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A battery powers a folding electric tricycle, and it can be folded into a smaller shape. Many people prefer this type of tricycle as there is no hassle of pedaling or maintaining balance. You can charge the batteries of these tricycles from your home electricity connection, and these can give ample mileage on each charge.

Whether you are a person who has trouble with balancing or you can’t pedal a tricycle for any reason, an electric tricycle is an ideal choice for your needs. In this article, we are going to take a look at some popular folding electric tricycle models and their features.

Comparison Chart for Best Folding Electric Tricycle

Serial NoProduct NameBattery (V)Motor (watt)GearsWeight Limit (Pounds)Weight (pounds)Dimensions (Inches)
1TW Bent Trident Electric Recumbent 24 Speed Folding Tricycle365008-speed27542.5NA
2Folding Electric Tricycle with Front and Rear Baskets485007-speedNANA44 x 27 x 33
3TX Folding Electric Tricycle36250NA2655741 x 16 x 23
4ERT-36 Electric Recumbent Foldable Tricycle3655021-speed4005481 x 34 x 29
5Di Blasi Special Needs R34 Folding Electric Italian Tricycle242505-speed2206026.8 x 11 x 24.6
6Di Blasi R30 Folding Electric Italian Tricycle Scooter24250NA2205414.4 X 11 x 11.2
7Worksman Lightning 3 Speed Electric Folding Low Step Port-O-Trike365003-speed225NANA
8Ricksycle 21 Speed Folding Tricycle - Quad Package365007-speedNA85NA

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Reviews of Best Folding Electric Tricycle

1) TW Bent Trident Electric Recumbent 24 Speed Folding Tricycle – A Comfortable Folding Electric Tricycle

TW Bent Trident Electric Recumbent 24 Speed Folding Tricycle
TW Bent Trident Electric Recumbent 24 Speed Folding Tricycle

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This recumbent trike can be modified with a 500w electric motor and sealed lead acid battery for maximum performance. You can also choose to get this trike fully assembled and delivered to your house. The best feature of this folding electric tricycle is that you can fold it when you need to transport it to another location. The small size is also great for storage or moving the trike through small spaces.

The handling of the trike is smooth, and you can steer the trike with only a hand on the bars. This trike has a comfortable seat that allows you to experience the joy of riding the trike altogether.

The handlebars and the seat are well adjusted for the height and weight of any kind of riders. It is easy to get on the trike as it has a comfortable lying down riding position. With three 20” wheels fitted on this trike, this is the ideal ride for anyone that wants a smooth and fast electric tricycle.

Unique Features

  1. A choice of battery capacity
  2. Durable alloy hubs
  3. Ships fully assembled
  4. Rear rack for storage
  5. Mechanical disc brakes

2) Folding Electric Tricycle with Front and Rear Baskets – Folding Electric Tricycle with Fat Wheels

Folding Electric Tricycle with Front and Rear Baskets
Folding Electric Tricycle with Front and Rear Baskets

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This folding electric tricycle is available in a beautiful white color that will catch attention anywhere you go for riding. The fat tires add to the mobility of this trike while giving the trike an exceptional look. The tires are also puncture-resistant so you can ride them over sand, gravel, or roads with ease. The tricycle comes with a 48V/500W motor that powers the trike.

The aluminium frame is strong and durable for all kinds of usage. You can also fold the trike up for storage or transportation in another vehicle. The pedal assist and twist throttle allow easy control of the trike. The powerful disc brake makes stopping easy at any speed.

There are 7-speed Shimano gears in this tricycle so that you can pedal when you want to conserve battery. The front and rear LED lights add to the safety quotient of the trike. You can also use the rear rack to store small items such as groceries or picnic supplies as needed. The tricycle also has a small front basket for water bottles or snacks.

