Komodo Cycling 24 inch, 6-speed #7002 Adult Tricycle Review

Are you a picnic lover and love to go out every weekend with your friends? Are you working and have to commute on a daily basis with your luggage? Are you an old person and you often need to go to distant places to meet your children but cannot walk? Are you a worker who has to deliver goods on a daily basis within the town?

If you are any of the persons that are mentioned above, this article can altogether change your life and work experience. You are about to find out about the best tricycle available on the market that can suit well in any of the situations above.

Yes, I am talking about the Komodo Adult Tricycle.

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Product Overview

​An overview of all the details and features of the komodo cycling tricycle is presented in the following table.


Komodo Cycling 24 inch #7002


Rogue (Maroon/White)


Adult tricycle









Clearance step through



1 year

Safety reflectors


User manual


Shifter and derailleur


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Key Features of Komodo 24 inch #7002 Adult Tricycle:

Like any other product, this tricycle also possesses a unique set of features that makes it prominent among other contemporary trikes. These features mainly belong to the domains of appearance, components, and capabilities. They are as follows.

1. Low clearance step through design

The manufacturers know very well that every person has his/her unique stature. Therefore, this tricycle is designed in such a way that users of various heights could comfortably ride it. The Ultra-Low 15-3/8in step through design enables you to get on and off the bike easily. It also minimizes the possibility of falling or getting your foot stuck into the trike.

2. ​Exciting colours

​Since the likes and dislikes change drastically from person to person, the Komodo Cycling manufactures this trike in five different exciting colors. Besides the classic Rogue (Maroon / White), other colors that the trike comes in are Catalina (Light Yellow / Beige Mix), Falcon, Pacer2 (Green / Black), and Platoon (Army Green).

3. ​High-quality shifter and derailleur

​Shimano is one of the best companies in the world that manufacture top quality bike shifters and derailleurs. The manufacturers of this tricycle do not compromise on the quality of the most important equipment in the product, and hence, they use Shimano equipment.

Good quality shifters and derailleurs allow you to shift the chain of your trike smoothly. A lot of tricycles are available in the market with high-level finishing, but low-quality shifters and derailleurs and they do not last for even a few months.

4. ​Large wire basket

​The tricycle also contains a large basket adjusted over the rear wheels. It can be very handy of you have to go for a picnic. You can easily put your goods in it as the trike can overall bear a weight of up to 240 lbs. The basket can also be used to carry any luggage. The dimensions of this wire basket are 22.5L x 18.5W x 11.25H inches.

5. ​Highly comfortable saddle

​The saddle of the tricycle is made up of extremely soft material and adds to the experience of the highly comfortable ride. It is 12.25 inches in length and 11.75 inches in width.

6. ​Front and wheel reflectors

​The reflectors are there in the package to be adjusted on the front and in the spokes of wheels. They help to signal other vehicles while traveling and can prevent accidents.

7. ​Warranty

​The tricycle comes with a warranty of 1 year. No other company offers such a prolonged warranty period. This is the most evident sign of high customer care and support. If you find a problem with any of the components of the tricycle within the warranty duration, you can always contact the manufacturers and get it replaced.

8. ​Technical specification

​This tricycle is a type of vehicle and just like any other vehicle; it contains some specific technical specification. If you want to enjoy your ride to the fullest, you need to understand the following technical aspects and keep them in mind as well.

9. ​Overall structure

​It is an adult three-wheeled cycle with a single seat. It contains a large wire basket at the back which can carry a variety of stuff. The tricycle has a slim frame that enables the manufacturers to keep the weight of the cycle as low as possible.

Despite the slim frame, the cycle is strong and formidable and can bear up to 240 lbs. There is one wheel at the front and two at the back. The tricycle comes in partially assembled form. After assembling it completely, the dimensions are 71in L x 33in W x 44in H.

10. ​SHIMANO Shifter and derailleur

​There is a 6-speed SHIMANO RS45 shifter installed on the handlebar of the tricycle which helps the driver to change the gear by hand as per the requirement. Besides this, a SHIMANO TY-21 derailleur is also installed between the rear two tires and is connected to the shifter with a metallic wire.

The derailleur shifts the metallic chain of the cycle through one of the six levels of gear. This helps in adjusting the gear according to the need.

