Best Heavy Duty Adult Tricycle Review

The most horrific workout is one which never happened.

Do you run an on the wheels ice-cream store or just need to drive around or just need to work out? Well, all this could be just done with a heavy duty adult tricycle additionally called the industrial tricycle as this has a better weight capacity and is a favorite among every age group.

No matter what an individual's motive is ranging from either they are not able to balance on a bicycle, or they just want a third wheel for shifting massive products from one area to another, heavy duty adult tricycles can assist humans in all styles of endeavors.


Before you leave to select your heavy duty adult tricycle, take hold of an espresso, have a read and after that exit armed with the records you wish to assist in slimming down the most effective alternatives for you.

Comparison Chart of Best Heavy Duty Adult Tricycle  

Product Name

Speed driving system


Weight Capacity

Product dimensions

Product URL

Best Heavy Duty Adult Tricycle

3 speed

hi-tensile steel and chromoly

500 lbs

73"L x 29"W x 46"H


3 speed

Heavy-duty steel-zinc plated rims with 0.150 heavy guage spokes

500 pounds

45"H x 79"L x 33.5"W


3 speed


400 pounds

43" H x 70" L x 29" W


3 speed


400 pounds

30" x 72" x 66”

Schwinn Meridian heavy duty adult tricycle

single speed

Cell 5 / 3

320 lbs

31.5 x 12 x 51.5 inches

Features to Look for When Buying a Heavy Duty Adult Tricycle

Cycles are available in all fitness ranges, shapes or sizes; however, in case you’re a larger rider or want to use it for transporting products, finding a suitable three-wheeled motorbike that is capable of managing your body weight and also has a huge basket is probably a task. Here are some traits to look for in a heavy duty adult tricycle

  • Body:
    The frame of a heavy duty adult tricycle is similar to many bikes, but it is also quite different as it comes with two wheels at the back.

    Another component to test out with the body is its material; good frames are made up of strong, mild, and sturdy materials as it is capable of holding the heavier load for you.
  • Handles:
    For the handles of an heavy duty adult tricycle, make sure of getting materials such as steel or plastic as handles with an excellent design will provide a comfortable upright position for the riders.
  • Wheels:
    A variety of wheel designs are available for an heavy duty adult tricycle with each one having a unique one-of-a-kind function. When tires are designed with heavier tread, it aims for the best traction to roll better on uneven surfaces.
  • Seats:
    When it comes to the seats of an heavy duty adult tricycle, there are so many designs available which could be a flat metal or plastic, and it could also be with or without the pad.
  • Pedals:
    Pedals in a tricycle are more likely to be crafted from plastic or rubber. However, the pedal has to rotate while the wheels move. The main characteristic of a pedal is it has to move smooth and easy; otherwise, it creates many problems while driving.

Thanks to the numerous features associated with these heavy-duty adult tricycles, it’s a superb way to function and make your life hassle-free. Hence, pick out the right one by way of thinking of a number of those conditions. Having the heavy duty adult tricycle is a luxury by itself and cannot be compared to any other.

Pros of Buying a Heavy Duty Adult Tricycle

Unlike a bicycle, a tricycle rider can ride as slow as they wish to without any stability issues and may stop and rest with both the toes on the ground. These are the most attractive advantage to a plus sized rider. The following are a few more benefits of having a heavy duty adult tricycle:

  • Reassurance
    Trikes, in particular, offer a more relaxed, stress-free experience, almost like you are sitting in a comfortable chair. The magic is in the reclining posture and extensive seat, which offers a back support and distributes your weight across a large area.
  • Stability
    If you have terrible balance or a condition that prohibits you from riding an upright bike safely and effortlessly the heavy duty adult tricycle is just right for you.

    The trikes wheel gives more stability than a bicycle, making it less difficult to hold your balance which means that you could move slowly up a hill without falling over. The tricycle would never hurt you and has given you the best safety and security in case you have doubt try hitting loose gravel while riding the trike; you might just spin instead of dropping balance and tripping over.
  • Enhancing Outdoor Exercising
    Riding a heavy duty adult tricycle is an enjoyable way to work out. If you feel comfortable riding, you will tend to work out longer and burn more energy. On an upright trike, your arms and legs do most of the tasks. However, when your legs are stretched in front of you on the models, you use more of your hamstrings and your middle muscle tissues while you pedal.
  • Beast Of Burden
    With its extensive rear-wheel base, the trike layout lets in for easy cargo shipping. Many trikes come geared up with rear cargo baskets and might take care of a decent-sized load. You can’t carry a kitchen sink in the basket; however, a medium-sized shop at the market is entirely feasible.
  • Climbing Made Easy
    During uphill climbs, tricycles have a significant advantage over two-wheeled bikes: they do not topple over. The challenge with a two-wheeled motorcycle is the rider has to keep forward momentum to maintain the vehicle upright, which is not the case in a tricycle.
  • Unparalleled Comfort
    Trikes have unique designed seats that distribute your weight across significant vicinity.

    Greater weight distribution decreases the stress you would possibly experience in your bottom when you take a seat on the smaller seat observed on upright bikes. Since your butt will feel considerably comfy, you'll be capable of experiencing longer rides effortlessly and could potentially burn out more calories if you feel extra cozy as a result you might even ride longer.
  • Enhanced Coordination and mental disposition
    Trikes have quite a long frame that can make them a bit tricky to handle through turns, however, practice makes everything perfect and if speed's your thing, don't forget an enhanced version.

