Best Electric Tricycle For Adults

Electric tricycle for adults does possess the same features which a regular trike has. But the electric trikes offer more help to the adults.

Electric tricycle for adults brings a sense of fun to the people of any age. You don’t have to do any forceful kicks in it like other bikes. In fact, people can drive it more confidently than a regular trike. You can take it quickly on the longer distances when required.

Since there are many different electric trikes for adults on the market we had found out the five best electric tricycle for adults and reviewed them thoroughly in the below article. Besides the reviews section, we will also share with you some essential and necessary information about the electric tricycle which will surely help you out while making a wise buying decision in the end.

So, let’s begin!

Comparison Chart

Serial NoProduct NameBattery (V)Motor (watt)Weight Limit (Pounds)Weight (pounds)GearsDimensions (Inches)
1Folding Electric Tricycle with Fat Tires48500NANA7-speed44 x 27 x 33
2SAY YEAH 3 Wheel Electric Tricycle4812001000216NA38 x 37 x 28
3RMB Libert-e Hybrid Electric Tricycle3635028699NA71 x 26 x 45
4Culver Bikes Pro Electric Tricycle48500320707-speed78 x 29 x 47
5EWheels EW-29 Electric Trike48500400128NA67 x 29 x 38
6Fat Tire Electric Recumbent Tricycle48750NANA7-speedNA
7Emojo Caddy Adult Fat Tire Electric Tricycle48500320707-speed78 x 29 x 47
8CozyTrike, adult electric tricycle48100040075NANA
9Di Blasi R34 Folding 5 Speed Electric Italian Tricycle24250220275-speed68 x 69 x 27
10Belize Tri-Rider Elek-Trike Deluxe 24" Adult 3 Speed Tricycle24450300NA3-speed69 x 30 x 42

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Reviews of Best Electric Tricycles for Adults Reviews

1) Folding Electric Tricycle with Fat Tires – A Highly Stable Electric Tricycle for Adults

Folding Electric Tricycle with Fat Tires
Folding Electric Tricycle with Fat Tires

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This folding electric tricycle for adults comes with a 500W motor that offers a speed of 20mph and has a range of 30-40 miles. The high-torque motor is installed in the front wheel that gives this trike amazing pulling power to zip through level surfaces as well as inclines.

This is an exceptional trike as the fat tires make it easy to navigate any type of terrain. The tires are also puncture-resistant, so you can take the trike anywhere without worrying about punctures.

The trike’s low to the ground design offers exceptional stability, and it is also easy to get on for adults or children. You can adjust the seat height and the handlebars depending on your needs.

The folding design means you can transport and store this trike in small places with ease. The trike has a Shimano 7-speed gear system that assists with pedaling, and the Promax disc brake offers ample stopping power.

There is a basket space at the back of the trike for storing your bags, groceries, or other items. Whether you are going for a quick ride to the beach or simply a trip to the supermarket, this trike does it all in style.

2) SAY YEAH 3 Wheel Electric Tricycle – An All-Terrain Electric Tricycle for Adults

SAY YEAH 3 Wheel Electric Tricycle
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If you are looking for a powerful electric trike that has a good balance of power and performance, this is the one product you should check out. The trike has a low center of gravity as it is close to the ground.

The fat tires of this trike will go over any type of surface with ease, and you can also take it on slight inclines or declines. You can also take this trike on unconventional surfaces like farmland or grass. The power of the trike ensures you will have no trouble in moving on grass or firm dirt.

There are fenders on all three wheels that add to the look of this trike and also keeps the tires and your clothes in good condition. The 1200W motor is the star feature of this product. It is powered by a 48v lead acid battery that has a charging time of 6-8 hours. Each full charge can get you 20-25 miles of range.

Depending on how much you load this trike, you can get a maximum speed of 22MPH. The trike also has front and rear brakes that give it ample stopping power for any surface. If you need a trike to move stuff from one place to another, this is the perfect tricycle.

