24 Inch Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle Review

There is a friend of mine who delivers the newspaper on a daily basis. He used to walk around within 3-4 miles radius and at the end, would get immensely tired. He was searching for a solution to his problem when he met with me and told me about his issue.

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I asked him to purchase the Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle from Amazon because I knew it was the best possible solution to his problem. Ever since he bought this adult trike, he has been so happy and thanks me for giving him this invaluable suggestion.

You know what is the best thing about this trike? It is not made just to deliver newspapers. You can also use it while going out for a picnic, to see your relatives, to have daily cycling routine and to carry any other goods from one place to another.

Despite being termed as the adult trike, it can equally be used by children and the older people too. If you are searching for a quality trike in a reasonable price, read this article till the end because you might end up purchasing the best trike available on the Amazon, i.e. The 24 inch schwinn meridian adult tricycle.

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Product Overview of 24 Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle:

The overview of the Schwinn’s Meridian Adult Trike’s detailed features is as follows.


Schwinns 24″ Meridian Adult Trike



Handle bars

Swept back


Fully wrapped

Clearance step through






Rear basket


Front basket


Brake style

Mechanical rim

Light reflectors

2 (one on each of the two fenders of the rear tires)



Country of manufacturing


Weight limits

Trike: 250 lbs. basket:50 lbs.

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Key Features of 24″ Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle:

The Meridian Adult Tricycle has numerous features that make this product the most liked and purchased trike on the Amazon. Its key features are as follows.

1. Low stand over aluminium frame

This trike has a very low stand over frame made of aluminium. This low design enables the rider to easily get on and off the tricycle. Additionally, the aluminium frame is very light in weight and poses no difficulty in handling the trike at all.

2. Innovative handle bars

Unlike majority of the traditional tricycles, Meridian trike has swept back handle bars that help the rider to put his / her hands comfortably on them. The rider does not need to extend arms in order to grasp them. Instead, they are much closer to the body. This innovative design denies any pain in the shoulders.

3. Springer cruiser seat

This trike has a highly comfortable springer cruiser seat. It can easily be adjusted by anyone according to the need. With this type of saddle, people ranging from smaller to larger heights can use this trike without any difficulty. Also, this saddle is large in size, thus providing enough of the space to sit on and enjoy your ride.

4. Large collapsible rear basket

This trike has a large rear basket that can accommodate different stuff of day to day usage. It can be a plus point for those who need to carry goods and deliver it to various places. Additionally, this basket is collapsible: it can easily be folded down to make a horizontal surface. You can tie anything on it with a rope that could otherwise remain unsafe.

5. High-quality alloy rims

This Meridian tricycle has high-quality alloy rims of 24 inches which do not only look attractive but are formidable too. They help in a smooth and comfortable ride. Along with high-quality tires, they are no doubt one of the main features of this trike.

6. Rear light reflectors

The trike contains two light reflectors, each on one of the two fenders adjusted on the rear tires. These reflectors are helpful in giving signals to any traffic moving in the rear at night. They can save you from any harmful situation.

7. Pedals with grip

The trike contains two pedals which are made of top quality plastic. These pedals are designed in a way so as to provide maximum grip to your feet. You can easily pedal while standing on them to get an accelerated ride.

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Technical Specification of Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle 24 inch:

The Schwinn Company is famous for developing technically sound products. Just like the mountain bikes, bicycles, and children bikes they manufacture, this trike also possesses some specific technical specs that make it unique. These are as follows.

1. Mechanical rim brakes

This tricycle has mechanical rim brake style that gives the rider more control over when and how to stop the trike. These type of brakes work smoothly and without any jerk. The wires that connect the brake levers on the handle bar with the brake shoes are also of high quality and need proper lubrication. The brake lever on the right-hand side of the handle bar is connected to the rear tire while that on the left-hand side controls the front tire.

2. Compact dimensions

With the dimensions of 31 x 11 x 52 inches, the Meridian trike is one of the most compact, self-sufficient and technically sound trikes available on the Amazon. The trike has an ideal height, length and width with a stable riding experience. It can also be parked in small places without any difficulty.

