Adult Tricycle Weight Limit

While looking for an adult tricycle in the market, we usually come across different options. All of them differ by parts, durability as well as weight limit. Different adult tricycle possess different weight limit but what should be the ideal adult tricycle weight limit?

In the below article, we will throw some light on the adult tricycle weight limit and how does it matter while buying an adult tricycle.

Adult Tricycle Weight Limit


What is the Adult Tricycle Weight Limit?

On an average, the maximum adult tricycle weight limit is 275 lbs which include the maximum weight of the rider + Weight of the bike + luggage weight. Thus, it is beneficial for you to not to exceed the weight limit beyond this range as this can spoil your ride or you may lose the control of it.

Some tricycles are manufactured for overweight people. These trikes have more sturdy and heavy duty body. For example, Recumbent, as well as semi-recumbent tricycles, often possess other substantial weight limits – i.e., up to 400-pounds. Besides this, the Bariatric tricycles can bear the persons up to 500 pounds.

The weight limit of the adult trike slightly differs by the models and different manufacturing companies. Thus, before buying any trike, you should check its weight limit properly as to whether it suits your needs perfectly or not.

The tricycle made from the steel material along with the steel-made forward-facing fork that increases the substantial weight of the trike.

If you check out some spokes on the trike’s wheels, then it means that the wheels of the trike can handle more weight quickly. The spokes also increase the overall weight of the tricycle.

The weight limit of the adult tricycle is usually more than a standard sturdy bicycle. Thus, it becomes quite easy for a person to carry their purchases easily on the trike.

What will Happen if you Exceed the Adult Tricycle Weight Limit?

It is essential that you do not exceed the weight limit of the trike which is mentioned by the manufacturing company. If you do so then, it can make difficult for you to have good control over the trike and any mishappening can occur.

Some people also have a habit of putting extra luggage on the trike. But it is also not a right thing to do as this can hinder the vision of your eyes, and you can’t see properly in the front while riding.

Final Word:

We hope that now you know the adult tricycle weight limit correctly. While buying any tricycle from the market, you should also consider the weight limit for sure.

Some of you might want to use it for carrying heavy things, and some of you might want to buy it for general ride purposes. The requirements of every person differ. Thus, before purchasing a trike, check out the weight limit once definitely.

Is there still any doubt in your mind? Did we miss out any point?

Then let us know in the below comment box. We will solve it soon.


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Larry - December 24, 2018

I’m thinking of buying a tricycle for the extra stablilty and to relieve some of the discomfort of my bad knees. The job I will take on in January will require me to go 200 yards or so a few times a day over fairly level gravel roads and some grass. No hills. I’m 66 years old andreally overweight at 280. How do I shop for a tricycle to fit my needs?
It will be exposed to some rain during the work day.
Thanks for your insight!

    Rita - December 26, 2018

    In tricycle, we don’t have many options to choose from. Only a few companies manufacture tricycle. What I recommend is it’s better to go with Schwinn Meridian Tricycle.

Tyson The Rowland - January 3, 2019

So if a Trike’s weight limit is 275, is there things you can do to increase the weight limit?

    Rita - January 6, 2019

    As of my knowledge, there is no such thing to increase trike’s weight limit.


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