Best 24 Inch Tricycle for Adults

A tricycle for adults is a good way of transportation for short distances. You can also take your tricycle for long rides or casual rides along the beach or to the grocery store. A 24-inch tricycle is ideal for adults of all heights as the seat and handle can be adjusted to suit the needs of the rides.

These tricycles are easy to ride as you do not have to focus on balancing. The design of these tricycles is low enough for anyone to get on and off easily. The tricycles also come with a basket to store groceries or small items.

Many people love taking their small pets on trike rides in the basket as well. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the popular 24-inch tricycles for adults.

Comparison of Best 24-Inch Tricycle for Adults

Serial NoProduct ImageProduct NameWeight Capacity (pounds)DrivetrainWeight (pounds)Dimensions (Inches)
124" Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle300Single-Speed4572 x 30 x 37
2Goplus Adult TricycleHappybuy Adult Tricycle3007-Speed6842.9 x 11.0 x 25.6
3Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed TrikeGoplus Adult Tricycle331Single-Speed6772 x 28 x 45
4Slsy Adult TricycleRaleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Trike3003-Speed6545.5 x 9.4 x 27.6
5Ridgeyard 6 Speed Adult TricycleSlsy Adult Tricycle350Single-SpeedNANA
6Northwoods Rock Point Adult TrikeRidgeyard 6 Speed Adult Tricycle3007-Speed60NA
7HIRAM Adult TricycleNorthwoods Rock Point Adult Trike3207-Speed5768 x 31 x 30
8VANELL 7/1 Speed TricycleHIRAM Adult Tricycle220Single-Speed63NA
9Ridgayard 7 Speed Adult TricycleVANELL 7/1 Speed Tricycle3507-SpeedNANA
10Barbella Adult TricycleRidgayard 7 Speed Adult Tricycle3007-Speed68NA
11Barbella Adult Tricycle3317-Speed64NA

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Reviews of Best 24-Inch Tricycle for Adults

Best 24-Inch Tricycle for Adults
Best 24-Inch Tricycle for Adults

1) 24″ Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle – Editor’s Choice for a 24 Inch Tricycle for Adults

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The Schwinn Meridian is a comfortable tricycle that is durable and easy to ride. The tricycle has an aluminum carrier that is perfect for keeping groceries when on the move. Whether you are going to the local store or for a long ride, the tricycle provides comfort and ease of pedaling in all conditions.

The stylish handlebars of this tricycle are easy to hold, and your arms will not get tired even after long rides. You can also adjust the handlebars and the seat of this tricycle to suit your comfort level.

The tricycle’s design has a low stand-over that offers ease of stepping through and sitting on the trike. The wheels are designed to tackle all kinds of terrain. You can ride this tricycle on the city roads as well as smooth pavements near the beach. The 1-speed gear system adds to ease of riding, and the pull style brakes make stopping a breeze in any instance.


  1. A wide rear basket that also folds up
  2. Durable alloy wheels
  3. Adjustable seat and handlebars
  4. Padded seat that’s extra comfortable
  5. Linear brakes for swift stopping power


  1. The trike can be heavy to handle
  2. The back axle tends to make noise
  3. The trike tends to pull one way while riding
  4. The wheel fenders are not good quality

2) Happybuy Adult Tricycle – A Geared 24 Inch Tricycle for Adults

Goplus Adult Tricycle
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This tricycle from HappyBuy has a seven-speed gear system, and it comes with a weight capacity of 300 pounds. The trike has alloy rims that come with stainless-steel spokes. The tricycle is easy to ride as the variable speed derailleur makes it effortless to tackle any kind of terrain.

The big basket on the back of this tricycle is perfect for hauling groceries or carrying small items for a picnic or outing. The cruiser style of this trike makes it fun to take out for any kind of outing. The trike’s stability makes it ideal for seniors or riders who have balancing issues.

The full-wrap fenders add protection for the wheels of the trike. The eye-catching colors of the trike are a treat to look at. If you are looking for a way to get around town in an easy and fun way, then a tricycle is the perfect option for you. 