3. Wrapped up fenders

The Meridian trike contains cruiser style fully wrapped up fenders that not only exhibit a nice look but also remain safe from harsh weather and damage. They are efficiently adjusted over the tires with strong aluminium rods. They cover the tires to the maximum so you could safely ride your trike in the rainy season too.

4. Single speed trike

Most of the trikes available on the Amazon are multi-speed. They contain sensitive shifters and derailleurs which need special care. Unlike those, Meridian trike is single speed and you do not need to keep on shuffling the gear while riding. There is absolutely no chance of damaging the gear, and hence your trike.

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There are numerous trikes with diverse qualities and functions available on the Amazon. All of them are unique in their own sense. But there are two common attributes to all of them: positive and negative points. Like every other tricycle, this trike also has some good and bad aspects. The most important ones are as follows.


  • The frame of this trike is super low which enables the rider to easily sit on the bike without any resistance.
  • The frame of the trike is of aluminium which results in a super light-weight tricycle. This quality enables it to be easily lifted up and carried through stairs.
  • The handle bars are designed in such a way that they become ever closer to the rider. This helps to comfortably hold the handle bar and keeps the rider away from any fatigue and muscle pain.
  • The alloy rims are firm and have numerous spokes which give them extra strength and durability. The chances of the rim getting tilted are minimised.
  • The user manual that comes with the package is very elaborate and eloquent. It actually helps you to assemble the trike at home.
  • It is an ideal trike for people facing with back problems. It can help them to start with a light routine physical activity.
  • The price of this trike is relatively low than the other trikes available on the Amazon.
  • If you want, the employees at the Walmart can completely assemble the trike for free.

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  • Due to the trike being single speed, it often seems difficult to ride it through an ascent because you need to put in more effort with your legs to pass through. This could be a serious issue for older people.
  • The size of the saddle is small. Therefore, you might have to replace it with a bigger one.
  • Since the basket is collapsible, it gets damaged by frequently opening and closing.
  • The chain guard and mounts are made up of delicate and cheap material and easily gets damaged, if not dealt with care.
  • This trike can be tougher to handle for people with balance and cognitive coordination issues.
  • There are no handle bar mirrors and bell included in the package.
  • Due to packaging issues, the chain of the trike could get entangled and you might need to take it to a professional to get it resolved.
  • The steering is only connected to the right rear wheel which makes the trike to get imbalanced at times. Additionally, the right wheel starts to spin while riding the trike through sand, mud or some slippery area. This could really be annoying.
  • This trike could be a nightmare for people with extra-large heights. The handle bar could hit your knees while pedaling and you could face serious difficulties while taking a sharp turn.
  • There is no helmet included in the package.
  • The chain is not much strong and could get broken if you pedal the trike harder.
  • The brakes of the trike are not of that much good quality and may often get loosened. You would need to get them tight more often.
  • The fenders, basket and the handle bar often gets damaged due to sloppy and careless packaging.

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Video Review of Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am below 5’. Which size should I get? The 24” or the 26”?

You should get the 24” size because it is convenient for people with low height.

Q: Do the brakes of this trike work fine?

Yes, they work fine. However, you would frequently need to get them tight as they become loose with the usage.

Q: What is the distance between the back wheels?

It is 27 inches.

Q: Are there any speeds to this trike? How about driving it in hilly areas?

There are no multiple speeds to this trike; only one speed. It often feels difficult to ride it in hilly areas.

Q: Is this bike suitable for children too?

Yes. The 24” version can easily be ridden by children above the age of 10.

Q: What is the height from floor to seat at the lowest seat setting?

It is 3 feet.

Q: Are there handle brakes on one or both sides of the handle bar?

They are on both sides of the handle bar.

Q: Is it easy to assemble the trike on you own?

Yes. The user manual is very helpful, but there must be at least two people to assemble it.

Q: Is this bike suitable to travel long distances like above 5 miles?

If the terrain is straight and plain, then yes. But if it is hilly, then no.

Q: Can an infant car seat be put into the basket safely?

No. There is no way it can be put with the desired safety.


The Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle is one of the best trikes available on the Amazon within reasonable price range. It can be equally good for children, adults and older persons as it comes in two distinct sizes: 24” and 26”. Whether you want to perform some errands, transfer goods from one place to another, need cycling for exercise purpose or to ride just for fun, this trike should be on top of your list.  

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