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Are you on a hunt for the adult tricycle with the 3-speed gear? If yes then, you have landed on the right page.

A 3-speed trike is a beneficial option if you don’t want to pay much for the maintenance of the trike and also want fewer complications for repairing it. In comparison to the higher gear enabled trikes the 3-speed adult tricycle is much easy to use. It does not need a derailleur. Besides all this, it has a minimalist and clean look too.

There are numerous adult tricycles 3 speed that is manufactured by renowned companies today.  Picking the right one among them is quite a hectic thing to do.

But now there is no need to worry!

Here, we have chosen the 5 Best adult tricycles 3 speed and reviewed them after doing an in-depth study. Besides the reviewing part, we have also provided you with some useful info about the 3-speed adult trike that can assist you while making the final buying decision.

So, here we go!

Comparison Chart of Best Adult Tricycle 3 Speed

Serial NoName of the productSpeedFront wheel
(In Inch)
Rear Wheel
(In Inch)
(in years)
BrakeCapacityProduct Weight
1Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Trike 3 speed internal geared hub24"Two 20"Limited Lifetime warranty1.Front V brake
2. Rear coaster brake
Rear rack Capacity- up to 45 lbs65 pounds
2PFIFF Adult Capo Front Tricycle 3 speed internal hub20"26"NACoaster brake, alloy V-BrakeFront Rack71 pounds
320" Trifecta Adult 3-Speed Folding Tricycle 3-speed gear with thumb shifter20"NAone year frame, 90 days parts1.Rear coaster brake
2. Front caliper brake
215lbs (including rider)NA
4Husky 24" Industrial 3 Speed Tricycle T-124C 3 speed grip shifter24"NANACoaster brake hub500lbs (including rider)86lbs
5Trailmate Hefty Hauler 26" Industrial Adult Tricycle3 Speed coaster brake kit26"NANACoaster brake (rear) and V-brake (front)500lbs (including rider)NA

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Reviews of Best Adult Tricycle 3 Speed

Best Adult Tricycle 3 Speed

The following are the five best adult tricycle 3-speed that we have picked after doing extensive research by the product’s effectiveness, utility, price and customer’s priority:

1) Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Trike

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It is a 3-speed adult tricycle that has the step-through design made up of steel for the easy hopping off and on. The Sturmey Archer 3 speed inner geared pivot does not need much maintenance. There is a V brake in the front side with the parking lock. A coaster brake at the back also given for more convenience. In the back side basket, you can keep the luggage of around 45 lbs. Easily.

The pedals included in the packaging of the product. The manufacturer offers limited lifetime warranty over the frame to the original buyer. It has incredible stability owing to the 24 inches wheel at the front and the two twenty inches back wheels. You can ride it in the narrow street easily. The saddle of the trike makes your ride enjoyable and smooth.


  • It provides a 3-wheel speed constant design of the gears
  • The steel made and large size frames are quite sturdy
  • It offers you lots of comforts while riding
  • The look of the trike is elegant
  • You can carry lots of groceries items in the rear basket
  • The manufacturer provides the lifetime warranty on the product
  • The brakes are quite responsive for the safety of the rider
  • The frame of the step-through design is made up of steel
  • The handle of the alloy brake possess locks for the storing

2) PFIFF Adult Capo Front Tricycle (20″ & 26″ wheels)

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It is a heavy duty 3-speed adult trike that has a TIG welded frame made up of steel. Its fork has an anti-corrosive paint does not let the trike corrode for the longest time. There are 26 inches size wheels in the back and 20 inches size wheels in the front. The tires and dual wall rims of alloy help you ride in any surface.

The 3-speed gearing system of the trike has the SRAM spiral shifter. The additional features of the trike include alloy V-Brake, Coaster brake, comfort saddle and grips and parking brake. There is the front basket, rear rack and rapid discharge seat support also.


  • It is a front 3-speed trike with the attractive design and functionality
  • Its fork has an anti-corrosive paint does not let the trike corrode for the longer time
  • The rider can assess the entire measurement of his tricycle effortlessly for assured and relaxed driving.
  • You can quickly disassemble the front wheels of the trike
  • The tires and dual wall rims of alloy help you ride in any surface

3) 20″ Trifecta Adult 3-Speed Folding Tricycle

Trifecta Adult 3-Speed Folding Tricycle

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It is a 3-Speed folding adult tricycle that you can conveniently use for riding down your town. The frame of the product is wholly welded and is perfect for both males and females. The maximum weight capacity that it can bear is around 215 lbs. It comes with a back coaster brake as well as a forward-facing caliper handbrake for providing a safer ride.

The 3-speed gear of the trifecta folding tricycle let you ride at the correct speed along with the shifting of gears directly with the thumb. The seat of the trike is quite broad and cushioned to make you feel relaxed at the time of longer journeys. People above the age of 14 years can comfortably ride it. The seat also gets adjusted according to your height.