3) RMB Libert-e Hybrid Electric Tricycle – A Hybrid Electric Tricycle for Adults

RMB Libert-e Hybrid Electric Tricycle
RMB Libert-e Hybrid Electric Tricycle

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This hybrid electric tricycle is ideal for pedaling, and it also has a motor powering it. This is a stylish trike that comes with enhanced safety features such as a rear differential that makes it easier to steer as compared to traditional trikes.

With a rear-end differential, the power to the wheels is equal so that the trike offers better traction and power when in operation. The front and rear brakes add to the safety and stopping power of the trike.

The trike has a maximum weight capacity of 286 pounds, and it can go up to 15 miles per charge at a maximum speed of 11 miles per hour. There is a 360-watt motor that powers the trike, and the 36V battery can be charged in 6-8 hours.

The solid construction of this trike and its powerful features make it an ideal trike for adults of all ages. Whether you want a trike for a ride around the neighborhood or for a trip to the beach, this trike is perfect for all these tasks.

4) Culver Bikes Pro Electric Tricycle – A Powerful Electric Tricycle for Adults

Culver Bikes Pro Electric Tricycle
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This electric trike from Culver Bikes is a fully loaded trike that comes with a range of advanced features. The trike has an all-terrain 500W, brushless motor loaded into the front wheel. Whether you want to ride this trike in the snow or on the beach, you can do it all with ease.

The 48V battery gives 35 miles on a single charge as long as you are using level one assist while riding the trike. The 7-speed TX55 gears make riding easier when you don’t want to use battery power. The tricycle weighs 70 lbs, and it can take a maximum weight of 320 lbs. 

The tricycle offers complete riding comfort as you can adjust the seat of the trike as per your height. The aluminium alloy frame looks stylish and adds to the durability of this trike. Fat tires offer extensive mobility on all kinds of terrain. You can ride this bike in snow or sand, and you will never get stuck.

There is a big basket in the back of this trike that is perfect for carrying groceries or giving a ride to small kids or pets. If you are looking for a trike that does it all, take a look at this one.

5) EWheels EW-29 Electric Trike – A Full Featured Electric Tricycle for Adults

EWheels EW-29 Electric Trike
EWheels EW-29 Electric Trike

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This electric trike from Electric Wheels offers multiple riding options. You can ride this trike solely on your power by pedaling, or you can ride it only on battery power. You can also combine both mods and ride with electric and pedal power at the same time.

The best feature of this trike is that it ships fully assembled. You can start using it out of the box after charging it. The large seat of this trike makes riding a comfortable experience, and the seat also comes with a backrest.

There is a wide basket in the back that has ample space for groceries or small items of daily need. The smaller basket in the front is great for keeping your bag, a water bottle, or small snacks. The tricycle also comes with a front LED headlight that makes riding in the dark an easy task. The trike can reach a maximum speed of 15 mph, and it can go 20 miles on a single charge.

The weight capacity of this trike is 400 lbs, and a 48v battery powers the 500W motor. The total weight of this tricycle is 128 pounds. If you are in the market for a tricycle that is easy to ride and offers enough power, give this one a look.

What is an Electric Tricycle?

An electric tricycle comes with the inbuilt electric motor that situated on the back or front wheel’s hub. The motor runs with the battery which helps the trike in moving forward. However, you also get the option of pedaling in it. You can do the pedaling for increasing the speed more.

Generally, the trikes have the speed of 20 mph, and in a single charge, it can run 20 miles quickly. The electric trikes are the best options for reducing air pollution and jams on the roads.

Who Can Drive Electric Trikes for Adults?

Usually, the bicycles meant for the people who are a natural fit and can do the balancing of the two wheels. But in case of the trikes, the adults who face the health problems and cannot move on their won can effortlessly ride the tricycle.

The adults can either do the pedaling or can run the trike on the battery when needed. It is an excellent product for all those adults and physically disabled people who want to remain fit.  They can ride it to any place they want.

Different Types of Electric Tricycles for adults

There are mainly two different types of electric trikes for adults in the market:

1. Pedal-Assist Tricycles

These tricycles are for those people who want to pedal and also want to use the electronic assistance sometimes.

