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A child seat for a tricycle is the best choice for parents who are looking for a way to take their children with them when they go on tricycle rides. If you ride on your tricycle often, you might have thought about taking your child along for a ride. Getting a child to sit in the basket of the tricycle can be uncomfortable for the child, but with a child seat, you can rest assured your child will be comfortable. Another advantage of the child seat for a tricycle is that the parent can talk to the child and point out interesting things during the ride.

Keep in mind, before buying a seat, make sure it suits the tricycle model that you own. Some seats might need separate adapters to fit on a tricycle, and others might not fit because of a difference of design. Your best choice is to contact the manufacturer with the model of your tricycle and ask if the seat they make is compatible.

Comparison Chart for Best Child Seat for Tricycle

Serial NoProduct ImageProduct NameBrandDimensions (Inches)Weight (pounds)Weight Capacity (pounds)Editor's Rating
1iBert Child Bicycle Safe-T-SeatiBert Child Bicycle Safe-T-SeatiBert26 x 14 x 93.68384.4
2Bicycle Seat for KidsBicycle Seat for KidsCyclingDeal24.4 x 8.3 x 156.44333.9
3TYKE TOTER Front Mount Child Bike SeatTYKE TOTER Front Mount Child Bike SeatTYKE TOTER17.5 x 8 x 8.42NA4.4
4Thule RideAlong Child Bike SeatThule RideAlong Child Bike SeatThule26.9 x 16.3 x 7.65.95334.3
5UrRider Child Bike SeatUrRider Child Bike SeatUrRuder16.5 x 3.7 x 3.63.31104.4
6Lixada Bicycle Baby SeatLixada Bicycle Baby SeatLixada15 x 12.9 x 5.96.9553.4

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Product Reviews of Best Child Seat for Adult Tricycle

1) iBert Child Bicycle Safe-T-Seat – A Comfortable Child Seat for Tricycle

iBert Child Bicycle Safe-T-Seat
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The company iBert makes this tricycle seat for children, and it is a comfortable option for children to sit on the tricycle with their parents. The front assembly design of this tricycle is perfect for keeping the child in a safe position within the parent’s reach. Parents can also guide the children towards any interesting things they see on the road, and it is also easy to talk to and listen to the child.

The seat comes with a padded steering wheel that can give the child a feeling that he/she is also involved in riding the tricycle with parents. The mount of this children’s seat is in the center, which provides better balance and added mobility.

It is also easy to move the child in and out of the seat. There are safety belts installed in the seat, and there is ample space for the child to move his/her legs. Please make sure that the design of this seat will fit your tricycle model before buying it.


  1. Center-mounted design
  2. Better view for the child
  3. Safety harness for the child
  4. Easy for the child to sit in the seat
  5. Sturdy design
  6. Easy to assemble


  1. The security strap installation is not up to the mark
  2. Not an ideal design for low handlebar trikes
  3. Parts might be missing during shipping
  4. Riding with the seat might be uncomfortable for tall parents

2) Bicycle Seat for Kids – A Child Seat that Offers Complete Protection

Bicycle Seat for Kids
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This is a bike seat for kids that might also be compatible with your tricycle model. Before making a purchase, make sure you contact the manufacturer with the model of your tricycle to check if it will fit your tricycle model. This seat comes with a special seat buckle that is not easily removed by children. The seat is safe to use and easy to install on a standard bicycle, and it can be installed on a compatible model of tricycle as well.

The seat is easy to install on a compatible model of tricycle as it comes with a quick-release bracket. You don’t need any tools to remove the seat from the tricycle. You can fit this seat in two positions, with the child facing towards you or away from you as you prefer. This seat is tested with kids from ages nine months to 3 years old. This seat is best suited for tricycles with a lower middle bar.


  1. The seat comes with a safety harness
  2. Protects the child’s legs as well
  3. Comfortable seat for children
  4. The seat does not obstruct the parent’s view
  5. Easy to install and remove


  1. The chest strap needs constant adjustment
  2. Not ideal for tall people as the seat gets in the way of pedaling
  3. The seat interferes while turning
  4. Not suitable for most trike models

3) TYKE TOTER Front Mount Child Bike Seat – A Child Seat for Tricycles with a Modern Design

TYKE TOTER Front Mount Child Bike Seat
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This child seat for tricycles is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. Before you buy the seat, make sure you consult the manufacturer if this seat fits the model of tricycle you own. In case there is an adapter needed, the manufacturer can suggest the same for you. For this particular seat, you might need extra rubber shims for the footpeg.

The seat is perfect for children as it puts them front and center while riding the tricycle with their parents. The footpegs allow the child to sit comfortably and provide adequate foot support.

