Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle Review

What could be more cheerful for a teen than riding a tricycle in his / her very own neighborhood in the cool breeze of evening? What could be more satisfying for an adult going on a fishing trip to have a trike that does not only carry him / her but also his / her stuff required for the event?

What could be more peaceful for an old citizen than to having a reliable trike that could help him / her in performing some cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis? You must be thinking what could possibly be the link among all the above mentioned statements, right? Your curiosity is plausible and the answer to your inquisitiveness is one and only: the Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle.


The Adult Tricycle manufactured by the Kent International Co. is simply a blessing in a reasonable amount available on the Amazon. It is a multi-purpose tricycle that can comfort you in performing your day to day tasks. All you need to do is just book an order online and your favorite trike will be at your doorstep within a few days.

Before purchasing this trike, you would first definitely like to have a general research and review of kent adult westport folding tricycle. This article has been written exactly to serve your purpose. Therefore, I would no longer delay your research process. There you go!

Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle review

Product Overview of Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle

The Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle has numerous features which are covered in the tabular form as follows.


Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle


Adult tricycle





Handle Bars

Adjustable upright


Front wheel only

Clearance Step Through





Extra wide

Rear Basket


Front Basket


Brake Style

Linear pull

Light Reflectors

Yes (Both front and back)



Weight Limit

300 lbs.



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Key Features of Kent Westport Adult Folding Tricycle:

Owing to its unique design, the Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle has a combination of general and particular key features which are given below.

  • Formidable Steel Frame

    Many trikes available on the Amazon have weak and low-quality frames. This trike has its frame made up of steel which does not only provides the rider with a stainless body but also the sense of safety. You can regularly wash the trike without any tension of rusting.

  • Comfortable Step-through Design

    It has a highly adaptive and comfortable step through design that enables the rider to easily get on to and off the trike. People often get their legs tangled into the frame of the trike but that is not the case with this one: thanks to the highly technical manufacturing.

  • High-quality Suspension Fork Cushions

    There are suspension fork cushions right beneath the handle bar rod and above the fender of the front tire that keep the rider safe from any of the encountered bumps and potholes. They are highly shock absorbent in nature and can continue to provide you with the smooth ride you desire on an uneven surface.

  • Extra-wide Saddle

    The saddle of this trike is relatively larger than the regular size. This broad seat enables you to ride the trike with more control, safety and pleasure. The foaming material used in the seat is highly soft and provides you with the necessary cushioning.

  • Spacious Cargo Basket

    On the back, there is a basket attached to the trike that can carry quite some stuff all the way. You can also use it to carry some pet with you. It is flexible and robust in nature and can be used in day to day tasks.

  • Efficient Brakes

    The Westport Folding Trike contains linear pulling brakes that offer a great control to the rider over it. These brakes are highly efficient and help in maintaining the speed of the trike.

  • Ideal Sized Wheels

    The wheels of the trike are ideal in shape and size. They are 20” in diameter and along with the durable tire, they offer a fantastic ride every time you get on to it.

  • Folding Frame

    One of the most prominent attributes of this trike is that its frame is foldable and can save you quite some space in your garage. Due to this, the package size also becomes smaller than other trikes which arrive in humungous boxes and can cause you severe headache while handling them.

  • Front and Back Light Reflectors

    In order to send a clear signal to the traffic coming from the front and the back, the manufactures have installed a meticulous light reflectors at the front and the back respectively. These reflectors are highly necessary and can definitely save you from any harmful situation.

Technical Specifications of Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle

The Kent International Company has taken care of every single bit of technicality while manufacturing this product. A detail of the technical specification of this product are as follows.

  • Upright Handle Bar

    The trike contains upright handle bars that are highly adjustable according to the requirements. These type of handle bars make the rider sit straight while keeping the arms horizontally on both sides. This posture is good from medical point of view and can save you from any potential back pain.

  • Tricycle’s Dimensions

    Since the tricycle is capable of being folded, it has a prominent difference of dimensions between folded and unfolded cases. Being unfolded, the trike poses dimensions of 58” L x 26” W x 42” H. While the approximate folded dimensions are 36” L x 27” W x 21” H. It weighs only 54 lbs.

  • 36 Spoke Alloy Rims

    This trike contains technically sound wheels with strongly knitted rims inside them. Manufactured of high-quality alloy, each wheel contains 36 spokes which is quite a high number for such trikes. Such a large number of spokes enhances the strength of the wheels and increase their life.

  • Single Speed Trike

    Kent westport folding adult tricycle has only one speed, means you do not have to worry about changing gears while riding. The Kent International Co. have taken care of it by adjusting the trike to an ideal level and hence providing a single speed mechanism.