Cons of Buying Heavy Duty Adult Tricycle

  • Speed
    For 100 miles, the trikes move on a median of 30 - 60 minutes this is pretty slower than a standard two-wheeler. A trike isn't always the answer for those whose primary objective is to get to the finish line as fast as feasible.
  • Socialization
    It is pretty difficult to hold on long chit-chats with others on a trike, leading you to be a loner specifically on long distance rides.
  • Foot Pain
    Quite not an unusual side effect in all kinds of pedaling vehicles, the foot pain kicks in when on long trips.
  • Visibility
    The visibility problem is more of a psychological issue than a real one. Load up with visibility gadgets as there can be a need to decrease aerodynamics with a flag and the need to weigh down the trike with flashing lights.
  • Bulkier
    Tricycles are heavier and bulkier than standard bicycles and carrying them might be a problem for most people. The disadvantage is also seen while biking uphill.

Heavy Duty Adult Tricycles Review


Best Heavy Duty Adult Tricycle

The husky T-124C is tricycle equipped with a Shimano Nexus 3-speed coaster brake hub and a three-speed grip shifter which is just right for the ones who have problems concerning their stability or stamina.

The tricycle's body is made of a mixture of hi-tensile steel and chromo. There are 3mm thick thorn resistant tubes, 11 gauge spokes, and a commercial sealed bearing which give the tricycle the long lasting durability. It is also very beneficial to carry cargo without any hassle as it has a rear basket which could carry a whole lot of weight.


  • Very well constructed with high-quality parts
  • It has an excellent weight capacity
  • The Frame has a beautiful design and is highly durable
  • It is equipped with a rear basket
  • Three-speed drive system makes the driving much easier


  • Seat is not large enough
  • The trike is heavy
  • The trike has a less height
  • It is too small
  • Has a lot of inconveniences



Whether hauling people or product, the hefty hauler 26" industrial tricycle was manufactured to be sturdy. The tricycle is a rugged three wheel trike which might are specially designed for campgrounds and resorts. These tricycles have opened the world of riding to many who have special needs concerning to balance and stamina and even provide low maintenance.

The cycle has an easy assembly and is prepared with coaster brake and v-brake functions in conjunction with an extra massive and adjustable seat for relaxed and cozy cruising. They also have safety flag connected to it to provide the riders a clear visibility while zooming.


  • It is Easy to assemble
  • It has a Stable construction
  • It is pretty low maintenance
  • It has an Extra vast and adjustable seat
  • It has a Maximum load capacity


  • It is immense
  • It has a Poor design
  • It is Tough to handle
  • It is Too heavy to carry
  • It is not very comfortable



The Trailmate traveler is well-known for it’s at ease ride, responsive overall performance and top-notch value it’s a trike for every person.

The trike comes with cantilever brakes for smooth stopping and parking. They have front fender and heavy-duty 105 gauge metal rear wheels for easy and rapid riding. They have a low step-through design for easy access and a rust-resistant rear basket for storing belongings. They even have a safety flag for clean viability. They are developed by keeping in mind long lasting durability.


  • Low step-through design- makes for easy access
  • It has a Rust-resistant rear basket to store belongings
  • It has an Adjustable Seat
  • It has tubeless tires which reduces puncture
  • It is Very comfortable


  • It has a Poor design
  • It is not a very good quality trike
  • It is a bit Oversized
  • It is Too heavy



The tri-rider 3-speed industrial tricycle is used by resorts, military bases, industrial facilities and for individuals and is made for hauling people or product.

The trike is ready with a Shimano nexus three-velocity coaster brake hub and a three-speed grip shifter that is merely proper for those who've troubles regarding their balance or stamina.

The tricycle's body is made of a combination of hi-tensile metallic for heavy duty use. It is also beneficial to hold cargo without any trouble because it has a rear basket which could convey an entire lot of weight.


  • It has Large pedals for easy pedaling
  • It has excellent speed strength
  • It has a well-designed Frame
  • Sturdy and durable
  • The fenders are unique


  • Not Very comfortable
  • It is Difficulty in accessing
  • No enough space to store things
  • It has a less weighing capacity
  • It has a small height

5. Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike

Schwinn Meridian heavy duty adult tricycle

The adult tricycle is which provides you a relaxation and stability. Its mudguards provide an excellent touch and also keeps you safe from any staining at your panel with stones and dirty water.

One of the biggest advantages of this product is the amount of weight it can carry in its basket that is helpful for people who love to go shopping and for picnics. This tricycle’s wheel has a size of 26 inches which is one of the biggest in the marketplace. Its frame is made from lightweight aluminum which provides it the durable and convenient edge.


  • It holds a lot of weight
  • very easy to put together
  • very comfortable
  • Smooth and easy to pedal
  • It goes over bumps effortlessly
  • Turns and maneuvers very well


  • Intermittent noise
  • Fenders rub the tires, and there is no way to fix the problem
  • It has a Poor design
  • Not a very good quality
  • Steering is not very responsive


Heavy duty adult tricycles are the best vehicles for well-built individuals and senior citizens. Besides, they are suitable for all age groups and are the best choice for your workout sessions or your transport to go shopping.

So when are you going to seize your piece of fun and frolic by owning this great vehicle?


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