Unique Features

  1. 500w high torque motor
  2. 7-speed gears for ease of riding
  3. Baskets in front and rear
  4. Small in size, easy to carry
  5. Battery range of 30-40 miles

3) TX Folding Electric Tricycle – Ride Fast on this Folding Electric Tricycle

TX Folding Electric Tricycle
TX Folding Electric Tricycle
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The TX Folding Electric Tricycle has a unique design that folds up easily. The folded version of this tricycle takes little space, and you can even carry it in the trunk of your car. The tricycle comes with a multi-link suspension configuration that you can adjust according to your riding style and comfort levels. There are three adjustable levels of control for the trike so that you can ride faster and smoother.

Folding this tricycle is easy as it is only a one-step fold. Once folded, the trike measures 105 cm x 40 cm. The aluminum frame adds to the style and ride of this tricycle. There is a high-powered 36v 10.4AH battery in this trike that can give you a range of 30 km on one charge.

The top speed of this tricycle is 25-30 km/H, and the trike can take a maximum load of 120 KG. The tricycle has front and rear disc brakes for complete stopping power, and the trike weighs 26 KG.

Unique Features

  1. Small in size, easy to store and carry
  2. One-step folding mechanism
  3. Easy to adjust according to the rider
  4. Excellent cornering
  5. Offers a smooth riding experience

4) ERT-36 Electric Recumbent Foldable Tricycle – A Smooth-Riding Folding Electric Tricycle

ERT-36 Electric Recumbent Foldable Tricycle
ERT-36 Electric Recumbent Foldable Tricycle

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This electric recumbent foldable tricycle is made from a carbon steel frame that is lightweight and durable. The design of the tricycle is such that it distributes the rider’s weight equally across the tricycle and keeps the center of gravity low for easy riding.

The tricycle is easy to control as all the controls are located near the handlebar. You can start the tricycle’s motor, apply brakes, and check the battery level with just one hand. You can adjust the headrest for best riding comfort along with the height of the seat that is also adjustable.

The tricycle comes with front and rear brakes that offer maximum stopping power in all conditions. Another benefit of this electric tricycle is that you can fold it in a small shape without the need for any tools. With a top speed of 26 MPH, the tricycle offers 25 miles of range per charge.

There are 550 watts of power in the 36V 12 AH lithium battery that is easy to charge with the provided charger. Further, the tricycle has a Shimano TX51 front derailleur, and it has a maximum weight limit of 400 pounds.

Unique Features

  1. 21-speed chain for added riding comfort
  2. Brushless motor for noiseless operation
  3. Lightweight tricycle at 54 pounds
  4. Quality suspension for a smooth ride
  5. Aerodynamic style riding

5) Di Blasi Special Needs R34 Folding Electric Italian Tricycle – An Excellent Folding Electric Tricycle Made in Italy

Di Blasi Special Needs R34 Folding Electric Italian Tricycle
Di Blasi Special Needs R34 Folding Electric Italian Tricycle

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The Di Blasi R34 is a folding electric tricycle with an Italian heritage, and it is a product that offers excellent value for money. The tricycle comes with a choice of motor and battery that you can select while placing the order. You can order from a handlebar switch to a twist grip control as per your choice and comfort level.

The tricycle is easy to fold and unfold when you need to store or move it from one place to another. If you are looking for a tricycle that is practical and small in size, the Di Blasi R34 will suit your needs and requirements.

You can ride this tricycle based on the power of pedals alone or use the motor along with the pedals. Keep in mind; the motor is active only if the pedals are turning, and you can also switch off the motor if needed.

There is a rear luggage rack that is perfect for storing a small bag of groceries. The twist grip gear changer gives access to five speeds, and the two V brakes on the front wheel allow quick stopping power. The charger is included with the tricycle.


An electric tricycle makes sense for people who find it difficult to pedal and maintain their balance. For elders or people suffering from disabilities, an electric tricycle is a great way to move around and get some fresh air. Electric tricycles are easy to control, and they can navigate city roads and terrain with ease.

There are different capacities of electric motors available for tricycles, and you can choose one depending on your budget and requirements. The fact that you can fold these tricycles adds to their feature set as these are easy to store and transport.

For any questions or queries about folding electric tricycles, please feel free to leave a comment.


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