Looking for Schwinn Meridian – 3 Speed, 6 Speed & 7 Speed Adult Tricycle?

Are you looking for a Schwinn Meridian tricycle in a geared variant? Well, when it comes to tricycles from Schwinn Meridian, there are no models that have a 3-speed, 6-speed, or 7-speed gears.

Update 06 May 2020: Schwinn just launched Schwinn Meridian 7 Speed Adult Trike

If you want to buy a Schwinn Meridian tricycle, you will have to choose from a single speed variant. The single speed variants are ideal for people who have trouble in understanding gears or who want to ride the tricycle only on flat surfaces. The single speed variant is also easier to maintain and repair as there are less parts compared to a geared version.

If you want a trike only for going to the local market or evening rides to get some fresh air and exercise, a Schwinn Meridian single speed tricycle would be ideal for you.

Comparison of Schwinn Meridian Tricycle

SpecificationSchwinn Meridian 24-Inch WheelsSchwinn Meridian 26-Inch Wheels
Amazon LinkView on AmazonView on Amazon
Walmart LinkView on WalmartView on Walmart
Model24-inch wheels26-inch wheels
Weight (pounds)7076
Dimensions (inches)72 x 37 x 3176 x 31 x 40
Weight limit (pounds)300300
Warrenty (years)11

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Marcia Leroue - May 2, 2020

I looking for a 3 wheel tricyle with 3 spped or more .
send me some oimformatiom

Marcia Leroue - May 2, 2020

I looking for 3 wheel bike with 3 speed or more send some infornation


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