Best 7 Speed Adult Tricycle

When it comes to adult tricycles, the 7-speed models offer the maximum ease of riding the tricycle with the least amount of effort. If you live in a hilly area or a place with inclines, a tricycle with gears is a great choice for moving on all kinds of roads.

The gears are easy to shift, and you can get used to riding a geared tricycle with ease. These tricycles are great for children or adults as there is no issue of maintaining balance when you ride a three-wheeled tricycle. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best selling 7-Speed adult tricycles. We will also compare their features, pros, and cons.

Comparison Chart of Best 7-Speed Adult Tricycle

Serial NoProduct ImageProduct NameBrandWheel Size (inches)Weight (pounds)Weight Limit (pounds)
1Bkisy Tricycle Adult 26’’ 7-Speed 3 Wheel BikesBkisy Tricycle Adult 26’’ 7-Speed 3 Wheel BikesBkisy2666.3220
Kent 26" Monterey Folding Adult TrikeKent2650250
3Slsy Adult TricycleSlsy Adult TricycleSlsy26NA350
7 Speed 24" 3-Wheel Adult TricycleLowrider24NANA
5Ridgeyard 24Ridgeyard 24" 7 Speed 3 Wheel TricycleRidgeyard2467.9300
6Ridgeyard 7 Speed White 24 Inch 3 Wheel Adult TricycleRidgeyard 7 Speed White 24 Inch 3 Wheel Adult TricycleRidgayard 2468.3300
7Weanas 7 Speed 26 Inch Adult TricycleWeanas 7 Speed 26 Inch Adult TricycleWeanas2660300

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Reviews of Best 7 Speed Adult Tricycle

1) Bkisy Tricycle Adult 26’’ 7-Speed 3 Wheel Bikes – Editor’s Choice for a 7-Speed Adult Tricycle

Bkisy Tricycle Adult 26’’ 7-Speed 3 Wheel Bikes
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This folding tricycle comes with 26” wheels and a 7-speed derailleur. The carbon steel frame adds to the look of the tricycle, and it is also highly durable. The tricycle has a lever that allows you to fold it up when you need to store it or transport it. The derailleur in this tricycle is a seven-speed Shimano that allows for quick and easy changing of gears. The trike has ample stopping power with front and rear brakes for quick stopping.

The tricycle comes with a rear basket which is great for carrying all kinds of things, from groceries to picnic supplies and much more. The big wheels of the tricycle add a fancy touch to the trike, and the fenders keep the wheels clean of dirt. This is a great trike for anyone from seniors to adults that are looking for a convenient way to get around.


  1. Folding design makes storage a breeze
  2. Wide seat with backrest
  3. Adjustable handlebars and seat
  4. High-quality Shimano gears
  5. Ample space in the basket


  1. Assembly instructions are inadequate
  2. Parts might be missing during shipping

2) Kent 26″ Monterey Folding Adult Trike – A Compact 7-Speed Adult Tricycle

Kent 26" Monterey Folding Adult Trike

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The Kent Monterery is a folding tricycle with 26” wheels. The trike has a low step-through that makes it ideal for children and seniors who can easily get on the tricycle. The tricycle is easy to ride with the seven-speed gears with Shimano rear derailleur that is controlled by the twist-shift control at the handlebar. The trike also comes with brakes for front and rear wheels that allow for quick stopping of the trike when needed.

The modern design with swept-back handlebars makes riding posture natural, and the saddle offers great seating comfort for long or short rides.

This is the ideal tricycle if you are looking for a way to go to the local shops, or you want to get out in the fresh air and get some exercise. With a weight capacity of 250 pounds, you can easily ride the tricycle and carry your groceries or other items in the basket. The red color of the trike will attract attention everywhere you go, and you can fold it up to transport or store it when needed.


  1. Lightweight and comfortable to ride
  2. Folding design makes storage easy
  3. Suspension saddle design adds to the comfort of every ride
  4. Adjustable seat and handlebars
  5. Ideal trike for people with balance issues


  1. The frame of the trike is on the thinner side
  2. Assembly instructions are not easy to understand
  3. The trike makes noise when it’s on the move
  4. The tricycle tends to lean on one side while riding

3) Slsy Adult Tricycle – A Value-for-Money Choice for a 7-Speed Adult Tricycle

Slsy Adult Tricycle
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This tricycle from Slsy comes with a choice of 24” or 26” wheels. Both variants have 7-speed derailleurs that allow for ease of riding on slopes and inclines. The tricycle is an ideal way to commute for adults and seniors that are looking for an easy way to get around. Whether it is a short trip to the grocery store or a ride along the beach, this tricycle makes all trips comfortable and a joy.