  1. A perfect ride for senior citizens
  2. Easy to ride
  3. Comfortable padding on the seat
  4. Gears make it easy to handle all terrain
  5. High-quality steel frame


  1. The trike is difficult to assemble
  2. Brake pads are not good quality
  3. Installation instructions are not adequate

3) Goplus Adult Tricycle – An Easy-to-Ride 24 Inch Tricycle for Adults

Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Trike
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This is a well-balanced and durable tricycle that comes with a front and a rear basket. You can carry your groceries in these baskets and even take a small pet along for a ride.

The basket in the back can be folded up when it’s not in use. The front basket can be attached easily as per your needs and requirements. The trike’s iron construction is high-quality, and it comes with full wrap fenders for added wheel protection.

The total weight limit for this tricycle is 331 pounds. The seat of this tricycle is comfortable and padded so that you can ride with ease on short as well as long rides.

The tricycle is an ideal ride for senior citizens as they don’t have to worry about balancing the trike, and they can focus on pedaling and steering. Furthermore, you can adjust the handle and the seat to suit your comfort.


  1. Front and back basket for added carrying capacity
  2. Coaster brakes for ease of stopping quickly
  3. Single-speed adds to ease of riding
  4. Durable construction


  1. The brakes are difficult to connect
  2. The metal parts tend to rust
  3. Assembly instructions are difficult to understand
  4. Wheels can get bent during shipping

4) Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Trike – A Comfortable 24 Inch Tricycle for Adults

Slsy Adult Tricycle
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This tricycle from Raleigh comes with a three-speed internally geared hub that makes for an easy ride. The tricycle has a front V brake, and you can use the parking lock to stop the trike on an incline or decline. The rear coaster brakes make stopping easy when you need it.

The tricycle offers a stable ride, and it also comes with a rear rack that can hold up to 45 pounds of weight. You can use the rack to carry groceries or supplies for a quick picnic.

The step-through frame of the tricycle makes getting on and off an easy task for people of all ages. The saddle is designed to be comfortable for all short or long rides. If you are looking for a ride around town that is comfortable and fun, then check out this tricycle.


  1. Durable steel construction
  2. Three-Speed internal gear hub
  3. Parking lock on the front brake
  4. Ample storage in the rear rack
  5. Stable and comfortable to ride


  1. The trike is difficult to steer
  2. The assembly manual is not comprehensive
  3. The gear system can develop faults
  4. Not ideal for hilly areas

5) Slsy Adult Tricycle – A Sturdy and Durable 24 Inch Tricycle for Adults

Ridgeyard 6 Speed Adult Tricycle
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This tricycle comes with sturdy steel construction that is durable enough to handle all kinds of road conditions. The robust design means this trike is easy to ride and comfortable. The basket in the back comes with extensive capacity for loading up groceries or supplies as needed. You can even take a small pet for a ride in the basket.

The tricycle comes with single-speed as well as seven-speed derailleur that can make riding more fun. If you live in an area with inclines and declines, it is a good idea to choose a seven-speed version as gears make it easy to move up or down the roads.

The seat of this tricycle comes with a padded backrest that adds to the comfort of the ride. You can also adjust the height of the trike as needed. The trike has a weight limit of 350 pounds.


  1. Seven-speed gear system
  2. Adjustable seat
  3. Sturdy construction
  4. Comes with a 1-year warranty
  5. Lightweight and easy to move


  1. Assembly can be difficult
  2. Parts often get damaged in shipping
  3. The trike feel wobbly


A 24-inch tricycle is the right choice for adults, teenagers, or anyone who has issues with balancing on a bicycle. These tricycles are easy to pedal, and you can always choose a geared variant to make pedaling even easier. The basket adds another measure of ease for the riders as they can easily transport groceries or other supplies in the basket.

Another advantage of the tricycles is how easy it is to get on and off from the tricycle because of low step-through design. You can also adjust the tricycle to your comfort level by moving the seat and handlebars in the position that you prefer. If you find the assembly of any tricycle difficult, you can always look up assembly videos on the manufacturer’s website.

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