11. ​Steering system

​The tricycle contains a BMX styled steel handlebar and a steel stem. The shape enables the rider to sit straight on the seat while his/her hands are comfortably placed on it.

12. ​Brakes

​The tricycle contains separate brakes on front and back wheels. The front brakes are of alloy, and the back brakes are of steel. The right-hand side of the handle contains the front brake, and the left side contains the back one. The brake shoes are made of high-quality synthetic rubber that sticks with the rims of the tires upon applying brakes.

13. ​Wheels

​All the three wheels are made up of alloys with stainless steel spokes in them. The dimensions of each wheel are 24in x 1.75 x 28H. The wheels have a firm grip on the road and provide a smooth riding experience.

​Pros of Komodo Cycling #7002 Trikes

  • This tricycle is extremely sturdy and efficiently put together by the manufacturer. The components which could be difficult to assemble for the end users are already joined while the rest of the equipment is all there in the package.
  • The user manual provided by with the product is highly eloquent and articulate. It guides the users through all necessary steps while assembling the rest of the components and enables them to get their trikes ready in minimum possible time.
  • The tricycle is highly smooth in drive and moves like a charm. It is very stable, and the chance of tilting is minimized.
  • Due to 6-speed adult tricycle gearbox, the trike comfortably gives a speed of 13-15 mph. This is quite a speed for a tricycle.
  • Due to utmost comfort level and easy drive, this trike can also be used by elder people of ages above 60.

Cons of Komodo Cycling #7002 Trike

  • The price of the tricycle is relatively higher than other contemporary trikes available on the Amazon. Due to the higher price, some people altogether ignore the product.
  • The trike is quite low which often makes it difficult for taller persons to ride it.
  • According to the manual, the tricycle is almost assembled, but actually, it’s not. You might have to spend some $50-$100 more to get it assembled by a bike shop because it often appears impossible for the users to assemble it at home.
  • The seat of the trike is not rough enough to enable the rider to sit easily and remain intact to it. You may have to purchase a new seat that could be more comfortable and helpful in riding.
  • The chain of the trike often appears a bit shorter or even longer. Therefore, you need to have a specific set of tools to adjust it. If you do not have any, you might have to go to some nearby workshop and spend more money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before purchasing anything online, customers often have a lot of questions in their minds about the product they are looking for. The in-time and accurate answers to these questions can save them their time, money and efforts. People buying this tricycle also have some questions and the most important of them are as follows.

​1. How much assembling does the user have to do?

Ans. Everything except welding the frame of the tricycle.

​2. Are gears helpful while passing through an inclined surface?

Ans. They help, but the most important thing is the strength in your legs.

3. Does this tricycle allow back pedalling while coasting?

Ans. Yes, it does.

​4. What is the height from ground to the handlebar?

Ans. It is 48 inches, and the handle tilt is adjustable.

​5. Will this trike accommodate a person with a height more than 6 feet?

Ans. Since this trike has a very low clearance step through, it would not be possible for people above 6 feet to ride it.

​6. What is the weight limit for the trike?

Ans. The total weight limit is 240 lbs. It includes the cargo and the rider.

​7. Can a basket be adjusted for a dog at the front?

Ans. Yes, it can be adjusted.

​8. Of what material, the frame is made up?

Ans. It is made up of steel.

9. Can you fold this tricycle?

Ans. No, you can’t.

​10. Is one of the back wheels the drive wheel or both of them?

Ans. Both of the back wheels are drive wheels.


Overall, the Komodo adult tricycle is arguably the best trike available on the market. Hundreds of satisfied customers are a strong evidence of the durability, quality, and comfort of this vehicle.

It is equally good for young and old people and provides a smooth ride. Additionally, it can also accommodate luggage in the basket. Therefore, Komodo trike is the best choice for travelers and commuters.

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Irene Carnahan - April 8, 2019

A question, not a comment. Is there a three wheel adult bike where the seat can be raised. I rode bikes for years, but had a knee replacement. That knee needs a bike where the seat is high enough so the knee does not have to get tightly bent to go around?

    Rita - April 9, 2019

    Yes. Seats are adjustable in most adult tricycle.

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Where can I buy a Komodo trycicke?


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