Schwinn Adult Tricycle Reviews – Are they Good?

Schwinn is a bicycle company that is synonymous with quality and excellence when it comes to making bicycles. The company was founded by Ignaz Schwinn (1860–1945) in 1895 in Chicago. Through the years, Schwinn has made all kinds of bicycles, but one popular category in which Schwinn operates is adult tricycles.


These tricycles are easy to ride, offer a great degree of comfort and these are more durable and sturdy than bicycles as well. If you’re looking for Schwinn adult tricycle reviews, there are few things you need to keep in mind before buying an adult tricycle. While these tricycles are great as a mode of transportation, these are not for everyone. You need to be really sure of what you’re expecting from the tricycle and the kind of use you’ll get from it.

This is why you need to read through several Schwinn adult tricycle reviews so that you can understand all the facets of these bikes and make an informed decision about buying the bike that best suits your budget and requirements. In this article, we are going to take a look at the various features, pros and cons of Schwinn tricycles and also review some of the popular Schwinn adult tricycle models.

Pros of Schwinn Adult Tricycles

Schwinn tricycles are ideal for riding in cities or around town. These tricycles offer a comfortable and relaxing riding experience. Let’s have a look at some of the pros of Schwinn adult tricycles.

  • Easy to Ride
    With tricycles, you don’t have to balance like you have to on a bicycle. This is ideal for locations where you have to stop and go through the traffic. It is easy to stop a tricycle and then start moving without the hassle of putting a foot down to balance it. These tricycles are ideal for teenagers, adults and seniors as well because it’s easy to ride these tricycles.
  • Tricycles are Well Balanced
    With three wheels there is a greater degree of balance as compared to bicycles. Most tricycles come with a basket between the rear wheels that adds to the overall balance of the tricycle.
  • Comfortable 
    The step-through design adds to the comfort of riding these tricycles. The springer-cruiser seat can be adjusted to your preference and the single speed drive train makes it easy to ride this tricycles on all kinds of surfaces.
  • Durable
    The aluminum steel construction of the Schwinn bikes makes them highly durable for all kinds of environments. Whether you’re riding your Schwinn tricycle in the city or in the hills, you can expect years of usage from every tricycle.
  • Modern Design
    The design of the Schwinn adult tricycles is modern and highly advanced in terms of stability and balance of the tricycle. These tricycles look good and riding them is a premium experience as well.

Cons of Schwinn Adult Tricycles

Schwinn adult tricycles are great for riding around town, but there are certain disadvantages of these tricycles that should not be ignored either. Here are some cons of using these tricycles.

  • Difficult to Control
    As these tricycles have a larger turning radius, they need more space when you need to turn or move in any other direction than a straight line. This can be difficult if you’re in traffic and you need space to move to the side or go backward.
  • Heavy
    Tricycles are heavier as compared to bikes and you simply cannot pick them and place them in a parking area or move them from place to place. You will need to either roll them or ride them to where you want to park them.
  • Height
    The height of most tricycles is lower as these sit close to the ground. This can make it difficult for other drivers in cars to see the tricycles when on road. A lower to the ground seating also reduces visibility for the tricycle rider.
  • Storage
    An adult tricycle will need a larger storage area as compared to a bicycle. You should have more space in either your garage or your driveway to properly park the tricycles.
  • Maintenance
    Tricycles usually pull more weight and these also have three wheels so you will need to properly care for them to ensure they’re working in optimum order.

Best Schwinn Adult Tricycle Reviews

Schwinn Adult Tricycle Reviews

The Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-inch 3-Wheel Bike is the ideal tricycle for those who want to enjoy riding a simple and elegant tricycle. The tricycle has a lightweight aluminum frame that is highly durable and perfect for riding around in the city. The alloy rims and stainless-steel spokes offer a comfortable riding experience and the smooth riding tires ensure there are no bumps or jolts while riding. The tricycle also has a folded rear basket that can be used for storing any kind of goods. Easy to ride and easy to handle, this tricycle is the finest from Schwinn.

Pros of Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike
  • Easy to get on and off from the tricycle
  • Durable frame made of aluminum
  • Rides smoothly over bumps
  • Easy to assemble on your own
  • The basket is large and perfect for carrying groceries
Cons of Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike
  • The tricycle is heavy and difficult to pedal
  • Installing the front brake can be problematic
  • The fenders of this trike might rub the tires
  • The tricycle requires regular maintenance
  • The seat of the tricycle is not comfortable
Schwinn Adult Tricycle Review

The Schwinn Hampton 26-Inch is a stylish and comfortable adult tricycle that is easy to ride and comes with a fold down basket for storage. The design of the tricycle makes it easy to mount and dismount. The cruiser styling of the tricycle adds to the comfort of riding and you can easily ride for long hours without feeling tired or fatigued. The aluminum frame adds to the durability of the tricycle and makes it lightweight too. The alloy wheels of the tricycle offer an added touch of style and comfort. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this tricycle.

Pros of using Schwinn Hampton 26-Inch Tricycle
  • Assembly of this tricycle is easy
  • The basket is ideal for holding groceries
  • The tricycle is lightweight and easy to handle
  • Comfortable seat for long hours of riding
  • The handlebars are easy to reach for people of all heights
Cons of using Schwinn Hampton 26-Inch Tricycle
  • The rear axle might be a bit loose
  • Back fenders tend to rub the tires
  • The pedals of the tricycle are small and made of plastic
  • The front brake of the tricycle can be problematic
  • The rear frame of the bike can use improvements


Schwinn is a brand that is known for providing quality bicycles and tricycles. If you’re in the market for a relaxing and easy ride, then choose a Schwinn tricycle today. These are easy to ride and you can take these on the open road and enjoy riding in the open air. The tricycles are designed to be comfortable and the handlebars are easy to reach for people of all heights. The unique features of these tricycles also make them stand apart from bikes as these offer better balance, more storage space, and ease of riding with a greater degree of safety as well. To sum up, Schwinn is a brand you can trust in when it comes to tricycles.

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Hubert - May 16, 2018

I have owned my Schwinn Meridian Trike for over four years and ride it almost daily. As I am ‘elderly’ (77) with slight balance problems I find this excellent machine ideal for my needs of shopping, going to the beach, or just cruizin’ around the hood in the beautiful sunshine.
Modifications I have made include installing an electric front wheel, a Sturmey Archer 5-speed hub and larger mountain bike type tyres.
To stop tyres rubbing on those flimsy guards, as several people have mentioned, I simply ditched the rear guards.
Considering my medical issues like severe arthritis in my knees, spine and hips, I find riding the Trike effortless and painless as there is no weight placed on my dodgy joints, while they are able to rotate easily and painlessly. I could ride my Trike for hours while enjoying ease of movement and much valuable exercise. I highly recommend this Trike.

    Rita - May 17, 2018

    Thank you, Hubert, for sharing your Schwinn Meridian trike review! I’m sure other users will find useful.

Shahana Sattar - July 1, 2018

This trike is great when pedalling on flat ground,but even a slight incline makes it a struggle to pedal—I get out of breath and have to WALK my trike till the ground gets level,hop on the bike again,and do the same thing when on an incline again.Any tips or suggestions?

    Rita - July 1, 2018

    Sorry! I don’t think I can give any tips or suggestions in your case. Because these Schwinn adult tricycle doesn’t come with gears so it can be hard to go on incline area.


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