Good and Bad Things about Kent Westport Folding Adult Tricycle

No matter how spectacular may the product be, the customers always do justice to it. After performing a deep analysis of this trike, I have found some good and some bad things about it which I feel obliged to share with those who want to buy the best trike for themselves or their loved ones. The following lines will surely help you in finalizing your decision.

Good Things about Kent Westport Folding Trikes

  • Cardiovascular Exercise

    Riding this trike is having perform one of the best cardiovascular exercises for any age group from 12 – 70. Hence, you can enjoy the ride and improve your health at the same time.

  • Weight Loss Machine

    Upon riding this trike regularly, you can easily lose weight and look smart and fresh. So you do not have to run for miles or purchase expensive treadmills separately as you have got the perfect weight loss machine.

  • Single yet Optimum Speed

    The single speed enables the rider to maintain an optimum velocity without taking any extra measurements. You can ride along the roads at an ideal speed.

  • Strong and Spacious Rear Basket

    The basket attached to the trike is quite spacious and can accommodate quite a large amount of stuff. This makes you wish to go for groceries on the trike. You can also put your pet in it and take to the park for a sweet walk.

  • Easy to Assemble

    With little effort only backed by a sound technique, you can easily assemble the trike fully at your home. You do not have to run after any mechanics to finish the task for you.

  • Trike for the Physical Challenged People

    This trike can also be recommended for physically challenged people. If the person cannot ride a regular two wheeler, get him / her this trike and change his / her life forever.

  • Easily Available Spare Parts

    If any of the parts of this trike gets damaged, you can easily find the replacement from any nearby mechanic. You do not have to search for them from place to place.

  • Compact Design

    Being shorter in size and more compact than the majority of other tricycles available on the Amazon, this trike easily gets passed through congested locations, markets and narrow streets.

  • Useful Light Reflectors

    The light reflectors are installed on the front, back and in the rims too. These become very handy while driving at night.

Bad Things about Kent Westport Adult Tricycle:

  • Not Ideal for Taller People

    Since this trike is relatively smaller in size as compared to other available options. This makes it very difficult for taller people to ride it.

  • Single Speed Demanding Extra Effort

    The single speed trike can demand some serious effort from you while riding along any ascent. You might have to pedal a bit harder to overcome this hurdle.

  • Folding Lock Issues

    The lock at the joint where the trike has folding point often gets stuck and won’t move. This can cause you some serious angriness and you might end up searching for a mechanic to fix this.

  • No Coaster Brakes

    This trike does not have any rear hand or coaster brake which makes it difficult to handle it, sometimes. Your handle brakes must be up and fully functioning all the time.

  • No Fenders on Rear Wheels

    There are no fenders on the rear wheels of the trike. This can cause you some serious issues while riding in the rainy season.

  • Compactness Causing Problems

    Due to over compactness, the rear wheels often get hit by the rider’s legs while pedaling. This could be seriously annoying, especially while taking turns and riding through ascents and descents.

  • No Side Mirrors

    There are no side mirrors included in the package. You might need to spend some extra money for safer riding.

  • No Helmet

    There is no helmet included with the trike. In order to ensure safety, you have to purchase it yourself.

Video Review of Kent Adult Folding Westport Tricycle

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions about this product are as follows.

Q: Is It Portable?

Although it gets fold from the center of the frame, the folded trike still remains difficult to carry because of the two rear wheels.

Q: Is It Street Safe?

Yes it is. But you still need to be watchful.

Q: Is There Enough Room to Install a 50 cc Engine In This Trike?

Unless you use the rear basket, it can’t be possible.

Q: Is it Assembled Already?

It is partially assembled but you can easily assemble it with the help of one or two people.

Q: Does This Trike Have a Parking Break?

No it doesn’t.

Q: I Have to Keep My Trike at My Beach House. Will It Get Rusted Soon?

I don’t think so. It has been more than a year since I purchased mine and it’s still perfect. Make sure to paint your trike whenever needed.

Q: Does It Have Gears for Easy Pedaling?

No. It is a single speed tricycle.

Q: Can I Adjust The Handle Bars and Seat Back and Forth Easily?

Yes you can. It is very easy to do so.

Q: What Tools Are Needed to Assemble It at Home?

Two adjustable wrenches, screw drivers, and metric allen wrenches.

Q: Can This Trike Fit in a Single Car Garage with the Car Inside Too While Being Folded?

Yes it can. I too have a single car garage and I keep my trike there all the time with my car.


The Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle is no doubt one of the best options available on the Amazon. It is highly compact, efficient and top quality trike. No product in this world is without negative points but still it can be a dream trike for many children, adults and the old citizens who are looking to drive through the neighborhood, go for a picnic and keep their health at a certain level respectively.

I hope you would have reached to a decision after reading this article and I am sure you would have found it quite useful. Go to the Amazon and purchase this trike because it is second to none.


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