2. Full-Power Tricycles

It comes with the throttle which activates the power of the motor. You can use it for the short distances without much pedaling.

Essential Parts of an Electric Tricycle

Below you can find the crucial parts of the electric tricycle:

1) Batteries

The power of the trike depends on the battery which can provide 300 watts to 500-watt power. The battery is lightweight and comprised of lithium-ion.

2) Electric motor

The electric motor of the trike located on the hub of the back or front wheels. It increases the overall weight of the trike.

3) Brakes

The brakes of the electric trikes located at the back and front. It helps in keeping the trike stationery.

4) Frame

The electric trike’s structure is always lightweight so that it can quickly get pushed with the motor. Its maximum parts made from the aluminum alloy.

How to Pick the Electric Trikes for Adults?

While picking the electric trikes for adults, there are few things which you should keep in mind always:

Design: There are so many different types of electric tricycles that you can find on the market. All of them have a different kind of wheels or frame. You can either pick the traditional trikes, low step trikes, chopper trikes or vintage trikes on the footing of the structure. 

The prevalent electric trike for adults is low step trike which is very comfortable to ride. The rugged tires of the trike are useful on all categories of the surfaces.

Size: The electric trikes for adults made in two dimensions of the wheels, i.e., 24 inches and 20 inches. The 24 inches is suitable for taller people having height more than 5’7″.

Speed: The maximum number of electric trikes can reach the rate of 15 mph. They also have transmission of 7 gears which helps you ride them traditionally.

Features: There should be convenient features in the electric trike for adults that can make their ride relaxed and less stressed. For example, the storage basket helps them in storing the significant things while shopping during the journey.

You can check the speed of the trike through the speedometer. The features like adjustable seat let you set the height according to your need so that you can sit comfortably.

Storage: The electric trikes are bulky for adults and thus if you have space issue at your home, then you must go for the foldable product.

Advantages of Electric Tricycles for Adults

Following are the benefits of the electric tricycles for adults which you should know for sure:

1) Stress-free to move

It helps you in moving stress-free around the city due to personal work or business work. It does not lead to air pollution also. In fact, it does not need much space for parking.

2) Benefits in the cardiovascular workout

When you switch to the electric tricycle and sometimes do the pealing, it helps you in fetching the cardiovascular benefits. You don’t have to put much stress, and your exercise will also get completes. It does not make you tired like other bikes. You will not feel tired after riding it at all.

3) Make Shopping Fast and Relaxed

You can carry and bring the groceries easily at your home after the shopping on the electric tricycles. A big size basket gave on the front or back side for storing the things.

4) Healthier Lifestyle

It let you do the right coordination and balance while riding. The electric trikes let you do the pedaling on the long trips. It is not mandatory to pedal it for the entire journey.

Disadvantages of Electric Tricycles for Adults

Nothing in this world comes without the flaws and so as with the electric tricycles for adults. It does have some downfalls, but these downfalls do not overshadow its benefits.

1) Costlier

The price of the electric tricycles is more than the cost of the regular trikes because it comes with the extra components like electric motor and batteries. In fact, they have more maintenance, parts replacement and repairing cost.  

2) Required Professional Repair

It can get repaired only by the professional person that has all the technical knowledge regarding the trike’s components. In fact, you might have to pay a tremendous amount for its repairing to the expert.


The electric tricycle for adults is a useful product for all those who want to have a convenient ride at the pace which they like. It offers a helpful alternative for the people who want to ride long distances along with the full enjoyment. You don’t need much familiarity for being a perfect rider on it.

The best part of the electric tricycle is that it makes you independent and you can do your work effortlessly. Its battery also gets charged quickly. If you want to do some work-out, then you can even ride it with the pedals as well.

In the above guide, we have reviewed the five best electric tricycles for adults, and all of them offer significant benefits to the buyers. Whatever product you pick from the list, we are sure you are going to love it a lot.

Is there anything which you still want to know? Then let us know in the below comment box. We will answer you soon here!


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Thank you.

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