  • It is a foldable adult tricycle that you can carry to any place
  • The frame of the trike is precisely designed
  • You can adjust the handle and seat as per your need
  • The shifting of the 3-speed gear with your thumb provides you an efficient and comfortable riding.
  • The carrying capacity of the trike is 215 pounds which makes it a heavy duty product
  • The width of the wheels is 20 inches that are perfect for a safe ride
  • It can use by the female and male riders both
  • The big size basket at the back is quite helpful for carrying groceries

4) Husky 24″ Industrial 3 Speed Tricycle T-124c


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It is one more 3-speed tricycle that fortified with the Shimano Nexus coaster brake pivot as well as a 3-speed grip shifter. The maximum weight that it can bear is around 500 lbs. which is quite significant in number. The frame of the trike made from the combination of the chronology and the hi-tensile steel. The wheels are also the heavy duty in consort with industrialized closed bearings as well as 11 measure shafts.

The tubes in the trike are 3mm thick prickle resilient. A rear basket of the size 15″ x 20″ x 9″ is also present. The liner is non-compulsory, but basket included in the packaging. The weight of the product is 86 lbs.  You must need the help of the qualified professional for the assembling of the product.


  • It made from the best quality material, i.e., Chromoly and the hi-tensile steel
  • It is also a heavy duty product that comes with the attractive quality TIG joints and even stable paint
  • Its back axle is the heaviest in the marketplace that helps in offering the weight capacity of 500 Lbs
  • The large size 26 inches wheels move quite thriving owing to the massive 11 gauge heavy duty shafts
  • The seat of the trike is comfortable for the rider
  • Its inner tubes are heavy duty, and the tires are puncture resistant

5) Trailmate Hefty Hauler 26″ Industrial Adult Tricycle


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If you are looking for hauling a product or the people, this 3-speed adult tricycle is the best answer to all your worries. It is a sturdy and robust industrial trike which is manufactured to encounter the needs of all types of people. The company is known in the market of the cycles for past 40 years.  The maximum loading capacity of the trike is 500 pounds which are quite vast. The tires and tubes are puncture resistant.

The product has a stable construction and does not need much maintenance. A V-brake in the front side and a coaster brake at the back side is present for more safety of the rider. The seat of the trike is prominent, and you can adjust it as per your height. The rear axle made from solid material for offering maximum strength. The rims made from the heavy-duty zinc and steel material with the 0.150 thick gauge shafts. It also has a safety flag and a parking brake.


  • It is quite easy to do the assembling of the 3 speed adult tricycle
  • The construction of the trike is stable, durable and safe for the consistent ride
  • It does not need much maintenance
  • It has an additional vast and flexible seat
  • The maximum loading capacity of the trike is 500 pounds which are quite huge
  • The frame of the product is quite long in comparison to the other models
  • The parts are welded with the TIG together
  • It is painted with then high-quality paint that serves you for several years

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Adult Tricycle 3 Speed

The following are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the adult tricycle 3 speed:


  • It provides a minimalist and clean look to the trike
  • It needs very less maintenance
  • It does not require a derailleur
  • There is no moving of the chain in the 3-speed trike
  • There is less requirement of repairing the chain of the 3-speed trike
  • The entire drive train lasts for the longest time.
  • The essentials are protected securely inside.
  • Requires less regular truing
  • It has higher chances of durability than any other speed gear range model.
  • The internal hubs are more consistent owing to the wrapped mechanisms.
  • It is quite easy to use


  • Inner hubs are more costly in comparison to the exterior gearing
  • Internal hubs of the 3-speed trike need substantial technical repairing
  • You cannot increase the speed more than the 3 gears


The 3-speed adult tricycle own lots of benefits over the other models having the higher gear numbers. It is a misconception in the mind of the people that lesser gears offer less durability and speed. But that is not right at all! The 3-speed trikes are also as useful as any other trike. You can take them on the bouncy terrains, hills or for carrying heavy stuff.

In the above article, we have picked and reviewed the five best adult tricycles 3 speed comprehensively. Now, you have to decide that which product suits your needs to the best. Once you know what you need in your 3-speed trike, it will become easy for you to make a final buying decision.

Are you still confused about your final decision? Then, write to us in the below comment box. We will guide you as much as we can. If you already own the 3-speed adult tricycle then, do share your experiences with us here.


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mark levinson - January 29, 2019

what can you tell me about electric adult trikes


as a useful mobility option

any peer reviewed articles

other recommendations

Richard - October 12, 2019

My wife and I are 85 years old. We realize our balance levels don’t permit two wheelers anymore. Could we handle three wheelers? Is there one you might recommend to 85 year olds over any other and, finally, is three speed worth it over single speed, again, for us old people? We are in good shape for our age

Thanks for any help you can provide

    Rita - October 13, 2019

    As you are already riding 2 wheelers then why not 3 wheelers? If the balance is the only issue, then the adult tricycle would be a perfect choice.

    You can even have a look at the electric adult tricycle if you prefer that. Electric adult tricycle are not quite popular as a regular adult tricycle.

    The 3-speed trike definitely helps in smooth pedaling.

Jo - May 8, 2021


I need an adult tricycle that has a very definite low step for getting on and off the bike. Can’t seem to find much info on the exact heights for lifting my leg over the middle bar to get on the bike. Can you help me? Thank you.


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