20″ Trifecta Adult 3-Speed Folding Tricycle Review

Tricycles are very much fun to ride around. They are best means of transportation when you are alone and just go out on a ride. They are also healthier to the environment and thus by making a purchase decision on tricycle, you’re actually making good decision both to yourself and the environment.

Now in this article, we are back with a 20” Trifecta adult 3-speed folding tricycle review from Trifecta again which is known for manufacturing some of the best tricycles and also for its finest build quality in the market. In the article, we will talk about the best features of the tricycle, key specifications of the tricycle, pros and cons about this tricycle and finally conclude with our thoughts about it.

20 inch trifecta adult 3-speed folding tricycle

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Product Overview of 20″ Trifecta Adult 3-Speed Folding Tricycle:


20″ trifecta adult 3-speed folding tricycle


Easy to fold and carry




Worksman cycles

Age Group

14 years and above

Maximum Weight

215 pounds

Basket Measurement

21” X 15” X 8.5”

Number of speeds

3 speed

Bicycle wheel diameter

20 inch

Part Number


Editor’s Rating

4 out of 5

Where to Buy?

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Key Features of 20″ Trifecta Adult 3-Speed Folding Tricycle:

Basically, there are abundant new features available in this folding tricycle which makes it to stand out from many other tricycles available in the market. So below are the key features from this Worksman cycles tricycle.

Foldable Frame:

The most important feature in this tricycle that makes it unique is its all metal unisex frame that can be folded without any need of tools. This can be folded such that it can create convenient storage for the user. Folding of the tricycle makes it easy to carry anywhere if you’re going out for small vacation trips or any other such places.

Large Basket for storage:

Not only that this tricycle is foldable, it also comes with a large basket that can be used to carry all your domestic needs from a supermarket. This tricycle comes with a vinyl coated rear cargo basket which is super shiny in appearance and can easily hold all your items.

Adjustable seat and handlebar:

Now since the entire frame of the tricycle is foldable, you might wonder whether or not the seat and handlebar are adjustable. Worry not, this tricycle comes with an adjustable seat post and handlebar stem that allows you to vary the length of them according to your need. Hence making the tricycle more convenient to use.

20” diameter wheel base:

Unlike all the other tricycles which comes with an higher diameter wheel base, this tricycle comes with three 20” inch diameter wheels that balance the tricycle completely. Since its main purpose is to be flexible, having 20” inch diameter wheels makes complete sense. Thus not covering enough of your space, when you are folding the tricycle and taking it away.

Variable speed and reflectors:

Again this is one of those features that makes this tricycle to stand out from the rest. This tricycle comes with a variable three-speed gear with thumb shifter for easy and convenient riding. All these are handled smoothly and also comes with featured reflectors that allow .the tricycle easily visible while driving at low light conditions.

Front and rear brakes:

One another safety feature that is must require in a tricycle or bicycle is good and reliable brakes. This tricycle comes with a front caliper brake and rear coaster brake that makes the tricycle to stand still with very little friction as and when applied.

Technical Specifications of 20″ Trifecta Adult 3-Speed Folding Tricycle:

It’s important to look into the technical specifications of any product before making a purchase decision. Hence below are the 20″ trifecta adult 3-speed folding adult tricycle technical specifications.


This tricycle comes with a fully welded frame design with front head lug that allows you to connect to other vehicles for carrying. Also, since the frame is fully foldable without a need of separate tools, the crank size is important factor to consider. The forged crank size of this tricycle is 5.5 inch making it one of those smallest tricycles to carry.

The design of the frame is made in such a way that it is quite easy for either male or female riders to get on or off.


The diameter of the wheels used in this tricycle are just 20” inch. All the three wheels are equal size and are 20” inch in diameter and 1.75” inch in thickness. They comes with 36 spokes and are all covered in a rigid metallic frame. Because of this convenient diameter and thickness of the wheels, they are easy to carry wherever you take them out.


The main purpose of a tricycle is to use it to move around as and when required from one place to another. Hence the size of basket is critical as it decides how much weight of items you can carry in it. This vinyl coated rear cargo basket measures 21” X 15” X 8.5” in length, breadth and width respectively.