There is a large rear basket on the tricycle that offers ample space for carrying all kinds of supplies. You can carry your picnic items to the beach or carry back groceries from the supermarket.

The seat comes with a backrest that makes every ride a pleasure. The trike is made from high-quality materials, with the sturdy steel frame that supports up to 350 pounds of weight.   


  1. Easy to assemble with included instructions
  2. The 7-Speed derailleur makes riding easy
  3. The seat is padded and comfortable
  4. The basket has ample space


  1. The derailleur is difficult to install
  2. Brakes are difficult to adjust
  3. Parts might be missing during shipping

4) Lowrider 7 Speed 24″ 3-Wheel Adult Tricycle – An Attractive 7-Speed Adult Tricycle

Lowrider 7 Speed 24" 3-Wheel Adult Tricycle

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This 7-speed tricycle is perfect for those that have issues with balancing on a two-wheel bicycle. The low step-through makes it easy to get on the tricycle. The tricycle is easy to ride, and the gears shift smoothly to navigate any kind of terrain. Whether you want to get out of the house for fresh air or get some exercise, this tricycle serves all these purposes with ease.

The seat of the tricycle comes with a backrest for ease of riding, and the seat is padded as well. The blue color of the tricycle is eye-catching, and it looks good on the road. You can also adjust the handlebars and the seat to suit your requirements. Brakes in the front and rear of the tricycle add to the stopping power of the tricycle. The metal construction is solid, and it will last you for years to come.


  1. Comfortable seat
  2. Large rear basket
  3. Dual brakes
  4. Durable design



5) Ridgeyard 24″ 7 Speed 3 Wheel Tricycle – High-Quality Tricycle with 7-Speed Gears

Ridgeyard 24
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This tricycle from Ridgeyard has 24” wheels, and it comes with 7-speed gears. The overall weight capacity of this tricycle is 300 pounds. There is a large rear basket to store groceries or other items of daily need. The basket also folds up when you don’t need it. The low to the ground design of this tricycle makes it easy to ride.

The smooth movement of the gears makes any terrain a breeze. You can also adjust the seat and handlebars of this trike to suit your comfort level. Elders and children can use this tricycle with ease as they do not need to worry about balancing while riding. Also, they do not need to exert much force to move the tricycle as the gears take most of the strain of movement.


  1. High-quality Shimano shifter and rear derailleur
  2. Made from quality high tensile steel
  3. Fenders keep wheels clean
  4. Comfortable seat


  1. The trike feels lightweight
  2. The assembly instructions are not adequate
  3. The frame can get damaged during shipping
  4. Not ideal of people of short height


Tricycles with multiple gears are easy to ride, and these offer a great degree of comfort. The gears are perfect for riding on slopes and inclines. Comfortable seats on the tricycles make short and long rides fun.

All these tricycles also come with rear baskets that have ample space in them for storage. If you are looking for a bicycle that is ideal for people with balance problems, seven-speed tricycles are a great choice.

These tricycles also make a good choice if you are living in an area with slopes on the roads as the gears make climbing the roads an effortless task.

If you have any questions about seven-speed tricycles, please feel free to leave a comment below this article.


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ROY GUZMAN - April 27, 2020

I just received 2- 3 wheel bicycles I ordered and they are not 7 speed? Very disappointed. They were Alameda Folding units please explain. thank you,
Roy Guzman

TWW - May 7, 2020

Recently purchased SLSY tricycle (24 Inch). Assembly was not too difficult but the assembly manual could have been clearer to understand.

Problem 1- The seat post adjustment device was weak and would allow the seat to slip to a lower position unless it was severely tightened. The device eventually failed (stripped out). Replacing the device with an appropriately sized and strength bolt,
nut, and washers solved the problem.

TWW - May 7, 2020

SLSY 24 inch tricycle (continued)

Problem 2- While riding the bike the left pedal fell off. The threads on the pedal and thrust arm had become stripped. I submitted a comment to SLSY (via Amazon). They promptly replied and offered identification and reimbursement for replacement parts that were available on Amazon.

I was very pleased with SLSY’s response; hopefully, the replacement parts will solve the problem.

    Rita - May 9, 2020

    Thanks for sharing your views. I’m sure other users will find it useful.


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