The seat is easy to install and remove, as well. The lightweight design adds to the look of the seat, and it is also compact enough to fit in a small bag. The clamp of the seat fits tricycle tubes up to 1.25 in. in diameter.

Another advantage of this seat model is that the parent can communicate easily with the child through the ride. Talking to the child while riding makes the whole experience even more fun. This design of the seat does not get in the way of riding the tricycle with your child as the parent can easily pedal without any hindrance to the legs.


  1. Minimal design
  2. Easy to pedal with the seat installed
  3. Installation and removal is a breeze
  4. Creates perfect balance for the rider
  5. Sturdy construction


  1. Not suitable for trikes with front suspension
  2. Not ideal for people with short height
  3. Foot supports don’t feel secure
  4. Not easy to get off the bike with the seat installed
  5. Clamping can damage the paint on the tricycle

4) Thule RideAlong Child Bike Seat – Enjoy Riding A Tricycle with Your Child in this Seat

Thule RideAlong Child Bike Seat
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This child seat from Thule offers comfort and durability in the design and stability of the product. The seat is designed for bikes, so you will need to check with the manufacturer if this will fit your tricycle model. It is easy to install this seat as it comes with a quick-release bracket that fits near the handle of the tricycle. There are two ways to fit this seat: normal and ahead of the stems. The 5-point harness is fantastic for securing the child in a comfortable position.

In both positions, the child is safely harnessed in, and the child’s feet are safely encased in the provided footrests. You can further adjust the footrests to suit the feet of your child. The seat comes with a child handlebar that makes it easy for the child to hold on while on the ride. The padding on the seat is easy to remove, and you can also wash it in a machine with other clothes. Another good feature is that you can reverse the padding as needed. The seat has a weight limit of 33 pounds, and it has been tested for children of 9 months to 3 years old.


  1. Secure 5-point harness
  2. Handlebar for the child to hold on
  3. Quick installation with one button
  4. Footrests are adjustable as kids grow
  5. Padding is easy to remove and clean


  1. The quick-release button doesn’t work well
  2. Not ideal for carbon fiber tricycles
  3. Parts might be missing during shipping
  4. The seat bounces during rides

5) UrRider Child Bike Seat – A Secure Child Seat for Tricycles

UrRider Child Bike Seat
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This child seat is designed for a wide range of bikes and tricycles. Before you make a purchase, confirm with the manufacturer if this will be the right choice for your tricycle. The seat is made of durable materials, and it is easy to install and remove without the need for tools. The innovative design of this seat allows the parent and the child to enjoy the scenery. The parent can talk to the child without any interruption while pointing out any interesting things nearby.

The handrail and the fork arm can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of the child and ease of riding. The seat is padded with soft material for added comfort, and it is also hollow for ease of ventilation. When not in use, you can unclip the seat, and it folds up in a small package. The seat is tested for children from 2-6 years of age.


  1. Aluminum grade material construction
  2. Rust-proof material
  3. Folds up when not in use
  4. Doesn’t interfere with pedaling
  5. Anti-slip handrail for the child to grip


  1. The seat feels wobbly on some bikes
  2. The footpegs might be close to the wheel
  3. Not ideal for children with long legs

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Child Seat for Tricycle

Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about child seat for tricycle

Q1) How do I make sure a child seat will fit my tricycle?

Ans. Your best option would be to get in touch with the manufacturer to check if the child seat is compatible with the tricycle model you own.

Q2) I bought a tricycle child seat, but it does not fit properly on my tricycle, what can I do?

Ans. You can contact the manufacturer of the seat to check if there are any additional parts they can recommend to make the seat fit your particular model of the tricycle.

Q3) My son is tall for his age, what features should I look for in a tricycle seat?

Ans. Make sure the seat you choose has footrests and ample weight-bearing capacity. You can also choose a model where you can adjust the footrests to suit a taller child.

Q4) What is the upper age limit for a child seat?

Ans. Most manufacturers mention the age limit in the features of the seat, but you can also look at the weight and height of your child to check if the seat is compatible with your needs.


Getting a child seat for a tricycle is a great way to take your child along on tricycle rides. Make sure you look for seats that suit your tricycle model. Other important features to look for are enough security straps to hold the child in the seat, footrests so that the child’s feet do not dangle, and a handrest so that the child has something to hold on to. Riding with your child on a tricycle can be a fun experience that is further enhanced by a child seat. Each seat comes with different features, but they are all useful for keeping your child safe while you are riding on your tricycle.

For more questions about child seats for tricycles, please feel free to leave a comment below this article.


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