Weight Capacity:

This 3-speed adult tricycle should be capable enough to carry some load when you put on top of it or on the back in the basket. Hence it becomes quite essential that frame built should be of superior quality and great design. This tricycle can carry a maximum payload of 215 pounds including the rider which is quite enough to support you as well as the baggage in the basket.


The beautiful 3-speed adult tricycle is available in two different colors. One is bright blue and another being Cranberry. Both the colors have smooth finish over the frame and the basket is of one main silver in color. These options to choose from gives you the freedom of selection of the color which you like the most.

Adjustable seat and handle:

Not only that the tricycle is foldable and can be easily carried away. The seat post and handle stem of this tricycle are also easily adjustable without any necessity of other tools. So with these allowances, making the seat and handle adjustable to your respective height and posture makes it more useful and convenient.

Not only that they are adjustable, the seat is very comfortable, wide and padded which makes you to take seat on it and ride for longer time without much pain.

Speed shifts:

The cycle comes with a 3-speed gear shift that allows you to change the gear position while riding. This change in speed can relax some of your leg muscles while riding thereby allowing you to go some extra mile when you have extra energy to drive through.


The last and also one of the important things to consider before buying a tricycle is the need of brakes. Both the front and rear brakes should be functioning properly and we don’t have to explain the reason behind it! This 3-speed tricycle from Worksman cycles comes with a rear coaster brake and front caliper brake.

Both the brakes being of enhanced quality and superior grip allows you to halt the tricycle instantly without much effort. However, make sure you have the required service or check up quite often after using the tricycle for longer time intervals.

Pros of 20” Trifecta Adult 3-Speed Folding Tricycle:

  • Most important advantage of owning this tricycle is it is easily foldable and can be carried away wherever required conveniently.
  • Neatly designed frame and adjustable seat post and handle makes it right to use for any kind of person.
  • 3-speed gear shifting with thumb makes it for easier and efficient riding.
  • Hefty 215 pound load carrying capacity makes it one of the tough competitor for the other tricycles.
  • The diameter of the wheels is just 20” inch making it ideal to use
  • Unisex model making it useful for both male and female riders.
  • Huge basket on the back adds an additional feature or the reason to purchase.

Cons of 20” Trifecta Adult 3-Speed Folding Tricycle:

  • Consumers say that it requires some modifications or fittings in major portions of the tricycle.
  • Build quality is fine however the packaging in which the tricycle is shipped is poor which may lead to damaging some of the parts.
  • Little bit over priced but still managed to check all the essential elements required for a good foldable tricycle.


All in all this foldable tricycle from Worksman cycles perfectly fits in the space of many other similar tricycles. The essential elements required for a foldable cycle like easy installation without any need of tools, adjustable seat pads, handle stems and the3-speed gear shifter by thumb makes it an ideal choice for foldable tricycles.

The minimalistic 20” inch diameter of wheel and the huge basket size that carry up to 215 pounds of load including the user load is very appreciable and necessary. If you are ready to spend the amount which it asks for, then definitely it will not leave a stone unturned to impress you with its capabilities. It is actually one of those tricycles that will leave you a mark while using it and of course crawl you towards it with its finest build quality.


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Vickie Jo Bohall - December 29, 2018

I need to know where I can buy a chain for 3 wheel , 3 speed tricycle ??

    Rita - December 29, 2018

    You don’t find the same brand chain, instead what I recommend is try looking similar specification chain on Amazon and try that on your tricycle. Example, search bicycle chain on Amazon you will get many results.

ANITA ZIPPIROLI - April 14, 2019

I have bought a used workman Trifeta- one speed-folding trike. I want to find a canopy to fit it. Any suggestions? I want to accessorize it. Having trouble fiding accessories that fit.

Stacy Leopold - May 3, 2019

I live near San Francisco,
Are there any places where I can try out a tricycle. I saw someone riding a trifecta 3 speed and they said they liked it, but they purchased it used. One review I saw said the balance is not good on the smaller size trifecta. What do u recommend? I am 5 2” and have spinal issues so balance is very important to me on a bicycle. I can’t afford to fall.

Glenn - April 10, 2020

I have Trifecta folding trike and I need a Chain tensioner (a small 8 to 10 sprocket that adjust the tension on the chain that goes from the front sprocket to the back sprocket. What would the part number be.?


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