inclines and slopes


  1. The spokes might get out of alignment during shipping
  2. The brakes are difficult to adjust
  3. The frame is not good quality

4) Northwoods Rock Point Adult Trike – An Easy-To-Control Adult Tricycle with Gears

Ridgeyard 24
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This tricycle is a great mode of transportation for adults and teenagers alike. The trike has a 24-inch wheel diameter, and it comes with Shimano 7-speed shifters for ease of pedaling. You can ride this trike smoothly on plain roads as well as inclines. The trike comes with a rear basket that is large enough for carrying all kinds of groceries and small items.

There are also dual brakes on this tricycle to ensure safety while stopping. The tricycle comes partially assembled, and it is easy to put the rest of it together. As this is a multi-speed model, you can ride on all kinds of terrain with ease. The low step-through design of the trike makes it easy to get on the trike for people of all ages.


  1. Easy to assemble
  2. Comfortable seat for long rides
  3. The gears are smooth to shift
  4. Front and back brakes for adding safety
  5. Easy to adjust seat and handlebars


  1. The lumbar support is not adequate
  2. Rear wheels tend to wobble
  3. The frame is not high-quality

5) Ridgeyard 24″ 7 Speed Tricycle – A Comfortable Adult Tricycle with Gears

Areyourshop 3-Wheel Adult Tricycle
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This geared tricycle comes with a 7-speed derailleur that does a quick job of handling any kind of inclined road. The tricycle has a combined weight capacity of 300 pounds. You can use the rear basket to load up groceries or any other supplies with ease. There is ample space in the rear basket, and you can also fold up the basket when it’s not needed. You can also adjust the seat and the handlebars of this tricycle to suit your requirements and comfort level.

The hi-tensile frame of this tricycle is perfect for usage in all kinds of weather. The frame is rust-proof and will not corrode. The seat of the tricycle comes with a backrest so that you can be comfortable when you are riding the tricycle. The wheels have wrap fenders that keep the dirt off and also protect the wheels from the elements.


  1. Modern design
  2. Durable construction
  3. High-quality gears
  4. Large basket for added space


  1. The fenders are not good-quality
  2. The trike is lightweight
  3. The assembly instructions are not adequate
  4. Parts are often missing during shipping
  5. The balancing of the tricycle feels off


A tricycle with gears is one of the best investments that you can make if you are looking for a mode of transport that is environment friendly. A geared tricycle is easy to ride and takes out the effort needed to pedal a single-speed tricycle. There are few things you need to keep in mind, such as the added maintenance required for geared tricycles. The gears might be difficult to handle for someone who has never ridden a geared tricycle before. But once you get used to handling the tricycle, these are easy to ride around. If you are living in an area where roads are on an incline, it makes more sense to buy a geared tricycle as it makes riding on slopes a breeze.

If you have any questions or queries about adult tricycles with gears, please feel free to leave a comment below this article.


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