Schwinn Meridian 24-Inch Wheels Vs 26-Inch Wheels

Schwinn is a well-known name in the bicycle industry, and the company also makes a popular range of tricycles with the name of Schwinn Meridian. The tricycles under the Schwinn Meridian name are easy to ride with their single speed system and low step-through.

If you have difficulty in balancing a bicycle or you are recuperating from an injury, a tricycle makes perfect sense. A tricycle can give you a way to get out on your own, and get some exercise as well.

Comparison of Schwinn Meridian 24 vs 26 inch Wheels

SpecificationSchwinn Meridian 24-Inch WheelsSchwinn Meridian 26-Inch Wheels
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Model24-inch wheels26-inch wheels
Weight (pounds)7076
Dimensions (inches)72 x 37 x 3176 x 31 x 40
Weight limit (pounds)300300
Warrenty (years)11

The two single-speed tricycle models under the Schwinn Meridian brand are 24-inch wheel and 26-inch wheel versions, where the inches refer to the size of the wheels. If you are on the shorter side and you have trouble reaching the pedals while seated, a 24-inch version would be good for you.

If you are tall, then you should consider getting the tricycle with the larger wheel size as it can offer more space to pedal. The rear basket on both the trikes folds up when not needed. You can use the basket to carry groceries or small picnic items.

In this article, we are going to compare the 24-inch and 26-inch Schwinn Meridian tricycles. We will also take a look at their features and specifications.

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Difference Between Schwinn Meridian 24-Inch Wheels Vs Schwinn Meridian 26-Inch Wheels

Schwinn Meridian 24 vs 26 inch Wheels

Let’s take a look at some of the differences between the 24-inch and 26-inch tricycles

1) Height – The 24-inch version of the Schwinn Meridian stands closer to the ground than the 26-inch version. The low step-through design makes it easy to get on the 24-inch tricycle, which is ideal for seniors, teenagers, or riders with mobility issues. The 26-inch version of the Schwinn Meridian is a little higher, and it is more suitable for riders who are tall and need more space to pedal a tricycle.

2) Wheel Size – The 26-inch wheels are larger than the 24-inch wheels, and the large size makes the trike look taller. Large wheels also offer better movement on the road as well as more control while taking turns.

3) Weight – The 24-inch Schwinn Meridian weighs 70 pounds while the 26-inch tricycle weighs 76 pounds. The lighter tricycle is easier to ride and control on inclines and decline roads. The heavier tricycle might be ideal for those that are looking for a bicycle that offers them a better workout by hauling more weight.

4) Ease of Riding – A lighter and smaller tricycle is easier to ride as compared to a tricycle that is heavier. You can take better turns and pedal easily on incline or decline surfaces. A lighter tricycle with a smaller wheel size is also easier to move into storage or parking places.

FAQs about Schwinn Meridian 24-inch Wheels vs Schwinn Meridian 26-inch Wheels

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Schwinn Meridian tricycles.

Q1) I want a tricycle that is easy to pedal, which variant should I get?

Ans. The tricycle with 24-inch wheels should be ideal for you as it weighs less, which makes it easier to pedal.

Q2) My teenage son has balance issues so he cannot ride a bicycle. Which tricycle should I get for him?

Ans. You can get the 24-inch Schwinn Meridian as it is smaller in size, and it is easy to get on it. You can further adjust the seat and handlebar position as suited to your son’s comfort and ease.

Q3) I am 6 feet tall, and I am looking for a tricycle that will be comfortable. Which one should I choose, the 24-inch or 26-inch?

Ans. The 26-inch tricycle will suit your needs as you can further adjust the seat of the tricycle to get full leg extension while riding the tricycle.

Q4) The entrance of my house is on the smaller side. Will a 24-inch tricycle fit through a small space?

Ans. If your entrance has more width than 30″, then the bike will move through easily. The width of the Schwinn Meridian is nearly 30″ when it is fully assembled.

Q5) Can I modify my tricycle with aftermarket parts such as an electric motor or gears?

Ans. It is not recommended to modify the trike in any way as the frame of the tricycle is not tested to handle the load from using aftermarket parts. You will void the warranty on the tricycle, and you might end up injuring yourself and others if you use aftermarket parts.


If you want to choose from the 24-inch or 26-inch Schwinn Meridian tricycles, you need to keep in mind that the 24-inch version is smaller and lighter than the 26-inch version. Furthermore, you can always adjust the height of the seat on the tricycle to suit your height.

Elders and children who have balance issues will find the 24-inch Schwinn Meridian best suited for them. If you are a tall person who needs more legroom to pedal, the 26-inch Schwinn Meridian will be ideal for you.

Also, both tricycles are adjustable for height so you can go with either depending on your budget and needs.

If you have any questions about the Schwinn Meridian tricycles, please feel free to leave a word in the comment section.


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